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David Letterman

Book David Letterman for your next event.

David Michael Letterman is an American television host and comedian. He hosts the late night television talk show Late Show with David Letterman, broadcast on CBS. His company Worldwide Pants produces his show as well as its network followup The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Worldwide Pants has also produced several prime-time comedies, the most successful of which was... read full bio

David Nihill

Book David Nihill for your next event.

David Nihill got intoxicated on travel after leaving Dublin, where he was born and raised, and never recovered. He has lived and worked in twelve countries and traveled to more than seventy. His concerts are inspired by his extensive travels, cultural observations, language studies, (occasional) international drinking session(s) and being somewhat confused immigrant. David won the prestigious annual San Francisco Comedy Competition (prior finalists... read full bio

David Ranalli

Book David Ranalli for your next event.

David Ranalli is a renowned and captivating magician, speaker, and event MC. Ranalli creates a full-scale show of wonder, along with audience participation, charming sarcasm. Traveling across the U.S., he is called upon to create unforgettable experiences at exclusive corporate meetings, conferences, and at celebrity events. He has performed for a who's who of Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase... read full bio

David Spade

Book David Spade for your next event.

American actor, comedian, television personality, and writer David Wayne Spade also writes. He participated in Saturday Night Live in the 1990s before beginning a career as an actor in both film and television. The movies Tommy Boy (1995), Black Sheep (1996), The Emperor's New Groove (2000), Joe Dirt (2001), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003), The Benchwarmers (2006), Grown Ups... read full bio

David Steinberg

Book David Steinberg for your next event.

David is now regarded as one of the best and most creative directors working in television today. More recently, David has directed for the hit series Weeds and Curb Your Enthusiasm. His work on Seinfeld, Mad About You and Curb Your Enthusiasm has earned him several DGA and Emmy awards and nominations. David is also known for the memorable parts... read full bio

David Williamson

Book David Williamson for your next event.

David Williamson is a magician who has won first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ sleigh of hand competition, has earned a Gold Cups Award of Excellence in close-up magic, and has been Close Up Magician of the Year two years in a row at the Magic Castle. Williamson has performed in television series such as “Champions of Magic”,... read full bio

Dean Edwards

Book Dean Edwards for your next event.

Dean Edwards remains one of the comedy worlds most in demand performers across the globe. As one of the stars of MTV2s hit show, GUY CODE, Dean have helped the show become the networks most successful show in its history. Always the multi-tasker, Dean found the momentum to juggle his SNL career, his numerous standup appearances and multiple television appearances.... read full bio

Dean Obeidallah

Book Dean Obeidallah for your next event.

Dean Obeidallah is an Arab-American/Italian-American comedian, who was born in Lodi, New Jersey, and grew up in nearby Paramus. His father was born in Battir, Palestine- a small village near Bethlehem; his mother's parents were born in Sicily. He is part of a small but growing number of Middle Eastern-American comedians who have increasingly received media attention in the past... read full bio

Debi Gutierrez

Book Debi Gutierrez for your next event.

In a world where high-fashion, Botox and intense scrutiny to be the perfect" wife... mom... woman, Debi Gutierrez bursts into the limelight with a relatable sharp wit, energy and realism that makes it OK to be human again. Her unique combination of observational humor, experience, and sincerity leads her audience on a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of... read full bio

Debra DiGiovanni

Book Debra DiGiovanni for your next event.

Debra DiGiovanni was awarded the Canadian Comedy Award for best comic for the third time in 5 years. Debra’s comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful, happy air. Her humor and charm lies in her unflinching honesty and openness, and rapid-fire delivery. From there, she went on to win a Gemini award (Canada’s Emmy) for best-televised individual comedy... read full bio

Demetri Martin

Book Demetri Martin for your next event.

Demetri Martin has become the premiere comedian in America. Martin specializes in deadpan one-liners and absurd observations. He incorporates music into his act, and is possibly best known for using markers and a giant paper tablet to create visual jokes. He makes sketches, analyzes and rearranges words to create humor. Acting as a correspondent, Martin taped segments and showcased his... read full bio

Dena Blizzard

Book Dena Blizzard for your next event.

Dena Blizzard is One Funny Mother. She is best known for her off-Broadway show, “One Funny Mother” that she wrote which went on to be named “Best One Woman Show” at the United Solo Festival in NYC. She has also created a board game called Chardonnay Go. Blizzard has gone viral on the Internet for her videos on Back to... read full bio

Denali Foxx

Book Denali Foxx for your next event.

Cordero Matthew Zuckerman, an American drag performer, skater and choreographer best known for participating on the thirteenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, goes by the stage name Denali Foxx. In the freestyle and movements categories of American figure skating, Zuckerman has won two gold medals and is a PSA-certified coach. He has choreographed performances for Team USA figure skaters Mariah Bell, Amber... read full bio

Denis Leary

Book Denis Leary for your next event.

Denis Leary is a comedian and actor. His short comedy spots on MTV made him famous, followed by his success in films such as The Ref, True Crime and the animated Ice Age. Leary's TV drama, Rescue Me, which he created, produces, and stars in, brought him acclaim in the drama realm, and his Fund for New York's Bravest is... read full bio

Dennis Blair

Book Dennis Blair for your next event.

Comedic funny man Dennis Blair has toured with such comedy legends as George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield. He wrote a book about these experiences as an opening act for famous comedians, titled Me First. Dennis penned and appeared in Rodney Dangerfield's film Easy Money. He was also a co-writer of the program for two Writers Guild Awards.... read full bio

Dennis Miller

Book Dennis Miller for your next event.

Dennis Miller is a stand-up comedian, talk show host, sports and political commentator, actor, as well as TV and radio personality, who earned his fame as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. After his time on SNL, he hosted multiple of his own talk shows that played on CNBC and HBO. He was a political commentator on his own... read full bio

Dennis Swanberg

Book Dennis Swanberg for your next event.

The "Minister of Encouragement" in America is the comedian Dennis Swanberg. This Texas-born pastor now incorporates his passion for comedy into his line of work. For his more than 20 endearing and humorous impersonations, Dennis Swanberg is well known. Swan's Place and The Dennis Swanberg Show were two of Dennis the comedian's national television programs. His programs were described as... read full bio

Deon Cole

Book Deon Cole for your next event.

Deon Cole is an American actor, comedian, and writer from Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for being apart of the writing staff for “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” as well as “Conan”. While there, he received two Primetime Emmy nominations. Since then, Cole has gone on to play Daniel “DJ” Tanner on the television series “Angie Tribeca” an... read full bio

DeRay Davis

Book DeRay Davis for your next event.

DeRay, who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, has turned his difficult background, street mindset, and career as an actor into a live tour that is constantly evolving and new. Credits listed include, but are not limited to: HOW TO ACT BLACK, a comedy special on Netflix. renowned for her recurring role in FX's Snowfall and as the host of... read full bio

Derek Gaines

Book Derek Gaines for your next event.

Despite being born in California, Derek Gaines developed his comedic skills while growing up in Philadelphia. He presently resides in New York City, where he gives frequent performances and offers a distinctive viewpoint on growing up African American in the suburbs. Derek's first big break occurred when he advanced to the Bill Bellamy Who's Got Jokes semifinals. In Philadelphia's Phunniest Person... read full bio

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