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All Shall Perish

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Critics frequently list Oakland-based deathcore hexad All Shall Perish as one of the greatest bands in the genre. The band was formed in 2002. A variety of styles, such as metalcore, deathgrind, and death metal, are combined in All Shall Perish. Three records by All Shall Perish are available through Nuclear Blast. Amputated Vein Records, a Japanese record label, initially... read full bio


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All-4-One is a Grammy Award-winning R&B and pop group that consists of members Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez and Tony Borowiak. The group is best known for their hit singles which include “I Swear,” and “I Can Love You Like That.” The group is based in Antelope Valley, California, and they gained fame in the early 90’s after the... read full bio


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Allah-Las is an American rock band that is based out of Los Angeles, California, and consists of members Matthew Correia, Spencer Dunham, Miles Muchaud, and Pedrum Siadatian. The band performs music that is a mixture of psychedelic rock, garage rock, folk rock, surf rock and rock ‘n’ roll. The band was formed after Correia and Dunham met Siadatian while working... read full bio

Allan Friedman

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The US Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives is Allan Friedman. Friedman was a well-known researcher into technology policy and cybersecurity before he joined the federal administration. His work covers computer science, public policy and the social sciences and has tackled a wide variety of policy concerns, from privacy to telecommunications. He wears the hats of... read full bio

Allan Leighton

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England's Hereford is the birthplace of Allan Leighton. Allan's father managed a Co-op store in Oxford when he was growing up, but as a young man, Allan had other ideas and aspired to play professional football. Regretfully, a severe leg fracture at the age of fifteen ended his athletic career. After completing his schooling at Magdalen College School in Brackley,... read full bio

Alli Webb

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Alli Webb is the Founder of Drybar, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author, Canopy President, Co- Founder Squeeze, Brightside and Becket + Quill. Drybar exploded into a nationally recognized and highly sought-after brand growing to over 150 locations and highly successful product line, which sold for $255 million. Staying true to her signature approach to beauty and self-care, Squeeze, follows suit in the affordable luxury... read full bio

Allie Sherlock

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Allie Sherlock is an Irish pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and busker, who gained viral fame after a video of her performed a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers,” was released. Sherlock was born in Douglas, Cork, and she began her musical career releasing music through YouTube. She also began performing music on the streets of Ireland as a busker, most known... read full bio

Allison Iraheta

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Allison Iraheta, who made a massive impression as the sixteen-year-old rocker chick with the old-soul voice on American Idol" Season eight, is finally back and this time, she's all grown up and making an even more massive impression. After American Idol, Iraheta made guest appearances on Live with Regis and Kelly, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with... read full bio

Allison Miller

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Allison Miller is an American actress best known for her roles on television series such as Michelle on “Kings”, Skye on “Terra Nova”, Carrie on “Go On”, Laura on “Incorporated”, and Sonya on “13 Reasons Why”. Miller traveled all over as a child before settling in Florida. While in Florida, she studied dance, piano, acting, and singing before pursuing a... read full bio

Allison Moorer

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Allison Moorer performs an alternative take on indie folk rock music. Over ten years ago, Moorer made her premier into the music world with the ballad, A Soft Place to Fall. This track later earned Moorer an Academy Award nomination, as the track was made for Robert Redford’s drama, A Horse Whisperer. Moorer has since received a Grammy nomination for... read full bio

Allison Russell

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On her ground-breaking first album Outside Child, Allison Russell—a poet, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist and co-founder of Our Native Daughters with Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla and Amythyst Kiah and Birds of Chicago with JT Nero—disembowels her youth in harrowing detail. She sings about being delivered and being saved, as well as the locations, people and epiphanies that enabled her to live and win... read full bio

Allman Brown

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Allman Brown is an up-and-coming folk singer who was born and raised in Hong Kong. When Brown was 11, he moved to London, England, where he has been based out of since. Brown rose to fame with the release of his debut single, “Sons and Daughters,” which was performed with Liz Lawrence. The single went on to earn 10 million... read full bio

Allstar Weekend

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Beyond their exceptional musicianship and stage presence, these guys write great pop songs. Zach and Cameron had been friends since middle school, but the makings of Allstar Weekend didnt begin until Nathan met Zach in high school; they saw in each other kindred musical spirits, and began a string of garage bands. Not long after, first Cameron, then Michael came... read full bio

Ally Maki

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Ally Maki is an American actress who is best known for playing Jess Kato in the television series “Wrecked”. Maki made her acting debut in an episode of “My Wife and Kids”. Since then, her television credits have gone on to include, “ER”, “iCarly: iGo to Japan”, “Privileged”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “10 Things I Hate About You”, “Dear White... read full bio

Allysha Joy

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Skilled in both poetry and performance, Allysha Joy has amassed a devoted following worldwide thanks to her powerful lyrics, distinctive musicianship, and amazing vocals. Known for being the lead vocalist for 30/70 Collective, Joy has skillfully developed her own style over the years, showcasing her abilities as a singer, songwriter, keyboard player, and selector. And with a strong roster of... read full bio

Alogte Oho and His Sounds of Joy

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He was raised in the southern Ghanaian rainforest as a child before traveling up to the Frafra land in the northern Ghanaian savannah as a young kid. He was born to a Frafra father and an Akim mother. He was profoundly moved by the magnificent moments he encountered during the services at the local church while growing up in Namoo,... read full bio

Alon Melchner

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Alon Melchner is a speaker, future tech expert, entrepreneur, and visionary who specializes in augmented reality and virtual reality. Melchner believes that digital reality will change every aspect of our lives in the future and thinks that we will soon be connected only digitally. Through his work, Melchner has been a speaker, consultant, and writer on topics which include AR,... read full bio

Altin Gun

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Altin Gun is an Anatolian rock and Turkish psychedelic-folk band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The group was founded by bassist Jasper Verhulst and consists of members Ben Rider, Erdinc Ecevit Yildiz, Gino Groeneveld, Merve Dasdemir and Daniel Smienk. The group rose to fame after the release of their debut album, “On”. Since the release of their debut album, Altin Gun... read full bio


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As half of the newly formed U.K. electronic duo AlunaGeorge, singer/songwriter Aluna Francis expands on the sound of the group to explore more varied dance-pop territory as a solo artist. Her first release, Renaissance, was stylistically fluid. Over the next few years, she released a number of hits, such as "Forget About Me," "Nowhere to Hide," and "Killing Me." Francis was... read full bio

Alvaro Diaz

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Rapper from Puerto Rico named Alvaro Diaz combines intricate Spanish-language raps with extremely inventive sounds in his music, which has elements of both contemporary club music and classic hip-hop. Hato Rey, his first studio album, was a tribute to his San Juan neighborhood; it featured a variety of musical styles that encompassed reggaeton, plena, bomba, soul and funk. San Juan Grand... read full bio

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