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Darrin Cates

Book Darrin Cates for your next event.

It can be difficult to find real experts in the world of new media and online marketing. Finding a captivating speaker is even more elusive. The rarest of all is finding someone who is both. Darrin is an electrifying and invigorating speaker that communicates important business concepts involving new media in a manner that is easy to comprehend. With Darrin's... read full bio

Jonathan Rick

Book Jonathan Rick for your next event.

Jonathan Rick helps audiences make sense of- and money from- digital communications. President of the Jonathan Rick Group, a digital communications firm in Washington, DC, Mr. Rick also writes for publications including Mashable and Fast Company, teaches at the University of Maryland, and serves on the board of directors of the International Association of Business Communicators. Jonathans presentations are highly... read full bio

Brittany Fowler-Lamp

Book Brittany Fowler-Lamp for your next event.

Brittany Fowler-Lamp is a digital content strategist. Specializing in influencer marketing, social media strategy, and branding, Fowler-Lamp has contributed to a variety of brands. Acting as a driving force and main point of contact for brand strategy and PR, this content specialist has worked for companies like DITA EYEWEAR, Beach House PR + SOCIAL, L*Speace Swimwear, and Kiere Media, LLC.... read full bio


Book Keith for your next event.

Yuri “Keith” Jew is an American League of Legends esports player who currently plays support for Golden Guardians Academy as well as for Golden Guardians. Keith began his career in esports playing for Team Gyrations. Over the years, he has gone on to play for teams such as Team LoLPro, Team Liquid Academy, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, Cloud9 Tempest, CLG... read full bio

Andre Guilhoto

Book Andre Guilhoto for your next event.

Andre Guilhoto is a Portuguese League of Legends esports player who is currently the coach for team Origen. Prior to coaching Origen, Guilhoto has coached for Giants Gaming Spain, Giants Gaming, and FC Shalke 04 Esports. Over the course of his esports career, Guilhoto’s accomplishments include placing 1st-2nd in the EU CS Summer while with Giants Gaming, placing 1st in... read full bio


Book Vander for your next event.

Oskar “Vander” Bogdan is a Polish League of Legends esports player who is currently playing for team Rogue as support. Vander began his esports career playing for DELTAeSPORTS. After one season, Vander went on to play for EloHell before moving on to The Mighty Midgets where they played at DreamHack Winter 2012 and were picked up by mousesports. Vander left... read full bio


Book Priestahh for your next event.

Preston “Priestahh” Greiner is a Call of Duty esports player who is currently playing for team Atlanta FaZe. Priestahh began playing Call of Duty with team EZG eSports and from there, he has gone on to play for teams such as Royalty Esports, Relapsed eSports, BitterSweet, Pnda Gaming, GosuCrew Blue, GosuCrew, Cloud9, Hundred Thieves, and FaZe Clan. He has previously... read full bio


Book Bwipo for your next event.

Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau is an esports player who plays League of Legends as a Top Laner for team Fnatic. Bwipo was born in Bruges, Belgium, and he began his career playing League of Legends when he was only 13 years old. Bwipo began playing League of Legends just for fun with his older brother, Raphael Rau, as well as some... read full bio


Book Alphari for your next event.

Barney “Alphari” Morris is a British esports player who is best known for playing League of Legends and is a Top Laner for Origen. Prior to playing for Origen, Alphari has played for teams such as Enigma Esports, Team Infused, To Infinity and Beyond, Banditos, and Misfits. Alphari’s achievements include placing first in the PGL Legends of The Rift Season... read full bio

Terry Brock

Book Terry Brock for your next event.

Terry Brock is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer in the areas of technology, the Internet and marketing. He has worked with professionals from organizations in many different fields including real estate, accounting, architecture, banking, sales, marketing, computers and others. He is a speaker in demand because of his practical, easy-to-understand manner and style. Brock is a regular columnist for... read full bio

Angela Lanter

Book Angela Lanter for your next event.

Angela Lanter is one of the most popular beauty and fashion bloggers today. She began her career as a hairstylist and makeup artist when she was only fifteen, continuing through college, and even after she embarked on a seven-year career in the insurance industry. Angela kept up on the latest beauty techniques by watching YouTube tutorials. She moved to Los... read full bio

Yasmin Maya

Book Yasmin Maya for your next event.

Yasmin Maya, known as BeautyyBird on YouTube, is a vlogger who provides viewers with tips and tricks for beauty, fashion and lifestyle. On her channel, she gives tutorials for different makeup looks, in addition to providing her monthly hair and beauty product favorites. She shows her love for fashion through her Get Ready With Mes, Lookbooks, OOTDS (Outfit of the... read full bio

Alicia Jones

Book Alicia Jones for your next event.

Alicia Jones is a specialist in strategic planning, social media, project management, and marketing communications. Her experience as the national advertising manager of Honda automobiles led her to her current position as the Director of Marketing Communications and Branding at Hilti North America. Jones was also involved with social media for lines of Honada and Acura vehicles. This marketing specialist... read full bio

Beverly Jackson

Book Beverly Jackson for your next event.

Beverly Jackson is a marketing expert. From social media marketing to content strategy, Jackson has provided her insight into marketing for notable companies across the world. She is the current Vice President of Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy for MGM Resorts International, which is a conglomerate of resort brands including Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, and The Mirage.... read full bio

Danielle Lucia Schaffer

Book Danielle Lucia Schaffer for your next event.

Danielle Lucia Schaffer is the voice of the blog City Girl Gone Mom. Schaffer hopes to inspire, entertain, and educate any mothers or mothers to be that need a good laugh and some parenting tips. Schaffer is a mother of four from New York City that is currently living in San Diego. Not only does she love sharing her life... read full bio

Bryan Seely

Book Bryan Seely for your next event.

Bryan Seely is an international keynote speaker, world-famous hacker, Cybersecurity expert, author and former U.S. Marine. Seely became one of the most famous hackers in 2014 when he became the only person to ever wiretap the United States Secret Service and FBI. Shockingly he told the two agencies before he was caught, and instead of being sent to maximum security... read full bio


Book Crowder for your next event.

James Crowder, better known as just Crowder, is an American Call of Duty esports player who is currently the head coach for the team Atlanta FaZe. Crowder began playing Call of Duty playing for the team aDversity and since then has gone on to play for teams such as vVv Gaming, FaZe Clan, FaZe Red, Denial Esports, Orbit eSport, Luminosity... read full bio

Kati Morton

Book Kati Morton for your next event.

Kati Morton is an American Youtuber, author, and is a licensed family and marriage therapist who has nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Through her social media, Morton talks on issues such as mental health and therapy. Her growing fame on YouTube has led to Morton also being featured on television outlets such as KTLA News, “Dr. Drew On Call”,... read full bio

Jamie Naughton

Book Jamie Naughton for your next event.

Jamie Naughton joined, Inc. right after the company relocated from the bay area to Las Vegas. As Speaker of the House, Jamie works directly with CEO Tony Hsieh, focusing on the culture for which the company has become known. Her role is essential in creating and driving the architecture of the dynamic culture as well as focusing on culture... read full bio

Jamie Woodruff

Book Jamie Woodruff for your next event.

Jamie Woodruff is a Certified Ethical Hacker and Penetration-Testing Engineer from London. He travels around the world-teaching people the importance of System and Network Security. Jamie is one of the top ranked legalized computer hackers in the world! Jamie is well known for finding vulnerabilities in applications such as, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Xbox, Microsoft, Apple, and Google among... read full bio

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