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Yuval Rabin

Book Yuval Rabin for your next event.

Please be advised that CTI does not exclusively represent Yuval Rabin and the office for this celebrity has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Yossi Vardi

Book Yossi Vardi for your next event.

Yossi Vardi is an Israeli entrepreneur and investor who is one of Israel’s first high-tech entrepreneurs. He has founded and helped build numerous tech companies in fields such as software, energy, mobile, water technology, electro-optics and Internet. Vardi graduated from the Technion in Haifa with a B.Sc. in industrial management engineering and went on to earn his M.Sc in Operations... read full bio

Werner Vogels

Book Werner Vogels for your next event.

Chief technology officer and vice president of online shopping industry giant, Werner Vogels is an innovative thinker and go-getter who focuses on time saving and scalability. He has won the CIO/CTO of the Year Award from Information Week for his role in cloud computing, and he was voted the Clouds Most Influential Executive by readers of ReadWriteWeb. ExecBank... read full bio

Wenda Harris Millard

Book Wenda Harris Millard for your next event.

Wenda Harris Millard joined Yahoo! in October 2001 as Chief Sales Officer. Millard is responsible for driving the North American sales of the company's advertising and marketing services initiatives and leading the North American sales organization. A seasoned executive with over twenty-five years of publishing and advertising experience, Millard was formerly Chief Internet Officer at Ziff Davis Media... read full bio

W.e. (Bill) Harmer

Book W.e. (Bill) Harmer for your next event.

W.E. (Bill) Harmer has been motivating and entertaining audiences with his content, enthusiasm, and his Irish sense of humor. Bill Harmer has held various roles throughout his 35 years of experience. He has held senior management and technical positions with numerous international corporations. He has consulted in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Bill Harmer has played very big roles... read full bio

Vijay Sankaran

Book Vijay Sankaran for your next event.

Vijay Sankaran is the Chief Information Officer at TD Ameritrade, and one of the most in-demand technology speakers. He has spoken at events like TiE Con, the worlds largest conference for entrepreneurs, with over 4600 attendees from more than 22 countries, and named by Worth Magazine among the 10 Best Conferences for Ideas and Entrepreneurship alongside TED and the World... read full bio

Tyler Shultz

Book Tyler Shultz for your next event.

Tyler Shultz is the CEO and co-founder at Flux Biosciences, Inc. which is a company that utilizes magnetic sensing to bring the power of medical grade in-vitro diagnostics into the homes of consumers and patients. Shultz’s name became widely known after he blew the whistle at Theranos. He was the source of a series of Wall Street Journal articles that... read full bio

Tony Hsieh

Book Tony Hsieh for your next event.

Please be advised that CTI does not exclusively represent Tony Hsieh and the office for this celebrity has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Tony Fadell

Book Tony Fadell for your next event.

Tony Fadell is an expert in his field, and hes well known as an angel investor, designer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Known as one of the fathers of the iPod, Tony worked as the senior vice president of the iPod division at Apple Inc. He is also the founder of Nest Labs, which created the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat. Google acquired... read full bio

Timothy Ferriss

Book Timothy Ferriss for your next event.

Tim Ferriss, nominated as one of Fast Companys Most Innovative Business People of 2007, is an angel investor (StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, etc.) and author of the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been sold into 35 languages. He is also the author of the best-selling follow-ups The 4-Hour Body and The... read full bio

Tim Urban

Book Tim Urban for your next event.

Tim Urban, the creator of the popular Wait But Why blog, is known for his head-spinning thinking, quirky graphics and signature stick figures within his speeches. He has written countless viral articles on subjects ranging form why we procrastinate to why we havent yet encountered alien life forms. But Wait Why has topped ten million unique visitors during peak months... read full bio

Thomas Frey

Book Thomas Frey for your next event.

Thomas Frey is a speaker and American futurist. He is founder and Executive Director and Senior Futurist at the Westminster, Colorado DaVinci Institute. He has previously been an engineer with IBM for over 15 years. As a speaker, Frey has given speeches to NASA, Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Capital One, Boeing, Visa, Ford Motor Company, and many more.... read full bio

Thom Reed

Book Thomas Frey for your next event.

Talk: "How & What Really Happened" The Thom Reed UFO Incident is our Nations 1st and only UFO incident to be officially inducted into the United States as historically significant & true. Thom Reed was inducted into United State History on 11-03-15. Reed has been the subject of six (6) documentaries and feature films, including the launch of Discover Channel's Alien... read full bio

Tessa Lau

Book Tessa Lau for your next event.

Tessa Lau was the founder and CTO of Savioke and she has been nicknamed the “Chief Robot Whisperer”. During her time with Savioke, Lau led the software team that developed the first generation Relay system. She also created the company’s Field Operations organization and quantified Relay’s performance over time. Since then, Lau has gone on to be founder and CEO... read full bio

Ted Waitt

Book Ted Waitt for your next event.

A true pioneer in the direct marketing of personal computers, Ted Waitt is the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Gateway, Inc. This project, which started in his Iowa farmhouse, has revolutionized the way people use technology to live, work, and play. Tedd Waitt has moved on to form Avalon Capital Group, Inc., which is a billion-dollar private investment... read full bio

Stewart Brand

Book Stewart Brand for your next event.

Legendary futurist, technology visionary and pioneering environmentalist, Stewart Brand is also the creator and former editor of Whole Earth Catalog. Today, he is President of The Long Now Foundation. He co-founded the very first online community, The Well, in the 80s. He has written numerous books, most recently Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto. Stewart is now working to bring... read full bio

Steven Squyres

Book Steven Squyres for your next event.

Dr. Steven Squyres is the renowned principal investigator for the science payload on the Mars Exploration Rover Project. He was most notably the face and voice of NASAs mission to Mars and the groundbreaking drive across its surface by two high-tech robotic rovers named Spirit and Opportunity. The James A. Weeks Professor of Physical Sciences at Cornell University, Dr. Squyres... read full bio

Steven Pinker

Book Steven Pinker for your next event.

Steven Pinker, a native of Montreal, received his BA from McGill University in 1976 and his PhD in psychology from Harvard in 1979. After serving on the faculties of Harvard and Stanford Universities or a year each, he moved to MIT in 1982, where he is currently Professor of Psychology in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and a... read full bio

Steven Hausman, Ph.D.

Book Steven Pinker for your next event.

Dr. Steven J. Hausman is a recognized futurist, widely-quoted technology consultant, author and nationally top-ranked speaker in the area of emerging technologies. His speaking specialties include robotics and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing, bionics and human enhancement, wearable technology, biometrics, autonomous and electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, the history of technology, brain-machine interfaces, cybersecurity and security risks of... read full bio

Steven Berlin Johnson

Book Steven Berlin Johnson for your next event.

Steven Johnson is the best-selling author of five books on the intersection of science, technology and personal experience. His writings have influenced everything from the way political campaigns use the Internet, to cutting-edge ideas in urban planning, to the battle against 21st-century terrorism. His book The Ghost Map was one of the ten best nonfiction books of the year according... read full bio

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