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Jacob Morgan

Book Jacob Morgan for your next event.

Jacob is a multi-talented person who has significantly impacted society as a speaker, author, and futurist. His most recent book, The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization, explores the profound changes taking place in the workplace. He has a particular interest in the changing nature of the workplace. Gary Hamel, Chairman of... read full bio

Jack Carr

Book Jack Carr for your next event.

Jack Carr is a successful American thriller novelist and former Navy SEAL commander. Carr's experiences in Naval Special Warfare Command and as a sniper have tremendously inspired his writing career, as has his impressive military background. Carr joined the United States Navy in 1996, marking the start of a spectacular military career. He began his career as an enlisted Navy SEAL... read full bio

Ivy McGregor

Book Ivy McGregor for your next event.

Ivy McGregor is a worldwide strategist and philanthropic leader with over two decades of experience in social enterprise creation and strategic consulting. She is well-known for her imaginative approach and has successfully led a number of initiatives in both the faith-based and corporate sectors. McGregor, who has a profound grasp of the convergence of business and social impact, has played a... read full bio

Laurie Woolever

Book Laurie Woolever for your next event.

In the fields of cuisine and travel, Laurie Woolever is an accomplished author, editor, and collaborator. She has had a big impact on the industry thanks to her love of storytelling and her strong enthusiasm for culinary experiences. For more than ten years, Woolever was Anthony Bourdain's longtime assistant and partner. Anthony Bourdain was a chef and novelist. She worked on... read full bio

Marisa Renee Lee

Book Marisa Renee Lee for your next event.

Marisa Renee Lee is a strong advocate, author, and speaker who has emerged as a leading voice in navigating the difficult journey of bereavement. Her personal losses have molded her mission to comprehend the depths of grief and the genuine nature of recovery. Marisa tragically lost her mother to breast cancer in 2008, a devastating blow that had a major impact... read full bio

Jeff VanderMeer

Book Jeff VanderMeer for your next event.

Jeff VanderMeer, a renowned American author, editor, and literary critic, was born on July 7, 1968. VanderMeer is well known for his contributions to the New Weird literary subgenre, but his critically acclaimed Southern Reach Trilogy catapulted him into the public eye. Annihilation, the first novel in the series, won the Shirley Jackson and Nebula Awards and was well-received by... read full bio

Gary John Bishop

Book Gary John Bishop for your next event.

Author, lecturer, and personal development guru Gary John Bishop is well-known for his clear and no-nonsense approach to self-improvement. He has motivated countless people to overcome limiting beliefs and take charge of their life with his strong and inspiring teachings. Bishop has a distinctive upbringing that has influenced his perspective and communication style. He was born and reared in Glasgow, Scotland.... read full bio

Hank Green

Book Hank Green for your next event.

Hank Green, also known as William Henry Green II, is a well-known American entrepreneur, creative, and prominent player in the field of digital media. Green, who was born on May 5, 1980, has significantly impacted the fields of social activism, writing, music, vlogging, business, and science communication. Green rose to fame by working with his older brother, John Green, on the... read full bio

Minda Harts

Book Minda Harts for your next event.

Minda Harts is a daring thinker and advocate who brings attention to the difficulties experienced by women of color in the workplace. She bravely confronts the systemic impediments, such as the wage gap, biases, and microaggressions, that disproportionately affect women of color and offers practical insights and techniques for overcoming them. As the writer of "The Memo," Minda has completely altered... read full bio

Molly Jong-Fast

Book Molly Jong-Fast for your next event.

Molly Jong-Fast has created her own path in the world of literature while coming from a family with a strong literary heritage: she is the daughter of novelist Erica Jong and author Jonathan Fast and the granddaughter of Howard Fast. As an only child growing up in a Jewish family, Jong-Fast's worldview was shaped by the difficulties of her parents' divorce.... read full bio

John Kim

Book John Kim for your next event.

The field of mental health and self-help has been transformed by John Kim, often known as "The Angry Therapist," a renowned author, speaker, and therapist. Kim has amassed a sizable following and established herself as a leading voice in the personal development and self-improvement industry thanks to her distinctive and novel approach. When Kim encountered his own challenges and frustrations, his... read full bio

Emily Morse

Book Emily Morse for your next event.

Emily Morse has significantly influenced the study of sex and relationships. She was born on June 2, 1970, and since 2012, she has been well-known for hosting the well-liked podcast Sex with Emily and making appearances on Bravo's reality series Miss Advised. Morse has been a sought-after authority on sex and relationships for the duration of her career, contributing to several... read full bio

Joanne Lee Molinaro

Book Joanne Lee Molinaro for your next event.

The prominent vegan author and blogger Joanne Lee Molinaro, a skilled American lawyer, has had a major influence on the field of plant-based food. Molinaro, also known as the Korean Vegan, rose to fame because to her well-liked food blog, which she started in 2016. She gained a sizable following on websites like YouTube and TikTok because to her captivating... read full bio

Kate Robinson

Book Kate Robinson for your next event.

Imagine If... CREATING A FUTURE FOR US ALL was co-authored by Kate Robinson, a pioneering novelist. Robinson has become a prominent voice in the fields of imagination and innovation due to his passion for pursuing possibilities and defying conventional wisdom. Robinson offers a distinct viewpoint by drawing on her varied expertise in psychology, design thinking, and futurism. She is able to... read full bio

Tunde Oyeneyin

Book Tunde Oyeneyin for your next event.

American makeup artist Tunde Oyeneyin is also a well-known Peloton cycling instructor. She was born in Katy, Texas, of Nigerian ancestry, and she graduated from Taylor High School in 2004. Tunde struggled with her weight throughout her childhood and frequently found herself to be the biggest girl in her class. The first step in Tunde's road to becoming a Peloton instructor... read full bio

Lisa Genova

Book Lisa Genova for your next event.

Lisa Genova is an American author and neuroscientist who is best known for her debut novel, ‘Still Alice,’ which was about a Harvard University professor who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Since it’s release through Simon & Schuster, the book has gone on to translated into 37 languages and has been adapted into a film of the same name,... read full bio

Erin Meyer

Book Erin Meyer for your next event.

Erin Meyer is an American author and professor who works at INSEAD Business School. Meyer was born in Minnesota, and she began finding an interest in cross-cultural management while working as a volunteer at Peace Corps while teaching English in Botswana. Meyer went on to begin her career working at McKesson in HR where she was a director before going... read full bio

Rebecca Alexander

Book Rebecca Alexander for your next event.

Rebecca Ann Alexander, a psychotherapist and author from the United States, is well known for her fortitude and accomplishments despite having Usher syndrome-related deafblindness. She is also known for her outstanding athletic achievements and her motivational narrative. Rebecca Alexander is the daughter of attorney David Alexander and Terry Pink Alexander. She was raised in a Jewish household in Oakland, California. She... read full bio

Jimmy Chin

Book Jimmy Chin for your next event.

Jimmy Chin has made important contributions as a mountaineer, filmmaker, and photographer. He has received a great deal of recognition and appreciation for his outstanding accomplishments in the worlds of travel and adventure. Chin has competed in some of the most hazardous and difficult mountainous terrains on the planet. He is a skilled rock climber, skier, and mountaineer who is renowned... read full bio

Pat Lencioni

Book Pat Lencioni for your next event.

Pat Lencioni is a successful best-selling author, well-known speaker, and esteemed thought-leader. Pat, who was born on June 23, 1965, has become a mentor for executives looking to change their organizations and teams because to his insightful insights and prodigious analytical skills. Pat has a knack for telling stories, and his work is both entertaining and educational, giving him a well-deserved... read full bio

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