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Book Blonder for your next event.

Constantine Anastaskis, the creator of Blonder, impresses listeners around the world with his tracks. Hailing from New York City, Blonder has worked with artists like Willie Cosmos, PORCHES, and Wet. Blonders indie rock sound matches perfectly with the summertime. Fueled by groovy guitar and punk-y vocals, each track of Blonders incorporates lyrics inspired by failed relationships, love, and more. Blonder... read full bio

Cary Brothers

Book Cary Brothers for your next event.

Cary Brothers is an indie rock artist from Los Angeles. He is best known for his song Blue Eyes, which was featured on the soundtrack for Grammy-winning Garden State. Brothers has had over sixty songs featured in television series such as Greys Anatomy, Bones, and in films like Easy A. The artist has performed live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and... read full bio

Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones

Book Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones for your next event.

Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones are a rock and roll band fueled by South Caroline spirit. Fronted by Hannah Wicklund herself, a powerful guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, the band has developed into a modern, sublime group. Wicklund formed the band at the age of eight, and since, she has been jamming with audiences around the nation. The groups sounds... read full bio

Miya Folick

Book Miya Folick for your next event.

Miya Folick is a rebel- she dropped out of school at New York University to play music. When she didnt click with the college scene, Folick moved home, learned how to play the guitar, and started a band. Using the dating application, Tinder, Folick advertised for band members. With her band, she turns her emotions into sounds, radiating her strong... read full bio

Shane Gamble

Book Shane Gamble for your next event.

Shane Gamble is a country music singer and songwriter. With passion, Shane plays country rock music with a distinct sound. Hes been called a combination of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, but with a modern twist. When Shane found success with his Top 10 single, Turn My Way, he was able to garner an international audience, making a name for... read full bio

Absynthe Minded

Book Absynthe Minded for your next event.

Absynthe Minded is comprised of members Bert Ostyn, Sergej Van Bouwel, Simon Segers, Toon Vlerick, and Wouter Vlaeminck. Originally started by Bert Ostyn as a solo project, Absynthe Minded soon expanded into a quintet. The group has been performing for nearly two decades, and has honed in on a unique sound, described as a fusion of jazz, funk, soul, and... read full bio

Armchair Cynics

Book Armchair Cynics for your next event.

Comprised of band members Ryan Rae, Kenn Coutu, Brendan Walker, and Aran Puritch, the Armchair Cynics are a rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. They perform rock music inspired by their own personal tastes. From British rock music to the sounds of the Killers, a little bit of multi-genre rock flair is added to each of their tracks. The band... read full bio

Born Ruffians

Book Born Ruffians for your next event.

Born Ruffians are a Canadian indie rock band. Formed over ten years ago, the band is comprised of members Luke Lalonde, Mitch Derosier, Andy Lloyd, and Steve Hamelin. The quartet combines vocals, guitar, keyboard, drum, and bass to create their alternative sound. After performing locally in Toronto, the band began to tour with well-known groups such as Caribou, Peter Bjorn... read full bio

Electric Angels

Book Electric Angels for your next event.

The Electric Angels are an all-girl electric string trio, with DJ and Tracks playing classic and contemporary pop and rock songs, with the hippest dance and electronic tracks mixed live. Created out of the the demand for a hybrid of classical and rock, the Electric Angels use the instruments of a standard string quartet in very unconventional ways. With all-electric... read full bio


Book Hoodboi for your next event.

Hoodboi, also known as DJ Hoodboi, is a Los Angeles-based DJ who has released extended plays entitled Christmas in Jersey and Palm Reader. He has appeared on the single Breathe and the EP No. 14, both by artist Soleima.... read full bio

Scott Helman

Book Scott Helman for your next event.

Scott Helman found his musical inspiration from artists like Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Cure, and Bon Iver. Helman began his music career several years ago, wowing the world solo (accompanied by his guitar) or with his band. Helman has already earned two Juno nominations, toured across the world with Walk Off The Earth, and performed on television... read full bio

Colin Stetson

Book Colin Stetson for your next event.

Colin Stetson is best known as an American saxophonist and dabbles with playing clarinet, bass clarinet, French horn, flute, and cornet. As a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, Stetson uses his extensive knowledge of brass and woodwind instruments to create evocative and elaborate sounds. He has released solo works, but also regularly collaborates with indie rock bands like Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Feist,... read full bio

Alice Merton

Book Alice Merton for your next event.

Alice Merton is a singer based in Germany. Her first EP, No Roots, reached number two on German charts and number one on French charts. Mertons songs are fueled by her wanderlust, she has moved a total of 11 times, which inspired the title for her first album, No Roots. She teamed up with Paul Grauwinkel, her manager, and started... read full bio

A Place to Bury Strangers

Book A Place to Bury Strangers for your next event.

A Place to Bury Stranger is a psychedelic, experimental rock band comprised of three members. Oliver Ackermann (guitar, vocals), Dion Lunadon (bass, guitar), and Lia Simone Braswell (drums), work together to create this atmospheric music, rooted in New York City. The band has made appearances at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Seaport Music Festival, and Siren Music Festival. They... read full bio


Book Aqueous for your next event.

Aqueous is a funky, groove rock band melting the barriers between different genres of music. Their sound is improvisational, but delivers an extremely catchy and harmonious product. Aqueous is comprised of four members, Mike Gantzer, Dave Loss, Evan McPhaden, and Rob Houk. The four use guitar, drums, bass, and piano to create their unique sounds. The band has toured and... read full bio

Donna Missal

Book Donna Missal for your next event.

Donna Missal is a young actress, singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Growing up around music, Missal was inspired to pursue her performing career starting at a young age. From acting to singing in bands, Missal was led into songwriting. She was a contributor on the songs for independent film, How to Be a Man, and also created her own... read full bio


Book Eisley for your next event.

The DuPree siblings created Eisley, an indie alternative band, when the youngest sibling, Stacy, was eight years old. Stacy wrote Eisleys first song, and a year later, the siblings were performing at coffee house and rock venues. Eventually, they racked up a repertoire of over 100 shows and landed on Coldplays Rush of Blood tour, where they gained national recognition.... read full bio

Lady Lamb

Book Lady Lamb for your next event.

Aly Spaltro, known by her stage name Lady Lamb, is a songwriter and musician. Spaltro started recording music while working at a video rental store in her hometown in Maine. Her first recordings were distributed at the Bullmoose Record Store in Maine. Spaltro later moved to New York to record her debut studio record, Ripely Pine. Since, she has gained... read full bio

Empress Of

Book Empress Of for your next event.

Empress Of is the project of singer-songwriter, Lorely Rodriguez. Rodriguez rose to fame after releasing a series of short, one minute long demos inspired by different colors, titled Colorminutes. After these releases, Rodriquez went on to record a single and EP. Since, she has performed at SXSW, Pitchforks Summer Music Festival, and toured as a supporting act for the likes... read full bio


Book Givers for your next event.

Givers is an indie pop group from Louisiana. A combination of vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, flute, keyboard, and saxophone, this group demonstrates their multi-instrumentalist talents through their music. Inspired by the hardships they experienced during Hurricane Katrina, the band formed after using music to join together and build each other up. Their music is influenced by many different genres, including... read full bio

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