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Dude Perfect

Book Dude Perfect for your next event.

Dude Perfect is an entertainment sports group that is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. The group consists of Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, and Garrett Hilbert. All of the members played high school basketball and went on to be college roommates at Texas A&M University. Currently, Dude Perfect holds over 40 million YouTube subscribers... read full bio

Ed Bassmaster

Book Ed Bassmaster for your next event.

Edwin Rodriguez, better known as his stage name Ed Bassmaster, is an American YouTuber who posts comedy videos that has earned over 762 million views since it’s creation. Currently, Bassmaster has nearly 2.5 million subscribers and his videos often feature him acting in various characters, shows him pranking various random people and putting them in awkward situations. His popularity has... read full bio

El Rubius

Book El Rubius for your next event.

Ruben Gundersen, better known as El Rubius or elrubiusOMG, is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTube personality. He currently holds over 34 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. El Rubius’ videos are mostly gameplays but he also posts vlogs, challenges, Q & A’s, sketch comedies, and more. El Rubius plays horror games, indie games,... read full bio

Elsa Majimbo

Book Elsa Majimbo for your next event.

Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan internet comedy personality from Nairobi. Majimbo began to gain attention during the COVID-19 quarantine, which is when she started to release home-based comedic quarantine videos. After gaining hundreds of thousands of followers, Majimbo also went on to earn endorsements from Fenty, MAC, and also partnered with Valentino. Majimbo has recently studied journalism at Strathmore University... read full bio

Emma Chamberlain

Book Emma Chamberlain for your next event.

Emma Chamberlain is an American YouTuber and podcaster from San Bruno, California. She first rose to fame through YouTube after the release of her viral video, ‘We All Owe the Dollar Store An Apology’. Since then, she has gone on to release videos almost daily and currently has nearly 9 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos are comedic and she... read full bio

Eric Koester

Book Eric Koester for your next event.

Eric Koester is the VP of Operations and General Counsel at Appature Inc., a technology company providing relationship marketing software, and a former attorney at Cooley LLP with a practice focused on emerging technology companies, venture capital firms and investment banks, with particular emphases on venture capital and bank financings, corporate partnerships, commercial agreements, intellectual property licensing, public offerings,... read full bio

Erik Qualman

Book Erik Qualman for your next event.

Socialnomics was founded by Erik Qualman with the intent of providing Social & Mobile Statistics, Studies & Surprises. The blog spawned from the #1 Best Selling International Book, Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business. Socialnomics was a Book of the Year finalist as voted on by the American Marketing Association. Socialnomics also made Amazon’s... read full bio

Erika Costell

Book Erika Costell for your next event.

Erika Costell is among the top YouTubers out there, gaining over 1 million subscribers overnight. It has taken even the greatest YouTubers years to achieve this feat. She started out as a member of famed YouTuber Jake Pauls Team 10, eventually creating her own channel and skyrocketing her fan base with the help of shout outs from Jake. ... read full bio

Erika Thompson

Book Erika Thompson for your next event.

Erika Thompson, who was born in 1986, has risen to prominence in the social media and beekeeping industries. She has won the attention of people all over the world with her engaging videos showcasing her distinctive approach to beekeeping, earning her an astounding 11 million followers on TikTok. In her backyard, Thompson, who resides in Elgin, Texas, tends to close... read full bio

Evan Williams

Book Evan Williams for your next event.

Evan Williams is an American entrepreneur who has founded several Internet companies. Two of the internet's top ten websites have been created by Evan Williams' companies: Blogger, weblog-authoring software of Pyra Labs, and Twitter, where he was previously CEO. Williams invented the term ""blogger"" and was instrumental in the popularization of the term ""blog"". In 2003, Williams was named to... read full bio

Felipe Neto

Book Felipe Neto for your next event.

Felipe Neto is a Brazilian manager, vlogger, actor, and writer who is best known for his YouTube channel Felipeneto. Neto currently has over 31 million subscribers on YouTube and is the 24th most subscribed to YouTube in the world. Some things that Neto talks about and covers on his YouTube channel includes, celebrities, movies, his day to day life, and... read full bio

Frances Haugen

Book Frances Haugen for your next event.

Frances Haugen is a successful American product manager, data engineer, scientist, and whistleblower. She made headlines in 2021 when she disclosed tens of thousands of internal Facebook documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission and The Wall Street Journal, casting light on major flaws within the digital giant. Haugen grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and attended Horn Elementary, Northwest Junior... read full bio

Franchesca Ramsey

Book Franchesca Ramsey for your next event.

The online moniker for Franchesca Ramsey is Chescaleigh. Her hometown is West Palm Beach, Florida, and she currently resides in New York City where she works as a writer, actress, and video blogger. Currently, you can find her online as the host of the MTV News web series Decoded. She was previously a writer and contributor for Comedy Central's The Nightly... read full bio

Gina Bianchini

Book Gina Bianchini for your next event.

Gina Bianchini is an expert is developing niche social networks both online and in the real world. She is the founder and CEO of Mightybell, a professional social networking platform that serves a purpose for specialized groups. Gind has been named among NPRs 5 Nerds to Watch, Marie Claires New Guard, Fortune Magazines 40 Under 40, Huffington Posts 20 technology... read full bio

Gini Dietrich

Book Gini Dietrich for your next event.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of the integrated marketing communications company Arment Dietrich. Gini, the author of Spin Sucks, has spoken at countless keynotes, panels, coaching sessions and seminars on leveraging online technology in communication, marketing, sales and HR around North America. The top website for PR and marketing strategies, resources and suggestions is her blog, Spin Sucks. Her clients have included Abbott,... read full bio

GloZell Green

Book GloZell Green for your next event.

GloZell Green is an American YouTube personality, singer, comedian, actor, and rapper. She is best known for her YouTube channel which she has nearly 5 million subscribers. Since her growing fame from social media, Green has gone on to interview President Barack Obama, release an autobiography, “Is You Okay”, and appear on films and series. Green studied at the University... read full bio

Greg Jameson

Book Greg Jameson for your next event.

Greg Jameson is a marketing and cybersecurity expert, widely recognized as a game-changer in the industry. He is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer who has authored two highly acclaimed books, "Amazon's Dirty Little Secrets" and "Cyber Wars: The Battle for Your Data." With over 20 years of experience in technical development, Greg has expertise in web development, custom web programming,... read full bio

Hasan Piker

Book Hasan Piker for your next event.

Hasan Piker is an American journalist, producer, activist and crazily amusing political pundit who was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and reared in Istanbul, Turkey. He is one of the most influential political voices for millennials and Generation Z because of his honesty, personality and in-depth knowledge of the topics he writes about. He is well-known for his distinct viewpoint on American... read full bio


Book hitRECord for your next event.

hitRECord is an online collaborative production company created by famous actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This company deals with music, video, photography, literature, performance, spoken word, graphic arts, screenwriting, and more. It deals with pretty much any form of entertainment. from around the world that collaborate together to make different projects such as books, short films, DVD's and more.... read full bio

Ian Cleary

Book Ian Cleary for your next event.

Ian is the founder of RazorSocial, one of the world’s leading sites for social media tools and technology. Ian speaks internationally on social media, writes for some of the leading social media blogs in the world and is often quoted in media such as the New York Times. As an award-winning tech blogger, Ian has also been published on Social... read full bio

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