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Joanne Lipman

Book Joanne Lipman for your next event.

American novelist and experienced journalist Joanne Lipman has a distinguished journalistic career. At prestigious newspapers like USA Today, the USA Today Network, Conde Nast, and The Wall Street Journal's Weekend Journal, she has held prominent editorial positions. Lipman is acknowledged for her work as an author in addition to her editing responsibilities. The essential subject of gender dynamics in the workplace... read full bio

Jo Ling Kent

Book Jo Ling Kent for your next event.

Successful American journalist Jo Ling Kent is currently a correspondent for NBC News. Kent has made a name for herself in the world of journalism with an amazing career that spans numerous notable media outlets, including Fox Business Network, ABC, and CNN. After graduating from Rice University with a bachelor's degree in international affairs, Kent went on to receive master's degrees... read full bio

Jim Sciutto

Book Jim Sciutto for your next event.

Jim Sciutto is an American news anchor and former government official who is currently the chief national security correspondent for CNN. Sciutto has previously earned his degree in Chinese history from Yale University where he graduated cum laude. He went on to begin his career working in television as a moderator and producer of the PBS program, ‘The Student Press,’... read full bio

Jill Dougherty

Book Jill Dougherty for your next event.

Jill Dougherty is an American journalist and educator who has been a correspondent for CNN for several years. During her time working for CNN, Dougherty has been a White House correspondent, and a Foreign Affairs correspondent. Throughout her career as a correspondent, Dougherty has covered the US State Department, US Affairs Editor, and has also been the Moscow Bureau Chief... read full bio

Jill Arrington

Book Jill Arrington for your next event.

Jill Arrington is an American sportscaster and reporter who has most previously been an anchor for KCBS and KCAL in Los Angeles where she was a sports anchor and reporter for “SportsCentral.” Arrington was born in Conyers, Georgia, and she earned her B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from the University of Miami. After earning her degree, she went... read full bio

Jill Abramson

Book Jill Abramson for your next event.

"Jill Abramson was the first female executive editor of The New York Times. Prior to her work with the Times, Abramson worked for The Wall Street Journal as an investigative reporter and deputy bureau chief. As of recent, Abramson has worked as a political columnist for Guardian US. Abramson has been noted as one of the most powerful people in... read full bio

Jian Ghomeshi

Book Jian Ghomeshi for your next event.

Award-winning broadcaster, writer, singer, and producer Jian Ghomeshi is also a producer was  the host and co-creator of the daily national talk show Q. Since its debut in 2007, Q has attracted the largest audience of any culture-related program in Canada and has risen to the top of the morning ratings in CBC history. Additionally, PRI currently broadcasts Q all... read full bio

Jessica Yellin

Book Jessica Yellin for your next event.

Jessica Yellin is an American journalist who has previously been Chief White House Correspondent for CNN in Washington, D.C. Yellin graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude where she was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She joined CNN as a Capitol Hill correspondent before making her way to Chief White House correspondent. During her time with CNN she... read full bio

Jesse Holland

Book Jesse Holland for your next event.

Jesse Holland is an award-winning journalist, speaker, author, educator, and television personality. He is best known for being one of the first African American journalists to cover the Supreme Court full-time. Holland was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and he earned his bachelor’s in liberal arts with an emphasis in journalism and English from the University of Mississippi. He went... read full bio

Jesse Brown

Book Jesse Brown for your next event.

Jesse Brown is a Canadian digital media expert, journalist, businessperson, and futurist. Brown started Canadaland, a talk show podcast which most of his journalistic activity is channeled through. Brown was the investigative reporter that reported the story about the violence and sexual harassment that Jian Ghomeshi was giving women in the workplace. Growing up, Brown started an underground student newspaper... read full bio

Jeremy Bash

Book Jeremy Bash for your next event.

American attorney Jeremy B. Bash, a well-known name in the field of national security, has made major contributions throughout the course of his career. From 2009 to 2011, Bash served as the CIA's chief of staff, which marked the beginning of his career in public service. He worked closely with Leon Panetta, the CIA director at the time, during this... read full bio

Jennifer Wallace

Book Jennifer Wallace for your next event.

Author and skilled journalist Jennifer Wallace is well known for her perceptive work illuminating the harmful impacts of success pressure. She has made important contributions to the field as the author of the much praised book "Never Enough: When Achievement Pressure Becomes Toxic - and What We Can Do About It." Due to the strong demand for Jennifer's knowledge, she has... read full bio

Jenna Wortham

Book Jenna Wortham for your next event.

Jenna Wortham is a journalist, author, podcaster and cultural icon. She is a thought leader at the nexus of technology, culture and identity, providing captivating and perceptive commentary to captivated audiences across media. She is a staff writer for the New York Times Magazine and co-edited the highly acclaimed graphic anthology Black Futures. Editor Jack Silverstein called her "one of the most savvy and... read full bio

Jenna Bush Hager

Book Jenna Bush Hager for your next event.

Jenna Bush Hager is an American author, news personality, and journalist who has been the co-host, contributor and correspondent of “Today with Hoda & Jenna”. Jenna is the daughter of the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush. Jenna originally didn’t want her father to run for President but ended up being involved in his... read full bio

Jen Hale

Book Jen Hale for your next event.

Jen Hale is a recognized journalist, sportscaster and businesswoman who has received numerous Associated Press, Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Awards for her sports and news reporting. Hale is a reporter for the FOX NFL season, where she is currently in her eleventh season. She also frequently contributes to Fox & Friends Weekend, FOX Sports and fills in as host of Skip and... read full bio

Jemele Hill

Book Jemele Hill for your next event.

Jemele Hill is a sports journalist, best known for her role as co-host of ESPN’s SportsCenter. Her time as a journalist for ESPN, writing a column for’s ‘Page 2’, as former host of ESPN’s ‘His and Hers’, and ESPN2’s ‘Number Never Lie’, has given Hill first hand experience in the national spotlight. Jemele’s award winning journalism is prized for... read full bio

Jeffrey Lyons

Book Jeffrey Lyons for your next event.

Jeffrey Lyons has reviewed more than 15,000 movies, 900 Broadway and off-Broadway plays, interviewed nearly 500 actors, written or co-authored six books, co-hosted three national movie review shows, and received two honorary degrees so far. He’s lectured at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., four times at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and in venues all over... read full bio

Jeff Johnson

Book Jeff Johnson for your next event.

Jeff Johnson is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist who is currently the Managing Principal for JIJ Communications. Through his work with JIJ Communications, Johnson consultants clients with strategic insight in the private, public, and entertainment sectors. He has worked with companies and organizations such as Google, Victoria’s Secret, and the City of Cleveland. Johnson studied at the University of... read full bio

Jeff Benedict

Book Jeff Benedict for your next event.

Jeff Benedict is a sports journalist, bestselling author, producer and pundit who has captivated audiences across media. He is an authority on leadership and the attitude of a champion. In addition to writing several feature articles about some of the most well-known athletes in sports history, Jeff has authored seventeen non-fiction books. He has been chosen to serve as executive producer... read full bio

James Longman

Book James Longman for your next event.

James Longman is an English foreign correspondent for ABC News America. Longman was born in London, England, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies before going on to earn his master’s in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics. Longman went on to begin his career working as a reporter... read full bio

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