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Delbert McClinton

Book Delbert McClinton for your next event.

Delbert McClinton is a legend among music aficionados, for his ability to combine country, blues, soul, and rock & roll. McClinton's career began in the late '50s. McClinton resurgence earned him more widespread respect from the public at large and the Grammy committee. McClinton quickly became an accomplished harmonica player and found plenty of work on the local club scene.... read full bio

Delta Rae

Book Delta Rae for your next event.

Delta Rae’s debut album, Carry The Fire, came out to high praise. They’ve been profiled everywhere from NPR to Time to Forbes and Rolling Stone. VH1 hand selected them for their “You Oughta Know” Artist Of The Month program. They performed not on both The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno and Conan. Live is where Delta Rae truly flourishes. They’ve... read full bio

Delta Wires

Book Delta Wires for your next event.

The DELTA WIRES is a big, high-energy harmonica and horns blues band from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. They were Finalists out of 100 band representatives from blues societies all over the world. The DELTA WIRES have recorded 7 CDs, debuting in the top 25 of the Living Blues National Radio. They have appeared at the San Francisco Blues... read full bio

Denai Moore

Book Denai Moore for your next event.

Denai Moore is a British-Jamaican singer-songwriter who was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, and who moved to Stratford, London when she was around 10 years old. Moore began her musical career first learning how to play the keyboard from her father. She later went on to begin performing as a solo artist in various clubs in London and made her... read full bio

Desi Valentine

Book Desi Valentine for your next event.

Born and raised in London, now based out of Los Angeles, Desi Valentine is a soul/ R&B/ funk singer-songwriter. He has an EP out, titled Final Warning, and is also the lead vocalist on a homage album for Stax Records, titled ODP. Most recently, he released his successful debut album, Last Kiss. Desi is loved by fans around the world... read full bio

Dessy Di Lauro

Book Dessy Di Lauro for your next event.

In a theatrical, cabaret-style opening, Dessy Di Lauro introduces her event by having a dance entourage walk straight onto the dance floor. The best party ever is created by fusing the style, music and organic sounds of the 1920s and 1930s with modern technology to boost creativity and amazing visual features. Songs like "Why U Raggin" will get everyone in the club... read full bio

Devin Cuddy Band

Book Devin Cuddy Band for your next event.

Devin Cuddy Band is a Canadian country and blues band from Toronto, Ontario, that consists of members Mike Tuyp, Devon James, Zachary Sutton, and is led by Devin Cuddy. Over the years, the band has released two albums, “Volume One” and “Kitchen Knife”. They have also released one EP, “Amy’s Dream”. Their debut album, Volume One was released on Cameron... read full bio

Devon Gilfillian

Book Devon Gilfillian for your next event.

Devon Gilfillian is an American musician who has been singing his whole life. He grew up with a musically talent family; his father was a singer and percussionist and he thrived off of it. During his teenage years he learned the guitar and learned to mix his bluesy sound into that of rock. Gilfillian doesn’t want to bring nostalgia into... read full bio

Dig Deep

Book Dig Deep for your next event.

The song "Heavy Heart" was recorded by Dig Deep at Big Wheel Recording in Waunakee, Wisconsin, with the assistance of Bryan Wheeler over the course of more than nine months' worth of separate sessions. Longtime fans will note a more joyful atmosphere on this record, with the exception of the lyrically dark title track, when contrasted to the self-titled debut... read full bio

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Book Dirty Dozen Brass Band for your next event.

Forming in 1977, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band are the pioneers of the modern New Orleans brass band movement, recognized worldwide as an unstoppable musical machine whose name is synonymous with genre bending romps and high octane performances. They have been featured guests both in the studio and on stage with artists including Elvis Costello, Dr. John, Widespread Panic, Modest... read full bio

Dirty Honey

Book Dirty Honey for your next event.

Dirty Honey is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, that consists of members Marc Labelle, John Notto, Justin Smolian and Corey Coverstone. The band was formed after Notto decided to form a band similar to Guns N’ Roses and shortly after moving to Santa Monica, he met Marc Labelle. The duo began performing on the streets of Los... read full bio

Distant Cousins

Book Distant Cousins for your next event.

The three songwriters/producers from LA who make up DISTANT COUSINS have more than enough ties to one another on the artistic and interpersonal levels to support the band's moniker. They also got along so well that at their first formal writing session, they produced the upbeat tune "On My Way." DISTANT COUSINS has only been around for a short while,... read full bio

Dixie Dregs

Book Dixie Dregs for your next event.

Formed by Steve Morse and Andy West, they originally went by the moniker 'The Dixie Grits'(and also had a singer in the band). After the grits broke up, Steve and Andy were the only ones left, hence they became 'The Dixie Dregs'. A short time later while at the University of Miami, where they were studying in the school's music... read full bio


Book Dorothy for your next event.

Rolling Stone just deemed them “a band you need to know” and compared their stomping, hard-rock sound to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Black Sabbath. Rolling Stone also listed Dorothy #14 on their 50 Best New Artist list. The band formed in 2013 and shortly there after their hard-hitting debut single “After Midnight” was released. The... read full bio


Book Duffy for your next event.

Duffy is a psychedelic/garage band from the 60s whose song Come Back, Come Back appears on the Beyond The Calico Wall compilation. Come Back Come Back was produced by famed Nashville producer Buddy Killen, but with tons of tape flanging and echo, it is far more psychedelic than the average Killen production.... read full bio


Book Dumpstaphunk for your next event.

Dumpstaphunk stands out among New Orleans' best as one of the funkiest bands to ever arise from the Crescent City. Born on the Jazz & Heritage Festival stage, and descended from Neville family bloodlines, these soldiers of funk ignite a deep, gritty groove that dares listeners not to move. Their performances combine ingenious musicianship and complex funk and jazz arrangements... read full bio

Eddie Levert

Book Eddie Levert for your next event.

Eddie Levert is an American singer-songwriter and actor who is best known for being the lead vocalist of the group, The O’Jays. Levert was born in Bessemer, Alabama, and while growing up he moved to Canton, Ohio, where he joined his church choir, which is where he found his passion for music. Levert became a recognized voice in his church... read full bio

Elle Varner

Book Elle Varner for your next event.

Elle Varner is a multi-talented musician. Not only can she sing and write songs, but she can also play the guitar, piano, flute, bass guitar, and drums. Her first single ever, ""Only Wanna Give It To You"" debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 200 charts. This got her onto the list of one of TheBoomBox's 15 Artists... read full bio

Elles Bailey

Book Elles Bailey for your next event.

Elles Bailey is a rock, blues, and Americana artist from Bristol who has blasted her way through the English blues scene. She first made waves in 2015 with her 4 song single album “Who Am I to Me” (including the self-titled song, “Heart Go Oooh”, “Take Me Back”, and “Howlin’ Wolf”) and the next year released her debut EP called... read full bio

Elvin Bishop

Book Elvin Bishop for your next event.

Elvin Bishop is a blues and rock and roll musician and guitarist. Bishop has recorded many blues songs with many artists. He played guitar for several tracks on Bo Diddley's The 20th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll album, and he toured with B.B. King. Bishop's most memorable single, Fooled Around and Fell in Love" peaked at #3 in the U.S.... read full bio

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