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Jeff Jarvis

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Named one of the 100 most influential and respected media figures in the world by the World Economic Forum, Jeff Jarvis writes about media, technology, and business on his blog,, and works as a columnist for The Guardian in London. From newspapers to magazines to blogs, he has established himself as a respected authority on a wide range of... read full bio

Jeff Rubin

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Jeff Rubin has been the top-ranked economist in Canadian financial markets for more than a decade. Rubin recently stepped down as Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets to devote his time exclusively to speaking and writing on economic issues. He is the author of the path-breaking book, Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller, as well... read full bio

Jeff Thredgold

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Jeff Thredgold has been entertaining and informing audiences for over two decades. He has a unique ability to cut though the fluff" and discuss serious issues and developments in a very understandable way. Jeff has spoken to more than 1,500 groups throughout North America, traveling more than two million miles in the process. Jeff leads his audience on... read full bio

Jeffrey Garten

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Jeffrey E. Garten is the Juan Trippe Professor in the Practice of International Trade, Finance and Business at the Yale School of Management. Prior to this position he was the dean of the school for ten years, during which the university established the International Center for Finance at Yale, the International Institute for Corporate Governance, the Sachem Venture Capital Fund... read full bio

Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Jeff Hayzlett characterizes big thinking. From creating innovative marketing strategies to appearing on NBCs hit television show, Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, Hayzlett reaches for the stars, in his career and personal life. Former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the iconic Eastman Kodak Company, Hayzlett is a much sought-after speaker on topics ranging from worldwide business growth, communications, marketing, social... read full bio

Jeffrey Hollender

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In today's world, a company's value is measured not only in tangible assets, but also in intangible assets, such as reputation, customer good will, ethical behavior, etc... Therefore, it is important for a company to find ways to grow and sustain their intangible assets in this social" culture. Jeffrey is the founder of Seventh Generation, Americas leading brand of environmental... read full bio

Jeffrey Pfeffer

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Jeffrey Pfeffer is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University where he has taught since 1979. Dr. Pfeffer began his career at the business school at the University of Illinois and then taught at the University of California, Berkeley. Jeffrey Pfeffer has been a visiting professor at the Harvard Business... read full bio

Jeffrey Sachs

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Please be advised that CTI does not exclusively represent Jeffrey Sachs and the office for this celebrity has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Jennifer Hyman

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Jennifer Hyman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, a business that has transformed the retail industry by making designer dress and accessory rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for millions of women. Since Rent the Runways launch, Jennifer has managed all areas of the business including technology, fashion, sales, marketing, operations, customer service and... read full bio

Jenny Fleiss

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Jennifer Fleiss is the Co-Founder and Head of Special Projects at Rent the Runway, a business that has transformed the retail industry by making designer dress and accessory rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for millions of women. With over 5 million members, 375 employees and 300 designer brands, Rent the Runway is the largest rental platform in the... read full bio

Jeremiah Owyang

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Jeremiah Owyangis is the founder of Crowd Companies, a company that helps big companies with the collaborative economy. He has been featured in Marketing Profs as a digital marketer and was even named one of the top Twitter feeds by Time Magazine. He has been featured in Who's Who" in the Silicon Valley Business Journal and is the founder of... read full bio

Jeremy Rifkin

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Futurist Jeremy Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and author of twenty best-selling books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy and the environment. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages and are used in thousands of universities, corporations and government agencies around the world. His latest book is The... read full bio

Jessamyn Rodriguez

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Jessamyn W. Rodriguez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning Hot Bread Kitchen. Since its inception, she has led the growth of the organization from a visionary idea to a thriving bakery and workforce development program. Jessamyn combines her passions for baking and social justice for foreign-born women in Hot Bread Kitchen. Her efforts have also been... read full bio

Jill Vialet

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A social entrepreneur, Jill Vialet is the CEO and founder of Playworks. The non-profit organization provides play and physical activities to more than 650 schools in over twenty-seven cities across the United States. Jill also founded the Museum of Childrens Arts (mocha) in Oakland, California, where she served as the executive director for nine years. She assisted in the expansion... read full bio

Jill Zarin

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No ordinary Real Housewife, New York City-based celebrity, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and ultimate Jewish mother" Jill Zarin brings her effervescent persona and ability to connect with a wide demographic to speaking engagements resembling intimate sit-downs with the reality TV sensation turned businesswoman and personal branding guru. As one of the original Real Housewives of New York City, Zarin helped establish... read full bio

Jim Brazell

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Jim Brazell is a consultant, researcher and orator focusing on 21st century issues including community competitiveness, educational innovation, emerging technology and jobs. Jims clients include think tanks, companies, universities, community colleges, workforce boards, economic development organizations and K-12 schools. ... read full bio

Jim Carroll

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Jim Carroll is one of the worlds leading futurists, trends & innovation experts. And it's his inspirational, transformative thinking that will help you discover opportunity in an era of high-velocity change. Jim has become internationally recognized for his cutting edge insight. He was named by Business Week as one of four leading sources for insight into creativity and innovation, and... read full bio

Jim Cathcart

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Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, author, professional speaker and business leader, is the founder and CEO of Cathcart Institute, Inc., a think tank of advisors to Business Owners, Leaders and Executives in the areas of business strategy, executive development, professional speaking and sales improvement. As the author of 13 books including Relationship Selling, and his latest book The Eight Competencies... read full bio

Jim Collins

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Jim Collins is a student and teacher of enduring great companies how they grow, how they attain superior performance, and how good companies can become great companies. Having invested over a decade of research into the topic, Jim has authored or co-authored four books, including the classic BUILT TO LAST, which has been a fixture on the Business Week... read full bio

Jim McCann

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Jim McCann likes to make things grow. Just as he built an international business from a single Manhattan flower shop, Jim McCann, founder and CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC., opened his first retail store in 1976 and successfully built his own chain of 14 flower shops in the New York metropolitan area. In 1986, Jim McCann acquired the 1-800-FLOWERS phone number... read full bio

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