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Book Zoe for your next event.

Zoé is a five-piece Mexican band who won both the Grammy and the Latin Grammy for its catchy, psychedelic rock sound and catchy rock and pop tunes. They are considered as one of the most influential bands of the indie rock era. The band reached the pinnacle of the rock en español industry in the late 2000s and their first of... read full bio


Book Yuridia for your next event.

Yuridia launched into stardom after her second-place win in the fourth season of ‘La Academia’, a Mexican reality television show. At the age of 19, Yuridia became one of the highest selling artists in Mexico. Earning the nickname, ‘Vos de un Ángel’, inspired her debut album’s title, 'La Voz de un Ángel'. Her debut album went on to achieve 2x... read full bio


Book YSY A for your next event.

Spanish and Latin American music have undergone significant change thanks to YSY A, the pioneering figure of the Argentine Trap genre. His career got off to a fast start when he founded the renowned rap contests "El Quinto Escalon" at the age of just 13; this served as a springboard for other greats like Ducki, WOS, Paulo Londra and Trueno. The... read full bio

Young Miko

Book Young Miko for your next event.

With her own musical approach, Young Miko, a dynamic singer and songwriter, is breaking through in the Puerto Rican urban music industry. Mara Victoria Ramrez de Arellano, the name her family gave her, was born in Aasco, Puerto Rico. She started honing her creative aptitude at an early age and quickly rose to the top of talent competitions at school. She has... read full bio

Yerba Buena

Book Yerba Buena for your next event.

Yerba Buena is a Grammy nominated fusion band that blends many different styles of music together. The group has released two albums, President Alien and Island Life. President Alien was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Rock Alternative Album. Their second album, Island Life, leaned towards a hip-hop sound. The group originated with a diverse background including a Venezuelan... read full bio


Book Yendry for your next event.

Yendry is an up-and-coming Latin pop singer-songwriter who grew up in the Dominican Republic as well as Italy. While growing up, Yendry found influence in music genres which included pop-RnB, Latin music, as well as electronic music. Throughout her music, Yendry focuses on voice melodies, harmonies, percussions and electronic sounds. She also likes to mix Latin music with an electronic... read full bio


Book Yemanjo for your next event.

Ben Harris is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. His project is called Yemanjo. Harris was up in the culturally diverse Bay Area of California, and his frequent travels have exposed him to a wide variety of global music styles. Yemanjo's sound is a distinctive blend of organic house beats and downtempo music with sounds from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.... read full bio

Yaisel LM

Book Yaisel LM for your next event.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is home to Yaisel LM, a rising star in the Latin music scene. Focusing on the Reggaeton subgenre, Yaisel LM presents a fresh perspective on the music by combining traditional Latin rhythms with modern elements. Yaisel LM is of Dominican descent, which explains why his music has a catchy energy and unforgettable hooks. He creates a sound... read full bio

Ximena Sarinana

Book Ximena Sarinana for your next event.

Ximena Sarinana is a pop music artist from Mexico City. Influenced by artists like Fiona Apple, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, and the music of Latin America, Sarinana creates her own twist on pop sounds. Sarinana began her musical career at a young age. She learned to play the piano as a child and took singing lessons with Ricardo Sanchez, a popular... read full bio

Xavier Cugat Orchestra

Book Xavier Cugat Orchestra for your next event.

Xavier Cugat's name is synonymous with Latin-American music; he is one of the best-known musicians in this genre of music. The reason is simple: Cugat, always a superb showman, succeeded in presenting the music of South America to the American public in a most captivating manner, never losing it's authentic threads in the quilt he wove of musical colors and... read full bio


Book Xavi for your next event.

Xavi, whose real name is Joshua Xavier Gutierrez, is an Arizona-based Mexican-American singer-songwriter. His poignant tunes and sensitive lyrics create a musical bridge that spans the boundaries of Mexico and the United States. Xavi has a look that can only be characterized as Tumbado Romantico since he genuinely puts his youthful heart on his sleeves. Following the release of his... read full bio

Wisin & Yandel / Wisin Y Yandel

Book Wisin & Yandel / Wisin Y Yandel for your next event.

The popular reggaeton duo Wisin and Yandel have made a mark in the musical movement of reggaeton. The Puerto Rican artists, Juan Luis Moreno (Wisin) and Llandel Veguilla (Yandel) began the duo in 1998. The duo began to fall in love with the dancehall music and hit the underground urban music scene running. Wisin & Yandel began to set... read full bio


Book Wisin for your next event.

Wisin is one of the most beloved names in Latin music. Although most well known as one-half of the Grammy Award-winning reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel, he has released two solo albums: El Sobreviviente and El Regreso del Sobreviviente, which both charted on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, at No. 20 and No. 3 respectively. Wisin’s success is evident in... read full bio

Willie Gomez

Book Willie Gomez for your next event.

Willie Gomez is an up-and-coming Latin pop singer-songwriter and dancer who was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Miami, Florida. When Gomez was only 13 years old he became inspired by pop music and went on to take dance and vocal lesson trainings at MDA Studios. By the time he was only 17 years old, he was... read full bio


Book Wampi for your next event.

A promising new musician making waves in the music business is Wampi. This up-and-coming artist from the UK has been putting out a distinctive fusion of R&B, rap, and hip-hop. Wampi has a unique flair that makes him stand out from the crowd, and he has a devoted following base and is touring the nation. Wampi has a distinct and identifiable... read full bio

Voz de Mando

Book Voz de Mando for your next event.

Voz de Mando is a Mexican group, which consists of five talent individuals, Jorge Gaxiola, Miguel Gaxiola, Carlos Sigala, Eduardo “El Chino” Gonzalez, and Adrian Gonzalez. Their genre of music is Regional Mexican and they are currently based out of Los Angeles. Some of their most popular songs include, “Mente En Blanco”, “Y Ahora Resulta”, “El Que A Ti Te... read full bio

Villano Antillano

Book Villano Antillano for your next event.

Villano Antillano, a compelling musician from Puerto Rico's energetic streets, has carved out a distinctive route for himself in the music and entertainment industries. In Puerto Rico, Villano was a pioneer of the Queer movement within the urban genre known for a compelling and ground-breaking musical style that is both difficult and irreverent. Villano Antillano, who uses music to honor the Puerto Rican... read full bio

Victor Manuelle

Book Victor Manuelle for your next event.

Together with Marc Anthony and India, Victor Manuelle became one of the most influential figures in the New York salsa scene during the mid-1990s. Gilberto Santa Rosa served as Manuelle's mentor and albums like Victor Manuelle and A Pesar de Todo frequently placed at the top of the tropical charts. Starting with Decisión Unámine, he added executive production and songwriting credits... read full bio

Vicente Garcia

Book Vicente Garcia for your next event.

Vicente Garcia is a Dominican musician, singer and composer from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He performs a mixture of latin, pop, bachata and bolero music and he has gained fame as the former lead singer of the band Calor Urbano. He left the band to pursue a solo career and since has collaborated with artists such as Juanes, Juan Luis... read full bio

Vicente Fernandez Jr.

Book Vicente Fernandez Jr. for your next event.

"Vicente Fernandez Jr. is a Mexican artist most known as the oldest son of legend Vicente Fernandez. Being born into music, it’s only natural that Fernandez Jr. found a love and passion for music at such a young age. He has traveled on world tours with his father, which is how he got his start in the music industry. Currently,... read full bio

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