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Duane Forrester

Book Duane Forrester for your next event.

Duane Forrester is the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext and is author of ‘How To Make Money With Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers’. Over the years, Forrester has worked for companies such as Casino Nova Scotia, SEMPO, Sports Direct Inc., has been the Senior Program Manager of SEO at Microsoft, worked in marketing & PR for... read full bio

Scott Stratten

Book Scott Stratten for your next event.

Scott Stratten is the President and co-owner of Un-Marketing. He is also co-author of five best-selling business books alongside his wife Alison Stratten and the duo are also co-hosts of The UnPodcast. Stratten’s book include, “UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons for the Age of Disruption”, “UnMarketing Second Edition: Everything Has Changed & Nothing Is Different”, “UnSelling: The New Customer Experience”, “QR... read full bio

Wil Reynolds

Book Wil Reynolds for your next event.

Wil Reynolds is the founder and Director of Strategy for Seer, an interactive SEM/SEO consulting firm. Reynolds started Seer Interactive by himself operating out of his living room. Reynolds earned his education at the University of Delaware. He started his career as a Portal Strategist at NetMarketing. From there, he worked as a Web Producer for Aon before started Seer... read full bio

Wayne Baker

Book Wayne Baker for your next event.

Wayne Baker is a business expert. He is a researcher and professor, working hand in hand with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Baker teaches business administration, management, and sociology. He focuses on organizations and the social-workings of business. Baker’s work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive Magazine, and Sloan Management Review. Baker has... read full bio

Maureen Chiquet

Book Maureen Chiquet for your next event.

Maureen Chiquet is a fashion mogul and business expert. Chiquet has worked at a variety of fashion businesses including Chanel, Gap, L’Oreal, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. She is best known as the president of Banana Republic and later president and chief operating officer of Chanel. Chiquet, through her keynote speeches, provides noteworthy insight into being a successful leader, and... read full bio

Beau Lotto

Book Beau Lotto for your next event.

Beau Lotto is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits, a neurology design studio that focuses on perception and culture. Lab of Misfits researches culture in order to provide businesses with scientific insight on cultural evolution. Combining art, science, and performance, Lab of Misfits has worked with companies like Cirque du Soleil and... read full bio

Amber Mac

Book Amber Mac for your next event.

Amber MacArthur, best known as Amber Mac, is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and media host. Starting off her career in San Francisco during the dot-com boom, Mac has been heavily involved in emerging technology ever since. Collaborating with Microsoft to build a female-focused lifestyle portal, Mac garnered experience in software and the start-up space. She has worked with Tony Robbins,... read full bio

Martin Ford

Book Martin Ford for your next event.

Martin Ford, in essence, is a futurist. An expert in technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and their effects on economy and society, Ford is an impactful keynote speaker that has been featured on outlets like TED Talks. Ford founded a Silicon Valley-based software development firm, has consulted on artificial intelligence for Lyxor/Societe Generale, and has authored several books on the aforementioned... read full bio

Chris Clearfield

Book Chris Clearfield for your next event.

Chris Clearfield is a systems expert. From finance to physics to biology, Clearfield has studied exactly why things fail and how to mitigate failure. Clearfield is the founder of System Logic, which works to solve complex challenges with independent research. This risk-analyzer has worked in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong for Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm. His writing... read full bio

Tyler Wisler

Book Tyler Wisler for your next event.

Tyler Wisler is an international sought after designer. He has been the judge and mentor on Sony Channel Asia’s design competition show “The Apartment”. Over the years he’s also been featured on HGTV’s Design Star, Good Morning America, George to the Rescue, The Way Home, and more. He’s also been featured in outlets such as Architectural Design, The New York... read full bio

Adam Markel

Book Adam Markel for your next event.

Adam Markel is a best-selling author, business mentor, CEO, and keynote speaker who talks on resilience and high performance strategies to go the distance. Over the years Markel has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Inc., USA Today, The Huffington Post, and The Daily Grind. Markel has given a TED Talk entitled, ‘Doing This for... read full bio

Nataly Kogan

Book Nataly Kogan for your next event.

Nataly Kogan is author of the book “Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones)” and Co-founder and CEO of Happier, Inc., and a Board Advisor of Nurturing Minds in Africa. Prior to her current roles Kogan has been Vice President of Where, Inc., a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Labs, and a... read full bio

Michael Margolis

Book Nataly Kogan for your next event.

Top Reason To Book Michael: Event needs * Your audience is the midst of a reframe/re-think/reposition/reinvention * You have a theme of innovation, change, or community-building for your event * You have a difficult or complex high-stakes message that needs to be conveyed * You want an interactive experience where people authentically connect with each other * You want a digital native who can talk... read full bio

Kindra Hall

Book Kindra Hall for your next event.

Kindra Hall is the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Steller Collective. Her company works on strategizing storytelling through todays communication challenges. Hall goes around speaking to big global companies on how to better communicate their value, their products, and what makes them stand out individually to help their businesses grow. She has worked with brands like ConAgra, Stryker, Target,... read full bio

Dr. Robert Kriegel

Book Dr. Robert Kriegel for your next event.

Dr. Robert Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, out of the box strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in todays dynamic marketplace. Author of How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damned Hard, as well as the international bestseller, If It Aint broke_BREAK IT!, Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of... read full bio

Michael Winston

Book Michael Winston for your next event.

An internationally-respected and highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Michael Winston informs, energizes and empowers his audience delivering programs that are high energy, high content, and high impact. Winston is the author of the recently published book World-Class Performance. His articles have been featured in Business Week, Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, Business Forum, Executive Excellence and a host of other... read full bio

Lior Arussy

Book Lior Arussy for your next event.

One of the worlds leading consultants on customer experience and customer centric transformation, Lior Arussy delivers results. His strategic framework for converting organizations from product to customer centricity is drawn from his work with some of the globes leading brands - Capital One, Thomson Reuters, HSBC, E.ON, Nokia, SAP, University of Pennsylvania and Wyeth. Arussy's methodology enabled a European logistics... read full bio

Chris Helder

Book Chris Helder for your next event.

Chris Helder is a leading expert on communication and influence. He has written two books: The Ultimate Book of Influence, which has been published in five languages, and Useful Belief, a groundbreaking book in the areas of motivation and performance. One of the greatest speakers on the subject of communication, leadership and influence, Chris has delivered over 2,000 presentations across... read full bio

Paul Morris

Book Paul Morris for your next event.

Paul Morris is a prolific and award-winning entrepreneur, trainer, author, and business consultant. As an active investor, he has grown his real estate portfolio to more than 700 rental units and 150,000 square feet of retail commercial space. In 10 years he transformed his California-based real estate brokerage business into the second largest Keller Williams franchise with 10 offices employing... read full bio

Nancy Giordano

Book Nancy Giordano for your next event.

Nancy Giordano is a futurist. Her endless optimism allows her to provide leaders in the corporate world to effectively navigate change (and create their futures). Giordano has worked with clients including Safeway, Nestl, Sprint, Energizer, and Burger King, giving them insight into their business pursuits. She is the Founder and CEO of Play Big Inc., a consulting company that deals... read full bio

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