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Sydnee Washington

Book Sydnee Washington for your next event.

Although Sydnee Washington was born in New York City, she spent the majority of her early years in Oakland, California. She leads a carefree lifestyle, which only marginally improves the biting of her humor. Sydnee co-hosts "The Warm Up," a monthly comedy show in the Lower East Side that is incredibly animated and dependably amusing. There, she develops her abilities... read full bio

Suzanne Westenhoefer

Book Suzanne Westenhoefer for your next event.

Fearless. Bold. Sparkly. Hilarious. Thats Suzanne Westenhoefer in a nutshell. Suzanne Westenhoefer worked her way up through the ranks of American comedy since the early '90s with an approach to gay and lesbian issues that was at the same time good-natured and bitterly sarcastic. After moving to New York City to pursue acting, Westenhoefer began to do open mic appearances... read full bio

Suli McCullough

Book Suli McCullough for your next event.

SULI MCCULLOUGH is a talented comedian, actor and writer whose star is definitely on the rise. He played Mouse" on the Jamie Foxx Show. But he's probably better known for the character "Crazy Legs" in the Wayans Brothers spoof "Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood". Suli's Stand-up career began while he was... read full bio

Sue Perkins

Book Sue Perkins for your next event.

Sue Perkins has become well-known and a steadfast favorite on British television because to her quick-fire, self-deprecating humor. For 16 years, Sue has been entertaining the nation by hosting shows on a wide range of subjects, including popular culture, food, history and popular fiction. Of course, she has also presented shows on travel. Sue Perkins' most recent travels included the triumph... read full bio

Sue Murphy

Book Sue Murphy for your next event.

In addition to being one of the nations most talented and respected stand-up comics, Sue Murphy recently won two Emmy awards for her work writing and producing the Ellen Degeneres Show. Sue Murphy is a regular on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and was seen on The Jeff Foxworthy Show and has made numerous appearances on other sitcoms. She... read full bio

Sue Kolinsky

Book Sue Kolinsky for your next event.

Sue Kolinsky started her comedy career as a waitress in New York City. After making a cynical remark to a customer (which got her fired) she decided to take her humor somewhere it would be better appreciated_The Original Improvisation. And it was. For the past 15 years Sue has been appreciated by comedy audiences across the country. Her comedy skills... read full bio

Stuttering John

Book Stuttering John for your next event.

John Melendez is perhaps best known as Stuttering John, the Howard Stern foot soldier who, since 1988, has conducted halting celebrity interviews for the nationally syndicated radio show, always asking outrageous questions: At well-attended press conferences he has asked Gennifer Flowers if she planned to sleep with any other presidential candidates, and, of Mike Tyson, How does ear taste ... read full bio

Streeter Seidell

Book Streeter Seidell for your next event.

Streeter Seidell is the executive editor of, co-author of the site's first book, The CollegeHumor Guide to College, and co-star and staff writer of the sites first television show, The CollegeHumor Show on MTV. He has written and acted in many CollegeHumor original videos and penned hundreds of articles for the website. Seidell is also a standup comedian and... read full bio

Stewie Stone

Book Stewie Stone for your next event.

Stewie Stone is living proof you can take the kid outa Brooklyn, but you can't take Brooklyn outa the kid. Even his name, Stewie, comes direct from Flatbush. ""In Brooklyn,"" he explains, ""we're very big on vowels. We put 'E's at the end of everything --The turning point came when Stewie opened for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at... read full bio

Steven Wright

Book Steven Wright for your next event.

In case you've never seen him in person or on TV, Steven Wright is a stand-up comedian who is renowned for his wry wordplay jokes and the absolute deadpan manner in which he delivers them. He's been doing stand-up comedy for over thirty years. His debut album, ""I Have A Pony"", earned him a Grammy nomination. Steven has made appearances... read full bio

Steven Scott

Book Steven Scott for your next event.

Steven Scott is a comedian, actor, and host. He has performed on Broadway and the Las Vegas Strip. Scott’s humor is a mix of impressions with observational comedy. He can voice celebrities and musical instruments and has been likened to a mixture of Jim Carrey and Jerry Seinfeld. Scott has appeared on television networks such as NBC, FOX, VH1, Comedy... read full bio

Steven Crowder

Book Steven Crowder for your next event.

Steven Crowder is a stand-up comedian, actor, Fox News contributor, and voice actor. He first came to public prominence as the voice of Alan The Brain" Powers on the children's television series Arthur. He subsequently achieved renown for political punditry in web-posted videos at Pajamas Media and Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood. Crowder is now a frequent commentator on television, radio... read full bio

Steven Castillo

Book Steven Castillo for your next event.

Steven Castillo is an up-and-coming comedian and writer who rose to fame as one of the writers behind the SNL “Weezer” sketch. Castillo then went on to gain even more attention for posting fake SNL announcements of off the wall guest hosts and musicians. Castillo began his fake announcements posting that Bam Margera would be hosting and Matchbox 20 would... read full bio


Book Steve-O for your next event.

Steve-O graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. He says the program was more like boot camp than college. Out of 2000 applicants, only 33 were accepted and Steve-O was one of them. However, after graduation, 10 were selected for the circus and this didn't include him. So he went back home to Albuquerque, New... read full bio

Steve Weber-Tribute To Forrest Gump

Book Steve Weber-Tribute To Forrest Gump for your next event.

Steve Weber, a.k.a. Forrest Gump, is a professional speaker who works with companies and organizations to improve individual and organizational performance. Using the persona, wit, and wisdom of Forrest Gump, Steve delivers interactive, lively, and motivational programs. His talks include keynotes, breakouts, seminars, and meal functions… all seen through the eyes of Forrest Gump. Keynote Titles: •Life is Like... read full bio

Steve Way

Book Steve Way for your next event.

Steve Way is a stand-up comedian, motivational speaker, actor, and substitute teacher. He was born with Muscular Dystrophy and has gone on to become an advocate for disability awareness. As a stand-up comedian, Way performs in the New Jersey and New York area and has gone on to perform at Bamboozle music festival and co-host The Lockdown. As a motivational... read full bio

Steve Trevino

Book Steve Trevino for your next event.

Steve Trevino is an American stand-up comedian, writer, and producer. He was a writer for the popular series “Mind of Mencia” and went on to be a writer and series producer for the series “La esquina”. Trevino has performed on the “USO Comedy Tour” and has also performed on series such as, “The Daily Buzz”, “Comics Unleashed”, “The Late Late... read full bio

Steve Sweeney

Book Steve Sweeney for your next event.

"Dubbed by one admirer “the undisputed King of Boston comedy,” Steve Sweeney embodies, almost literally, the city he calls home. A master of dialects and character voices, Sweeney can riff on everyone from Dorchester church ladies to Beacon Hill pols to certain radio personalities who seem a little too old to be peddling rock and roll to younger generations. In... read full bio

Steve Stamp

Book Steve Stamp for your next event.

Steve Stamp is a British writer and actor who has gained recognition for his work on the hit mockumentary television series, People Just Do Nothing. As one of the creators of the show, he also plays the character of DJ Steves. Steve Stamp is a BAFTA award winner for Best Scripted Comedy and has won an RTS award for Scripted... read full bio

Steve Simeone

Book Steve Simeone for your next event.

Steve Simeone is a regular comedian at The Comedy Store. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Simeone was inspired by his upbringing to do comedy. After working with the Philadelphia Eagles, he began performing stand up and won Philadelphias Funniest Person competition. He made his Comedy Central debut as part of Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution. Hes gone on... read full bio

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