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Greg Schwem

Book Greg Schwem for your next event.

Greg Schwem, a charismatic comedian and brilliant author, has carved out a special place for himself in the entertainment industry with his distinct sense of humor and astute observations on contemporary life. Greg has established himself as one of the most in-demand comedians and authors in the business because to his extensive catalog of published writings and humorous appearances. Greg Schwem... read full bio

Gretchen Rubin

Book Gretchen Rubin for your next event.

Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author, podcaster and expert on happiness. She constantly studies human nature to learn how we might have happier, healthier, more productive and creative lives. Rubin began her legal career and was working as Sandra Day O'Connor's law clerk when she decided she wanted to pursue writing. She is the author of a number of books, including the... read full bio

H.M. Queen Noor Of Jordan

Book H.M. Queen Noor Of Jordan for your next event.

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan delivers an insightful message of peace and hope. In a time of international uncertainty, Her Majesty Queen Noor is a voice of reason and reassurance on the principles of social justice, equality, and human rights as sure foundations of security and peace. In recognition of her efforts to advance development, democracy and peace, Queen... read full bio

Hadassah Lieberman

Book Hadassah Lieberman for your next event.

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Hadassah Lieberman found herself amid a whirlwind of excitement on the presidential campaign trail. Married to Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in the 2000 presidential election, Mrs. Lieberman has dedicated much of her life's work to women's health issues, assisting nonprofit organizations, improving educational standards, and promoting international understanding.... read full bio

Hank Green

Book Hank Green for your next event.

Hank Green, also known as William Henry Green II, is a well-known American entrepreneur, creative, and prominent player in the field of digital media. Green, who was born on May 5, 1980, has significantly impacted the fields of social activism, writing, music, vlogging, business, and science communication. Green rose to fame by working with his older brother, John Green, on the... read full bio

Harriet A. Washington

Book Harriet A. Washington for your next event.

Award-winning medical author and editor Harriet A. Washington is well known for her landmark book "Medical Apartheid," the first in-depth examination of medical experimentation on African Americans. The National Book Critics Circle Nonfiction Award, a PEN Award, and a Gustavus Myers Award are just a few of the numerous honors this best-selling book has received. It also made Publishers' Weekly's... read full bio

Haywood Smith

Book Haywood Smith for your next event.

Haywood Smith, who was born and raised in Atlanta, has relocated to Boston so that she can be near her son and daughter-in-law, as well as her cherished new grandchild. The Red Hat Club was one of the books that made it onto the bestseller list in the New York Times. Both USA Today and the New York Times Extended... read full bio

Heather Armstrong

Book Heather Armstrong for your next event.

Heather B. Armstrong is widely acknowledged to be the most popular ""mommy blogger"" in the world. She has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter and was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 30 most influential women in media, along with Diane Sawyer, Kelly Ripa, and Oprah Winfrey. Time Magazine has twice listed her website as one of... read full bio

Heben Nigatu

Book Heben Nigatu for your next event.

Heben Nigatu is first and foremost a writer and co-host for Buzzfeed’s ‘Another Round.’ ‘Another Round’ has featured high profile guests like Hillary Clinton. Nigatu landed a position at Buzzfeed after working a three-month fellowship while studying at Columbia University. Since, she has also written for ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ She has been named on the Forbes’ 30... read full bio

Hedrick Smith

Book Hedrick Smith for your next event.

The office for Hedrick Smith has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Helen Fisher

Book Helen Fisher for your next event.

The office for Helen Fisher has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Henry Cole

Book Henry Cole for your next event.

Henry Cole is the illustrator of many beloved books for children, including Jack and Jill's Treehouse, written by Pamela Duncan Edwards, and his own Jack's Garden and On Meadowview Street. He lives in Florida. ... read full bio

Ian Richards

Book Ian Richards for your next event.

Ian Richards is an English football, soccer, player. Ian was born in Barnsley, a town in South Yorkshire, England. Ian started his career with Blackburn Rovers and unfortunately did not make it on to the first team. He then tried his luck elsewhere and moved to Halifax Town. In Halifax, Ian made 24 Football League appearances. Since then Ian has... read full bio

Ilyasah Shabazz

Book Ilyasah Shabazz for your next event.

Ilyasah Shabazz is an American author, motivational speaker, community organizer, and social activist who is best known for being the daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. As an author, Shabazz is best known for her memoir, “Growing Up X.” Shabazz was born in Queens, New York, and she has earned her degrees from the State University of New York... read full bio

Isabel Gillies

Book Isabel Gillies for your next event.

Isabel Gillies is an American actress and author. She became popular for her role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where she played Elliot Stablers wife. Isabel released a memoir that was a New York Times bestseller titled, Happens Every Day. Isabel had several film appearances including Metropolitan, I Shot Andy Warhol and New Orleans, Mon Amour. Aside from... read full bio

Ivy McGregor

Book Ivy McGregor for your next event.

Ivy McGregor is a worldwide strategist and philanthropic leader with over two decades of experience in social enterprise creation and strategic consulting. She is well-known for her imaginative approach and has successfully led a number of initiatives in both the faith-based and corporate sectors. McGregor, who has a profound grasp of the convergence of business and social impact, has played a... read full bio

J. Randy Taraborrelli

Book J. Randy Taraborrelli for your next event.

J. Randy Taraborrelli is an American journalist and biographer. Taraborrelli is an author known for biographies of contemporary entertainers and political figures. He is a featured writer in several entertainment magazines in Canada, England, and Australia. He also appears on television as an entertainment news reporter on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live. He... read full bio

J.K. Rowling

Book J.K. Rowling for your next event.

J.K. Rowling is a British author, film producer, television producer, screenwriter and philanthropist from Yate, Gloucestershire, England. Rowling is best known for writing the Harry Potter book series, which has sold over 500 million copies and has won her numerous awards. Her books are also based off of the popular film series, which had her overall approval for the scripts.... read full bio

Jack Carr

Book Jack Carr for your next event.

Jack Carr is a successful American thriller novelist and former Navy SEAL commander. Carr's experiences in Naval Special Warfare Command and as a sniper have tremendously inspired his writing career, as has his impressive military background. Carr joined the United States Navy in 1996, marking the start of a spectacular military career. He began his career as an enlisted Navy SEAL... read full bio

Jaclyn Johnson

Book Jaclyn Johnson for your next event.

Jaclyn Johnson is a strong inventor who is changing the norms for women in business. She is a serial entrepreneur, author, investor and host of a podcast. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, a high-impact media firm that connects female CEOs and entrepreneurs through education and community. Create & Cultivate has hosted over 100 events with famous... read full bio

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