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Rain - A Beatles Tribute

Book Rain - A Beatles Tribute for your next event.

There are other tribute acts who respectfully attempt to replicate a subset of the Beatles music, but only RAIN can perform the full range of the Beatles discography live onstage, including the most complex and challenging songs that the Beatles themselves recorded in the studios but never performed for an audience. No other rendition of the Fab Four's music comes... read full bio

Cirque Shanghai Bai XI

Book Cirque Shanghai Bai XI for your next event.

CIRQUE SHANGHAI - BAI XI is a visually spectacular production combining astounding Chinese acrobatics, fast-paced action, and contemporary staging. Dating back to the Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago, Chinese acrobatic spectacles were first called bai xi, meaning 100 amazing acts, in reference to the performers seemingly limitless skills. These daring and beautiful feats were featured in command... read full bio

Adam Trent

Book Adam Trent for your next event.

Adam Trent is a mesmerizing magician that produces his own show with original music, dance and magic. He is taking the magic world by storm, blending dancing and singing to his own original pop music with innovative stage illusions, charming wit, and emotion to create an experience that is part magic show, part concert, and part stand up comedy. Though... read full bio

Shoji Tabuchi

Book Shoji Tabuchi for your next event.

An entertainer who has a hit record and there's more to his career than meets the eye. Folks bring busloads of fans to the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson for over a quarter of a century. Now he's bringing his road show to his countless loyal fans, wherever they live. It sells out very quickly with many names on... read full bio

Michael Moschen

Book Michael Moschen for your next event.

A high school dropout turned MacArthur ""genius grant"" recipient, Michael Moschen is an art juggler, spawning scores of imitators and an entire methodology of crystal-ball juggling he likes to call Dynamic Manipulation. With a penchant for discipline, choreography, and catching flying balls -- and using props that include flaming torches, hoops, rods, and a ten-foot plastic triangle enclosure within which... read full bio

Disney's High School Musical Summer Celebration

Book Disney's High School Musical Summer Celebration for your next event.

Let's Go Wildcats! It's time for Disney's High School Musical: Summer Celebration! featuring favorite songs from all three hit High School Musical movies, including: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" "FABULOUS" "NOW OR NEVER" Kids will sing and dance along to more than 15 chart-topping songs with a cast of performers as your favorite East High characters! This non-stop celebration... read full bio

Peking Acrobats

Book Peking Acrobats for your next event.

The Peking Acrobats remain the largest of its kind and performs under the direction of International Asia, Inc., world-renowned for three generations of internationally-touring Chinese acrobatic shows. In addition to live musical accompaniment from an exotic Chinese orchestra, the Acrobats now travel with one of the most comprehensive tech packages on the road today, including an intelligent lighting system, ground... read full bio

Miranda July

Book Miranda July for your next event.

Miranda July is a filmmaker, artist, and writer. Her videos, performances, and web-based projects have been presented at sites such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and in two Whitney Biennials. July wrote, directed and starred in her first feature-length film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, which won a special jury prize at the Sundance... read full bio

Justin Flom

Book Justin Flom for your next event.

Magician Justin Flom has been a regular guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show, been viewed 5 millions times on YouTube, shared on hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages, and named by Buzzed as one of the top 10 Snapchatters to follow. Flom regularly takes the stage at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle, and has performed throughout the world in 26... read full bio

DJ Cassidy

Book DJ Cassidy for your next event.

What separates DJ Cassidy from others is this unique versatility, a rare uncompromising approach to his craft, and his relentless determination to stay true to himself and his audience. Described as a walking cultural movement" by former Vibe Magazine Editor-In-Chief Emil Wilbekin, Cassidy continues to surprise audiences with his uncanny ability to connect musically to everyone within his reach. His... read full bio

Masters Of Illusion

Book Masters Of Illusion for your next event.

Masters of Illusion Live! is the touring magic show based on the World Magic Award-winning TV series. Consisting of eye-popping illusionists, daring escape and quick change artists, exotic animals and beautiful dancers – all LIVE! This theatrical experience is totally live with no camera tricks or computer graphics. Audience members will become part of the act as they are called... read full bio


Book Luma for your next event.

While almost impossible to describe, Luma embodies a break through in family performance art similar to those of Imago, Mummenschanz and Michael Moschen. Using new light technologies and various performance art disciplines, Luma transforms a darkened theater into spatial canvas, where three-dimensional illuminated objects and chaotic characters paint surreal worlds of colorful motion. In a whimsical three-part suite, Luma depicts... read full bio

Sherie Rene Scott

Book Sherie Rene Scott for your next event.

Sherie Rene Scott is a writer, actress, and singer who's resume scans the spectrum of entertainment. She is the co-founder of the Grammy winning Sh-K-Boom Records aside form her Broadway and film career. Her stage shows include Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Pepa), Everyday Rapture (Herself, co-writer), You May Now Worship Me (Herself), The Little Mermaid (Ursula),... read full bio

Lucent Dossier

Book Lucent Dossier for your next event.

Lucent Dossier Experience is a cirque style interactive, avant-garde circus, electronic rock band, and performance troupe and entertainment company. The name loosely translates to a collection of glowing light. Lucent Dossier Experiences music has been produced by Dream Rockwell, Rick Alick and Super Tall Pall of Helios Jive, Chris Komashko and Atla Gadret among others. Their theatrical spectacles include singers,... read full bio

World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions

Book World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions for your next event.

The beloved white stallions from the famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna have grown into a worldwide phenomenon since their shows debut in 1970. Hearkening back to a time when the horse was a symbol of grace and majesty, the Lipizzaner Stallions are a great family experience, one full of history and majestic grace. A rare a unique breed,... read full bio

Michael Weber

Book Michael Weber for your next event.

Micheal Weber is a charming mind reader/ magician who delivers remarkable entertainment for thinking audiences. He has traveled the world, delivering unique and interactive presentations that stimulate each audience members mind. Weber speaks on a variety of topics, including communication, information and innovation. He is recognized for his problem solving and story telling skills, and with bachelors, masters and doctorate... read full bio

Cirque Eloize

Book Cirque Eloize for your next event.

Standing at the heart of the revival of circus arts, Cirque Eloize has been creating moving performances filled with magic for over twenty years. Always reaching for artistic perfection, it is one of the frontrunners among todays circus arts. Based on the multidisciplinary talents of its artists, Cirque Eloize expresses its inventive nature through theatricality and humanity, and fuses circus... read full bio

A Classic Rock Christmas

Book A Classic Rock Christmas for your next event.

A Classic Rock Christmas features current members of Boston, The Sammy Hagar Band, The Tubes, and the Greg Kihn Band. Robert Berry created the A Classic Rock Christmas concept to make Holiday music hip and relevant for today's listeners and to have a way to give back to each community through Food Bank donations. Robert has performed with some of... read full bio

Chinese Acrobats of Hebei

Book Chinese Acrobats of Hebei for your next event.

The Chinese Acrobats of Hebei is jaw-dropping production of daring stunts and remarkable skills. This diverse ensemble includes unique acts like Chinese Poles, Foot Juggling, Towering Chair Balance, all complimented by extraordinary martial arts. A stunning oriental soundtrack backs each captivating act and sets an exotic tone for the performance. With spectacular costumes and props that form a kaleidoscope of... read full bio

Randall Park

Book Randall Park for your next event.

Randall Park wears many hats as a performer, known as an actor, writer, comedian, and director. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Californa, Randall was attended Hamilton High School and graduated from its Humanities Magnet Program; he later studies English and creative writing, earning his bachelors degree from UCLA. He went on to earn his masters in Asian American studies.... read full bio

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