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Frank Olivier

Book Frank Olivier for your next event.

America's funniest comedian juggler, Frank Olivier has been performing professionally for 20 years, and perfecting his craft since age 11. He has never known 'normal' work. Growing up in the Bay Area, the self taught Frank was soon a regular on SF television, playing with a small circus, and honing his technical skills. Upon graduating from high school, Frank attended... read full bio

Guy Torry

Book Guy Torry for your next event.

In the tradition of comedians who have made the transition from the stage to having on screen roles, such as Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, Guy Torry is an absolute contender in becoming one of the next great actors/comedians. Torry has worked opposite John Cusack, Gene Hackman, and Dustin Hoffman in the feature film, The Runaway Jury and has appeared... read full bio

Ralph Harris

Book Ralph Harris for your next event.

Ralph Harris is one of today's hottest comedic and acting talents! He made his feature film debut in “Dreamgirls”, and not one to slow down, has continued his film career momentum, immediately landing his second feature film role in “Evan Almighty”, starring Steve Carell and Wanda Sykes. Ralph's jump to the big screen comes after years of successful television work,... read full bio

Dan Cummins

Book Dan Cummins for your next event.

Dan Cummins’ rise to stardom came when he caught the attention of Comedy Central and The Late Late Show talent booker simultaneously, whilst performing at the New Faces Showcase at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He went on to perform for Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and debut on network television with a spot on The Late... read full bio

Jamie Kaler

Book Jamie Kaler for your next event.

Starring in new hit sitcom My Boys" Jamie's leap from from bartender to actor/Comic was an easy stumble. They're basically the same job, just different theaters. And sometimes the bartender makes more money. But each year gets better and I have a job where I'm lucky enough to travel the country and make people laugh. So, thanks for stopping by... read full bio

Blake Clark

Book Blake Clark for your next event.

A veteran of 22 Tonight Shows and of Vietnam. Vietnam was harder but he claims to have killed more communists on The Tonight Show." Blake Clark has appeared in numerous sitcoms including "Home Improvement", "The Drew Carey Show","Boy Meets World", "Roseanne " and Designing Women" to name a few. He enjoys cooking, camping, reading, travelling and performing comedy.... read full bio

Rich Vos

Book Rich Vos for your next event.

Rich Vos is a comics comic. He has mass appeal to all types of audiences, and that is best represented by his extensive resume of television and radio appearances. He has two Comedy Central Half-Hour Specials and has appeared in two other Comedy Central specials. He is widely known for his role on NBCs hit reality show Last Comic Standing.... read full bio

Mark Schiff

Book Mark Schiff for your next event.

Mark Schiff is an American stand-up comedian. He decided to pursue comedy when he was only 12 years old, once he saw Rodney Dangerfield performing at a nightclub. Schiff has gone on to perform all over the world and has appeared on television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman. He has... read full bio

Marilyn Monroe-Barbara Bogar

Book Marilyn Monroe-Barbara Bogar for your next event.

Appeared as Marilyn in Ohio’s annual Dean Martin Festival. Featured as herself singing in the opening and finale of Caesar’s Palace Comedy Festival with Steve Schirripa. Also had a nine-day sold out engagement at the Half Note Jazz Club in Athens Greece. Now performing the role of Marilyn Monroe for convention events and shows in Las Vegas and throughout the... read full bio

Lola Gillebaard

Book Lola Gillebaard for your next event.

For 20 years, Lola Gillebaard has helped people recognize the power of humor and apply it to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. She has researched the benefits of humor and has personally witnessed the magic of its healing. By learning the value and power of using humor, individuals can strengthen their professional relationships and lighten up the workplace.... read full bio

John Byner

Book John Byner for your next event.

John Byner is an actor, comedian, and impressionist who has had a lengthy television and movie career. His voice work includes the cartoon series The Ant and the Aardvark, in which the title characters are voiced by Byner's impressions of Dean Martin and Jackie Mason, respectively. On The Ed Sullivan Show, where he made his first early TV appearances, he... read full bio

Karen Rontowski

Book Karen Rontowski for your next event.

David Brenner says, “Even if you can't spell Karen Rontowski, you'd better remember it, because she is GREAT!” Ms. Rontowski describes herself as having an optimistic outlook; everything is coming up roses when you talk to Karen. So what if her therapist says she’s in complete denial. The truth is, when it comes to her standup comedy career, everything is... read full bio

Jimmie Walker

Book Jimmie Walker for your next event.

Jimmie Walker is an American actor and comedian best known for playing James Evans Jr. also known as, J.J., in the television series Good Times which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for. His character on Good Times is best known for his catchphrase, Dy-no-mite!, which he also used in various commercials in the 70s. Fast forward to current... read full bio

Joe Clair

Book Joe Clair for your next event.

Joe Clair is unique in the fact that he is a comic turned rapper, however the two are not separate things for him, they are just different parts of my expression and creative force. Joe Clair has been a stable on Black Entertainment Television's RAP CITY" and the host of Black Entertainment Television's "MADD SPORTS." Joe has also been... read full bio

Faizon Love

Book Faizon Love for your next event.

Faizon Love is an actor/comedian best known for his roles in the popular films Friday, The Replacements, Made, Elf, and Couples Retreat. It was an English teacher who encouraged Love's comedic talents which she witnessed daily as he held court by the high school's flagpole. In fact, she made him an offer he couldn't refuse: Behave in class and you... read full bio

Ahmed Bharoocha

Book Ahmed Bharoocha for your next event.

"Ahmed Bharoocha is a comedian, actor and writer. He made a name for himself in the Boston Comedy Scene. Ahmed is best known for his work in The Briefcase, Roshambo and most recently The Great American Comedy Tour. Performing with headliners like Aziz Ansari, Gary Gulman, Louis C.K. and Andy Samberg. His sketch group Dead Kevin has... read full bio

Debi Gutierrez

Book Debi Gutierrez for your next event.

In a world where high-fashion, Botox and intense scrutiny to be the perfect" wife... mom... woman, Debi Gutierrez bursts into the limelight with a relatable sharp wit, energy and realism that makes it OK to be human again. Her unique combination of observational humor, experience, and sincerity leads her audience on a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of... read full bio

Michael Pritchard

Book Michael Pritchard for your next event.

Michael Pritchard is an activist, television host, keynote speaker, comedian, and more. He has been featured on outlets such as CNN, PBS, People, and Time Magazine. Pritchard uses his humor to speak to children about making good choices, respect others, and handling conflict resolutions. He speaks out to community organizations, corporations, schools, universities, parent groups, and more. Pritchard was also... read full bio

Dan St. Paul

Book Dan St. Paul for your next event.

Dan launched out on his own with a solo act that was to land him in the finals of the nation's toughest comedy competition. He appeared in the movie Flubber" with Robin Williams, and signed a recording deal with MCA records. His First Baseball Game is the most requested comedy piece on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show. He... read full bio

Jim Giovanni

Book Jim Giovanni for your next event.

"Jim Giovanni is a prominent comedic impressionist. With his alter ego Buck Butane, a country western character of his. He has opened for Willie Nelson, performed for gatherings at the White House, and he always leaves his audience laughing and smiling.Jim's impersonations include: Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Art Carney, Bela Lugosi, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Boris Karloff ,... read full bio

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