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Kare Anderson

Book Kare Anderson for your next event.

Kare Anderson is the Emmy winning CEO of the Say It Better Center, former Wall Street Journal and NBC reporter, and TED Speaker. She speaks about improving your employees and boosting your company's credibility. ... read full bio

Jim Cathcart

Book Jim Cathcart for your next event.

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, author, professional speaker and business leader, is the founder and CEO of Cathcart Institute, Inc., a think tank of advisors to Business Owners, Leaders and Executives in the areas of business strategy, executive development, professional speaking and sales improvement. As the author of 13 books including Relationship Selling, and his latest book The Eight Competencies... read full bio

Fabulous Beekman Boys

Book Fabulous Beekman Boys for your next event.

Brent Ridge and his partner, Josh Kilmer-Purcell were typical stressed out New Yorkers who dreamed of a simple life in the country at a cozy weekend home. But the house they purchased in Sharon Springs, N.Y., in 2006, came with an entire farm and since then, life has been anything but relaxed. Ridge, a former doctor and vice... read full bio

Dawnna St Louis

Book Dawnna St Louis for your next event.

Bold, Audacious, Unapologetic, Humorous, Brilliant, Professional, Scientist, Champion, Improver, Expert, and Thought Leader. Dawnna St Louis is a forward-thinking game changer. She turns top talent into Mojo wielding profit machines by showing them how to tap into their personal brand of quality and create a positive contrast. She pinpoints why some people reach for the stars and catch the universe... read full bio

Dr. Kerry Johnson

Book Dr. Kerry Johnson for your next event.

Kerry L. Johnson, MBA, Ph.D is a best-selling author, speaker and coach. He is the head of the personal coaching company called Peak Performance Coaching. Dr. Johnson currently writes for fifteen national trade and management magazines. He also writes a weekly newsletter titled The Winning Edge, which consists of new research on sales psychology. Dr.... read full bio

Pascal Finette

Book Pascal Finette for your next event.

Please be advised that CTI does not exclusively represent Pascal Finette and the office for this celebrity has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Christine Carter

Book Christine Carter for your next event.

Christine Carter is a sociologist and happiness expert at UC Berkeleys Greater Good Science Center. She is also the author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work, as well as Raising Happiness. Dr. Carter has an award-winning blog, which is often featured on The Huffington Post, and many other websites. An in-demand keynote... read full bio

Jessamyn Rodriguez

Book Jessamyn Rodriguez for your next event.

Jessamyn W. Rodriguez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning Hot Bread Kitchen. Since its inception, she has led the growth of the organization from a visionary idea to a thriving bakery and workforce development program. Jessamyn combines her passions for baking and social justice for foreign-born women in Hot Bread Kitchen. Her efforts have also been... read full bio

Mallory Brown

Book Mallory Brown for your next event.

Mallory Brown, at the age of 20, became curious with what else the world had to offer so she strapped on a backpack and set out to discover new people and places. What she found was more than she ever expected. She learned to appreciate different ways of life and was deeply touched by the universality of basic human need.... read full bio

Jill Vialet

Book Jill Vialet for your next event.

A social entrepreneur, Jill Vialet is the CEO and founder of Playworks. The non-profit organization provides play and physical activities to more than 650 schools in over twenty-seven cities across the United States. Jill also founded the Museum of Childrens Arts (mocha) in Oakland, California, where she served as the executive director for nine years. She assisted in the expansion... read full bio

Matt Havens

Book Matt Havens for your next event.

Matt Havens is an expert in leadership. For over ten years, Havens has worked with a Fortune 50 company in several areas including marketing, employee retention, and management. With extensive knowledge in the company-building field, Havens is able to share with listeners across the nation his experiences and expertise. To set himself apart from other keynote speakers, Havens incorporates humor... read full bio

Scott Deming

Book Scott Deming for your next event.

Scott Deming draws on over thirty years of real, in the trenches, corporate life. He is a highly respected and sought after speaker on the topics of sales, branding, business and leadership. His business acumen is broad and deep and his presentations are high energy, on point, relevant and truly effective. Deming has held many board positions, been involved in... read full bio

Scott Greenberg

Book Scott Greenberg for your next event.

A sought after speaker for twenty years and counting, Scott Greenberg has fascinated audiences with his dynamic speeches on leadership and top performance mentality. His wide-ranging client list includes Nike, Coffee Beanery, the Wyndham Hotel Group, the U.S. Air Force and numerous other businesses, schools and associations. He has presented throughout every state in the US, in addition to Canada,... read full bio

Shari Fitzpatrick

Book Shari Fitzpatrick for your next event.

Shari Fitzpatrick, the Founder of Sharis Berries, is back! After 20 years as the owner/operator of the first successful chocolate covered strawberry retail company in the country, Shari turned to her interests in writing and motivational speaking. Her book Berried in Chocolate, an emotional journey of her successes and mistakes, appeals to anyone with a dream. Berried in Chocolate... read full bio

Lisa Copeland

Book Lisa Copeland for your next event.

Lisa Copeland is and award-winning sales strategist, best-selling author and named among the Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry by Automotive News. An innovator in the automotive industry, she led the first FIAT retailer to break the NAFTA sales record by selling more than 100 new FIAT 500s in one month. Lisa was named to the Board of Directors... read full bio

Christopher McKee

Book Christopher McKee for your next event.

Christopher McKee is an international political economist, entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of the PRS Group Inc., and Gavea Emerging Markets Corporation. His companies, and their worldwide-based analysts, work together to deliver exclusive, quant-based political and country risk forecasting to some of the worlds leading institutional investors, multinational firms, think tanks, multilateral institutions, and major universities. Christopher has written several books... read full bio

Kevin White

Book Kevin White for your next event.

Kevin White is the Founder and Chief Strategist of XPL, and brand experience and event agency. Through his storytelling- about people, organizations, and companies- Kevin strives to inspire his audiences. He has delivered presentations across the country and internationally, on topics encompassing How to Think Like Google, Disney, and Other Innovative Brands, Create Problem Solving, The Death of Creativity (and... read full bio

Sam Bruni

Book Sam Bruni for your next event.

Sam Bruni is a serial entrepreneur who has built e-commerce businesses that now produce over 1 billion in annual revenue. Currently, Sam is an owner in a 100 million dollar portfolio company where he serves as the CMO of the conglomerate and President of two of their consumer facing businesses. Sam also serves as an Advisor to an Artificial... read full bio

Barton Goldenberg

Book Barton Goldenberg for your next event.

Barton Goldenberg is founder and President of ISM Inc., where, since 1985, he has designed and implemented customer-centric strategies in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. Barton has been bringing compelling thought-leadership keynote presentations to business audiences across the US and around the world. Bring his voice and expertise to your audience, whether for a board meeting or... read full bio

Laura Goodrich

Book Laura Goodrich for your next event.

Creating a Mindset for Change Do you and your organization have the needed agility to maneuver the road ahead Let Laura Goodrich help. Laura is a Workforce Innovator, experienced in transformation and change. With over 20 years of working with organizations leading change, Laura has learned that without the right mindset you will never be able to gain the needed momentum to create... read full bio

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