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Marlo Thomas

Book Marlo Thomas for your next event.

Marlo Thomas found fame starring in That Girl" and became a feminist icon of '60s sitcom TV. She is a new millennium woman who gracefully juggles political activism, Hollywood, and a robust family and social life. Thomas starred in the sitcom "That Girl. The show defined an era with its portrayal of independent, free-spirited Ann Marie, a daughter of the... read full bio

Karenna Gore Schiff

Book Karenna Gore Schiff for your next event.

Monumentalizing Nine Women Who Changed Modern America - In Karenna Gores first book, Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America, Karenna Gore Schiff profiles nine courageous, train-blazing women who put themselves on the line to combat racism, cruelty to children, pollution, disease, bigotry, povery, and to challenge the limits put on women as public leaders. Filled with riveting... read full bio

Alicia Silverstone

Book Alicia Silverstone for your next event.

Alicia Silverstone started her career in the entertainment business at a young age and is best known for her memorable performance in the movie Clueless. Her modeling career quickly gained traction, landing her roles in a number of commercials and even an episode of The Wonder Years. At the age of 15, Silverstone had a stunning turn of circumstances that allowed... read full bio

William McDonough

Book William McDonough for your next event.

One of the most creative designers and visionary architects in the field of sustainable development, William McDonough shows organizations how green corporate innovations help the environment and the bottom line. William McDonough is a world-renowned architect and designer and winner of three U.S. presidential awards. He designed and built the first solar-heated house in Ireland in 1977.He is the co-founder... read full bio

Jeffrey Wright

Book Jeffrey Wright for your next event.

Critically acclaimed actor Jeffrey Wright continually pushes the boundaries of his craft with inspiring and celebrated performances in an illustrious career that has spanned the worlds of theatre, film and television. Wright is best known for his roles in the HBO miniseries Angels in America, Basquiat, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, HBOs Boardwalk Empire, HBOs Westworld, and The Hunger... read full bio

Joan Lunden

Book Joan Lunden for your next event.

Joan Lunden is regarded as a multifaceted and accomplished individual who has made outstanding contributions to journalism, writing, advocacy, and public debate. She has established herself as an accomplished journalist, best-selling author, captivating moderator, and ardent supporter of health and wellbeing over the course of a career spanning decades. When Lunden assumed control of "Good Morning America," a renowned morning news... read full bio

Tipper Gore

Book Tipper Gore for your next event.

A well-known advocate for families, women and children and an active proponent of healthy living and healthy lives. Her work has focused on issues such as mental health, children's health, education, homelessness and physical fitness. Her health focus has encompassed a variety of issues, including mental illness, AIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, lead poisoning, and youth physical fitness. She has... read full bio

James Dobson, Ph.d.

Book James Dobson, Ph.d. for your next event.

James C. Dobson, Ph.D., is founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization that produces his internationally syndicated radio programs, heard on more than 3,000 radio facilities in North America and in nine languages in approximately 2300 facilities in over 93 other countries. He was for 14 years an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University... read full bio

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs

Book Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs for your next event.

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs is the name of the hugely acclaimed cabaret show Alan premiered at New York's legendary Cafe Carlyle. He has since toured the show extensively throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. He returned with the show to NYC and made his sold out, solo debut at Carnegie Hall, and released a live album of... read full bio

Bernard Kouchner

Book Bernard Kouchner for your next event.

Bernard Kouchner is a world renowned humanitarian. Until November 2010, Kouchner was the French minister of foreign and European Affairs. He has played an important role in Euopean politics for several decades. His history as a minister in charge of both health and humanitarian actions have aided in Kouchner's push for a better future. Kouchner is well... read full bio

Jamie Chung

Book Jamie Chung for your next event.

An successful American actress and former reality television celebrity, Jamie Jilynn Chung. She first rose to fame in 2004 as a cast member of the well-liked MTV reality series "The Real World: San Diego." She gained notoriety through her appearances on the program and its spin-off, "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II," and she went on to become the... read full bio

Andre Norman

Book Andre Norman for your next event.

Andre Norman’s knowledge and skills allow him to speak on and build training programs on topics including: families in crisis, substance abuse and teen drinking, re-entry, ex-offender, gangs, prison reform, and mentoring. Andre presents at schools, churches, and community centers across the globe, serving as a mentor and friend to youth and community members alike. He is consistently a lead... read full bio

Angelica Ross

Book Angelica Ross for your next event.

Angelica Ross is an American actress, entrepreneur, and transgender rights advocate. She started her career in the U.S. Navy before being discharged due to being harassed by men. She then moved back home and made friends with a drag queen who helped her gender transition. Her parents didn’t take the news well and threw her out and she moved in... read full bio

Phillip Picardi

Book Phillip Picardi for your next event.

Phillip Picardi is an American journalist and editor who is best known for being the editor-in-chief of Out. Picardi attended Central Catholic High School where he became one of the founders of the now-annual student fundraiser, Catwalk4Cancer. Upon graduating from high school, Picardi studied at New York University. He started his professional career as an intern at Teen Vogue. He... read full bio

Ryan O'Connell

Book Ryan O'Connell for your next event.

Ryan O’Connell is an activist, author, and writer. He is best known for speaking out on his upbringing and growing up with cerebral palsy and discovering he was gay in his 20’s. Ryan has published a book “I’m Special And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves” which has been adapted in a short-form series for Netflix that’s produced by Jim Parsons... read full bio

Jess Morales Rocketto

Book Jess Morales Rocketto for your next event.

Jess Morales Rocketto is the Political Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and is also Executive Director of Care in Action. She is known for her political advocacy campaigns that focus on sexual harassment, economic justice, immigration reform and the future of work for domestic workers in the United States. Apart from her work with the NDWA, Rocketto... read full bio

Max Schrems

Book Max Schrems for your next event.

Max Schrems is an Austrian activist, author, and lawyer from Salzburg, Austria. He is best known for his campaigns against Facebook for privacy violation and it’s violation of European privacy laws and transfer of personal data to the US National Security Agency as part of the NSA’s PRISM program. He is also known for being the founder of NOYB –... read full bio

Tarana Burke

Book Tarana Burke for your next event.

Tarana Burke is an American activist who is best known for being the founder of the Me Too movement. The Me Too Movement started out as a viral hashtag when women began using it to tweet about the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. This then turned into a huge international movement and Burke was behind starting it so women... read full bio

Natan Sharansky

Book Natan Sharansky for your next event.

Natan Sharansky is among the world's most consistent advocates of democratization as a basis for foreign policy. Born in Ukraine, he received a degree in mathematics from Moscow's Physical Technical Institute. A brilliant mathematician and chess master, he entered the limelight as a spokesman for the movement to emancipate Soviet Jewry. Arrested by the Soviet authorities for his refusenik activities,... read full bio

Judy and Dennis Shepard

Book Judy and Dennis Shepard for your next event.

Judy and Dennis Shepard are human rights activist who were the parents of the late Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old that was a student at the University of Wyoming. Matthew was beaten and pistol-whipped in Laramie, Wyoming. He died six days later in a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado and the case gained attention country wide as it was... read full bio

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