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Butch Bradley

Book Butch Bradley for your next event.

Butch Bradley is one of the most popular stand-up comics on today's comedy circuit. A veteran of The Laugh Factory, The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Tropicana Comedy Stop, The Comedy Connection, and Comic Strip NYC, Butch's extensive experience has earned him opening spots for comics such as Ray Romano, Lewis Black, and Cathy Ladman. Butch was also a featured... read full bio

Kevin Shea

Book Kevin Shea for your next event.

Kevin Shae concentrated on developing his own style, which has said to be very laid back and fresh. With his unique style and jokes, he caught the eyes of Hollywood and was invited to the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival. He has had numerous television appearances, which include Comedy Centrals Premium Blend, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and HBOs Down n Dirty. Most... read full bio

Bobby Davro

Book Bobby Davro for your next event.

Bobby Davro is a British actor and comedian. He is mainly known for his work as an impressionist. He made his TV debut in 1981, but it wasn't until 1983 that he made his television breakthrough at Live from Her Majesty's. He became very popular as a result of his appearances on the television show, Who Do You Do.... read full bio

Bobby Collins

Book Bobby Collins for your next event.

Bobby Collins is an American stand-up comedian and film actor whom has also released six comedy albums: I'm on the Boat, Women and Children First, On the Inside, I Wanna Go Home, You’re Not Coming With Us, Mr. New York and Out of Bounds. He has opened for such stars as Frank Sinatra, Cher, Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett and Dolly... read full bio

Bennie & The Jets (Tribute To Elton John)

Book Bennie & The Jets (Tribute To Elton John) for your next event.

Bennie & The Jets is a tribute band to Elton John. Greg Ransom is the leader of the band, he sounds just like Elton John himself and even plays the piano like Elton. To really portray Elton, Greg even puts on over the top costumes and even mimics Eltons mannerisms. During the show, youll hear all of Eltons best hits... read full bio

Bobby Slayton

Book Bobby Slayton for your next event.

Bobby Slayton is an American comedian and actor who is also known as “The Pitbull of Comedy” or “Yid Vicious”. He is best known for being a guest on “The Adam Carolla Show” and for his role as Darren Head on the film “Bandits”. As a comedian, Slayton has released four comedy albums, ‘Raging Bully’, ‘I’ve Come For Your Children’,... read full bio

Simon Cotter

Book Simon Cotter for your next event.

In his hilariously entertaining presentation, Simon B. Cotter demonstrates the many benefits to individuals and organizations of incorporating humour into our work lives. Very simply put, Simon B. Cotter is hilarious. Audiences worldwide praise his comedic talents and constantly ask, when can I see him again" Cleverly crafted and delivered, Cotter's jokes and stories send listeners into fits of hysteria.... read full bio

Mike MacDonald

Book Mike MacDonald for your next event.

Comedian Mike MacDonald, considered one of the top funny men in all of Canada, and a featured headliner at corporate events, concerts, colleges, and clubs, understands the power of laughter. As the son of a career Canadian Air Force officer, Macdonald learned at an early age that humor would make him popular. He has been seen throughout television on Late... read full bio

Bill Kirchenbauer

Book Bill Kirchenbauer for your next event.

Bill Kirchenbauer has a kind face and you've seen a thousand times before. He is a boundless bald teddy bear of energy, who embodies the very essence of everyman. And right now he is one of the most sought-after entertainers on the entertainment event market. Bill is the ultimate performer for live events and stand up comedy shows. But it... read full bio

Dick Hardwick

Book Dick Hardwick for your next event.

One of the most sought-after corporate and special event comedians in the country, Dick Hardwick has recently returned from an Around the World Tour with Lee Grennwood & the New England Patriot Cheerleaders for the United States Air Force Reserve. He has also been making his mark on the public by appearing in concert with the legendary Johnny Mathis and... read full bio

Brett Leake

Book Brett Leake for your next event.

Brett Leake is a dynamic performer of observational material. His lively desire to learn and to know lead him from the kitchen to the car to the classroom to the stage. Behind a persona that is appears sometimes confused, sometimes frustrated, Brett wonders about the little things the automobile battery light, people who draw a line through the number... read full bio

Michael Aronin

Book Michael Aronin for your next event.

Michael Aronin is a celebrated motivational speaker who uses his own experiences with having cerebral palsy to teach his audiences how to get past personal shortcomings and move forward productively in their careers. Being both a comedian and motivational speaker, he is able to make this difficult topic both entertaining and enlightening. His outstanding efforts have been recognized by such... read full bio

Kate Davis

Book Kate Davis for your next event.

A speaker, writer, mother, comedian and actress, Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kates generous insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation. An engaging... read full bio

Emo Philips

Book Emo Philips for your next event.

Since Emo Philips started doing stand-up comedy in Chicago, his unique style and brilliant material have made Emo famous around the world. Emo received his first big break on the Late Show with David Letterman, and has been back on many times since, captivating the audience many times over. He has also been a frequent guest on the Arsenio Hall... read full bio

Cathy Ladman

Book Cathy Ladman for your next event.

The best way to get inside Cathy Ladman's head is to see her live. As one of the country's top comedians, Ladman's show is a self-probing, anxiety-venting vehicle which draws laughter from exposing personal neurosis. She has not only appeared on The Tonight Show nine times, but was also the only female comic to appear on the last two Johnny... read full bio

Herb Dixon

Book Herb Dixon for your next event.

What do you get when you combine hilarious comedy and sound impressionsHerb Dixon! You have to see him to believe him!!Herb Dixon takes everyday life experiences and skews them into epic comedy extravaganzas.It's the kind of material everybody can relate to-because it happens to us all every day in our own lives.Only with Herb, it's always a lot funnier!... read full bio

Tom Parks

Book Tom Parks for your next event.

Tom Parks has been making people laugh for over 20 years. He started in 1976 on the college circuit and, in 1979, was named College Entertainer of the Year" and "College Comedian of the Year" by the National Association of Campus Activities. Tom made his first appearance on The Tonight Show in 1987. Appearances on Late Night with David Letterman... read full bio

Tom Sadge - Tribute To Neil Diamond

Book Tom Sadge - Tribute To Neil Diamond for your next event.

Tom Sadge has performed his Tribute to Neil Diamond everywhere: from Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada (at the Flamingo Laughlin), formerly the Flamingo Hilton, to Vancouver and from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto!. Since 1997, Tom Sadge's Tribute to Neil Diamond has captivated audiences across Canada and from coast to coast in the U.S. Tom Sadge was featured in the... read full bio

Greg Hahn

Book Greg Hahn for your next event.

Greg Hahn is best known for his ridiculously high energetic style of humor and sidesplitting one-liners, paired with a continuous amount of crowd uproar. His colossal likeability and outlandish strategies have led him to several television, club, corporate, and theater appearances throughout the nation. After college he enlisted as a Captain in the Unites States Marine Corps and later would... read full bio

Mo Collins

Book Mo Collins for your next event.

Maureen Mo" Ann Collins is an American actress and comedienne, best known for being a member of the ensemble on FOX's sketch comedy series MADtv. She became well known for several characters during her tenure on the show. Her most featured and arguably most popular characters were Doreen, the screechy-voiced mother of man-boy Stuart; the annoying and odd middle-aged woman... read full bio

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