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Angela Cheng

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Dr. Angela Cheng is a Board Certified Surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction. Her credentials include certification in both general surgery and plastic surgery. After completing her undergraduate and medical school education at the University of Florida, she went on to complete her general surgery residency at the University of Texas–Houston and her plastic surgery residency at the University of... read full bio

Cheer Live

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In CHEER Live, cheer stars like Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer are joined by fan favorites from the most prosperous cheer programs in the nation. Coach Monica Aldama, a 14-time national champion, is also a best-selling author. Maddy Brum, Angel Rice, James Thomas, Jeron Hazelwood, Gillian Rupert, Cassadee Dunlap, Anuhea Keene (Team USA), Terrell Cabrall (Team USA), and other actors... read full bio

CHEFS - A Sizzling Kitchen Showdown

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These hilarious (and delicious) hunks give you a peek behind the apron as they slice, dice, and splice things up in the kitchen through a series of escalating culinary challenges where the stakes are high: if they lose a challenge, they lose their shirt. Literally. CHEFS is a fully interactive experience where you will vote for the winner and may... read full bio


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Since he was a teenager, FelixThe1st has worked as a professional dancer so he is not new to the creative sector. His abilities have carried him throughout the globe and undoubtedly resulted in his dancing with some of your favorite artists, like Stormzy, Years & Years, Jungle, The Spice Girls, The EMA Awards and he even appeared in the global Dorito commercial. He has... read full bio

Greg Hickman

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Greg is the founder and host of Mobile Mixed, the mobile marketing manager for Cabela’s and a mobile marketing consultant. As an early adopter of mobile marketing, he developed marketing programs for Sony, AT&T, EA, the New York Jets and many small businesses. Through his popular podcast and blog, Greg shares no-hype mobile marketing strategies, actionable tips and tools to... read full bio


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Although her debut single "I Require Therapy" was only posted a few days before the competition was officially over for this year, JACOTÉNE didn't need much time to create a serious impression with it and seal her position as a finalist for Unearthed High. The student at Star of the Sea College captures the soulfulness of Amy Winehouse, the power... read full bio

Marcus Bonfanti

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Strong live performances and songwriting abilities by Marcus Bonfanti have already won over influential members of the music business and the media, as well as their support. Marcus inherited and embraced his father's tremendous work ethic and insatiable desire for musical exploration. Marcus was born and reared in North London to an English mother and a "dangerously Italian" father. After spending his formative... read full bio

Roonie G

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With numerous prestigious national awards, ROONIE G continues to focus on developing live visual art and boldly go where no entertainer has gone before! His innovative “Video” mixing creates a truly unique, immersive and high-energy experience. Recognized as the ""best of the best"" by Nightclub and Bar Magazine, DJ Times, Las Vegas Weekly, Club-World Awards, The Boston Globe and many... read full bio

Small Crush

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Lead vocalist, composer and rhythm guitarist Logan Hammon founded the band Small Crush as a result of feeling restricted by her band's lack of songwriting freedom. She joined forces with lead guitarist Jackson Felton and launched a new endeavor in their garage. A self-described "inability to crush on someone for a long period, hence lots of tiny crushes," the duo that would... read full bio

Victor Ruiz

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Victor Ruiz has distinguished himself as a dynamic selector with the capacity to create riveting sets full of energy and brightness thanks to his profoundly resonating taste for music. He was born in Brazil and is now located in Europe. He first appeared on the international scene and is well known for his captivating DJ performances. His lengthy travel journal details... read full bio

Zebra Katz

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Zebra Katz has been working as an independent and self-managed musician for years, thriving despite the lack of a major label or a debut studio album. With increased backing, LESS IS MOOR announces a deeper dive into Zebra Katz's sonic realm. The album stays faithful to Zebra Katz's first seven years of making music, but it finds the musician increasingly... read full bio

Zeke Thomas

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Joshua 'Zeke' Thomas personifies perseverance. This key trait was passed down through his father, NBA Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas. That ambition to accomplish greatness is in his DNA, and it has been exemplified and fostered since birth. It's what drove Zeke's broad career, from renowned open-format DJ to sought-after MC/Host, passionate Human Rights and Mental Health Awareness... read full bio

Zen Freeman

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Zen Freeman, a British DJ, producer, and remixer who moved to Los Angeles in 2001, has established himself as the go-to DJ for some of the world's top publications and fashion giants, including Gucci, Prada, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Tommy Hilfiger, after a lifetime of record spinning, knob turning, and passion pursuing and perfecting the lost art... read full bio

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