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Ziauddin Yousafza

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Ziauddin Yousafzai is an educator, human rights campaigner and social activist. He hails from Pakistanis Swat Valley where, at great personal risk among grave political violence, he peacefully resisted the Talibans efforts to shut down schools and kept open his own school. He also inspired his daughter, Malala Yousafzai, to raise her voice to promote the rights of children to... read full bio

Zak Ebrahim

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When Zak Ebrahim when seven years old, his father assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, leader of the Jewish Defense League. Four years later, the men Zak looked up to and called Amu- Arabic for uncle- were convicted of detonating a van filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives in the sub level parking lot of the World Trade Centers North tower. His... read full bio

Zainab Salbi

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Every once in a while a new voice emerges with the power to change the world. Zainab Salbi, activist and social entrepreneur, is such a voice. Ms. Salbi inspires and moves audiences with the passion of her personal experience as a survivor of war and her dedication to rebuilding communities after war, one woman at a time.... read full bio

Yul Kwon

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Named among VIBE Magazines annual Juice list of upcoming people who will change the world, Yul Kwon is perhaps most well known for winning the hit CBS reality show Survivor: Cook Islands during the controversial, racially segregated season. In route to winning, Kwon skillfully led a multi-ethnic team, gained a reputation as one of the shows most strategic and honest... read full bio

Yaffa Eliach

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Professor Yaffa Eliach is an author and pioneering scholar in Holocaust studies. A Professor Emerita of History and Literature from Brooklyn College, she is now a visiting professor at universities throughout the US and lectures frequently to academic and lay audiences. She also makes frequent appearances on television and radio both in the United States and abroad. Eliach opened the... read full bio

William McDonough

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One of the most creative designers and visionary architects in the field of sustainable development, William McDonough shows organizations how green corporate innovations help the environment and the bottom line. William McDonough is a world-renowned architect and designer and winner of three U.S. presidential awards. He designed and built the first solar-heated house in Ireland in 1977.He is the co-founder... read full bio

Wes Moore

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Best-selling author, former White House fellow, business leader, youth advocate and military officer, Wes Moore once found out information that would forever change his life. Wes learned that he shared the same name and similar upbringing as a man who is serving a lifetime prison sentence without parole. In his book, The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, the... read full bio

Wendy Diamond

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Wendy Diamond is a cause-related entrepreneur whose accomplishments include two best-selling cookbooks, A Musical Feast, featuring the recipes of musical artists such as Madonna and Steven Tyler, and An All-Star Feast, which features the favorite meals of various athletes, including Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter. An active supporter/fundraiser for homeless people and pets, she has donated $500,000 of sales to... read full bio

Wayne Zink

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Wayne Zink is CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), producer of the nations number one brand of all-natural and organic gourmet chocolate. Wayne has led ESC in broadening its definition of endangered to embrace the idea that all species, habitat and humanity are endangered on our planet, not simply animals on a list.... read full bio

Wavy Gravy

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Born Hugh Nanton Romney, activist Wavy Gravy has been around for decades. Mostly known for his hippie, activist for peace, personality and countercultural beliefs. He is best known for his clown persona, that he came up with after being arrested after various demonstrations. Wavy Gravy believed it was hard for policemen to arrest a clown, because clowns were safe. ... read full bio

Warrick Dunn

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Warrick Dunn is a former American football star that now shifted his focus towards charity work. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Warrick into the NFL in 1997. He was selected in the first round and the 12th pick overall. As a rookie, he made a very immediate impact to the Buccaneers team. Association Press named him as the Offensive... read full bio

Walter Mosley

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Wael Ghonim

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Wael Ghonim, the sparkplug of the Arab Spring, offers one of the most inspiring stories of the Age of Social Marketing: a memoir and manifesto for all of us. Wael is an extraordinary individual, an activist who is literally changing the most important country in the Arab region, redesigning its place in the world and the worlds relationship to it.... read full bio

Virginia Madsen

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A cool, classic beauty, with an exuberant flair for the dramatic, Virginia Madsen is one of Hollywoods most versatile and unique actresses. Virginia received amazing reviews for her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated performance in Alexander Paynes newest film, Sideways. Her latest role is of producer and narrator of I Know a Woman Like That, written and directed by... read full bio

Victoria Stilwell

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VICTORIA STILLWELL is one of the world's most recognized and respected dog trainers. She is best known for her role as the host of Animal Planet's hit TV series It's Me or the Dog, through which she is able to share her insight and passion for positive, reward-based dog training and as a judge on CBS's Greatest American Dog. By... read full bio

Victoria Rowell

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A talented actress and successful author, Emmy Award nominee Victoria Rowell has appeared on television in The Young and the Restless and Diagnosis Murder, and in such films as Eves Bayou. Raised in foster care, she credits her success to the foster families that instilled in her the confidence and drive to succeed. Passionately involved in many charities, she remains... read full bio

Victoria Principal

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Her first film was as a Mexican mistress in Paul Newman's The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean. She landed a huge break when she was cast in a co-starring role in the successful disaster film epic, Earthquake. Two years later, disappointed with her career, she quit acting and for the next several years worked as an agent. Principal... read full bio

Victor Rivas Rivers

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When Victor Rivas Rivers was twelve years old, he went to the police to report a lifetime of crime inflicted upon a child - himself - and upon his mother, siblings, and pets. Though the officers were horrified at the abuse they saw, they told the boy there was little they could do. It was, they said, a private family... read full bio

Valorie Burton

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She is the author of Listen to Your Life, Whats Really Holding You Back and Rich Minds, Rich Rewards. She coaches entrepreneurs who have created multi-million dollar businesses as well as executives, emerging entrepreneurs and professionals in 23 states, Canada and three European countries. Her greatest fulfillment comes when her clients, readers and audience members take action and make meaningful... read full bio

Valerie Ramsey

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Valerie Ramsey is a firm believer that life is an adventure we create for ourselves and that we are never too old to have a new dream or to celebrate a new success. Since her 50s, her life has continued to open up and flourish in ways she never would have dreamed possible. She has lived her life in direct... read full bio

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