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Stephanie Korey

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Stephanie Korey is an American businesswoman who is an executive chairman of the luggage retailer, Away, and the former CEO and current co-CEO of the company. Korey has earned her B.A. in International Relations from Brown University and has gone on to earn her M.B.A. from Columbia Universities’ Columbia Business School. Korey began her career working for the executive development... read full bio

Stephanie Chung

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Stephanie Chung is President of Jetsuite, Inc. She has been the first African-American president of an aviation brand and is also a cancer survivor, award-winning leadership speaker, and sales coach. Chung speaks on the neuroscience of sales and leadership, and her history of being a businesswoman. Chung started her career as a sales representative for US Airways. From there, she... read full bio

Stephane Garelli

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Stéphane Garelli is a world authority on competitiveness who has pioneered research in this field for over 25 years. He is a professor at Institute of Management Development Lausanne, where he heads the World Competitiveness Centre. Professor Garelli is closely connected to the world of business. He is, among others, Chairman of the Board of Directors of, Le Temps, the... read full bio

Stephan Turnipseed

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Stephan Turnipseed is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Pitsco Education. Turnipseed has previously earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and went on to begin his career working as a staff sergeant for the United States Air Force where he served on the F-4 Phantom aircraft. After serving in the Air Force, Turnipseed... read full bio

Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer who is best known for being the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. McCartney was born in Camberwell, London, England, and she spent a majority of his life traveling around the world with her parents. McCartney had a passion for designing clothes since she was young and she went on to... read full bio

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

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Stelios Haji-Ioannou is a Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur who was born in Athens, Greece, and was born into a wealthy family. Stelios is best known for being founder of the low-cost airline, eastJet. Stelios has earned his BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and went on to earn his MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School.... read full bio

Stefan Swanepoel

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Stefan J. M. Swanepoel_Stefan is widely recognized as the leading visionary on real estate trends and change. He has penned eleven books and whitepapers, and is a highly sought-after, high-energy real estate speaker. He holds a Bachelor's degree in science, a Masters in business economics, and Diplomas in arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, computer science and marketing. Today Stefan... read full bio

Stefan Persson

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Stefan Persson chairs the hugely successful clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB, a company founded by his father in Sweden in 1947. Known informally as H&M," the international chain of nearly 900 stores has mastered the art of delivering cheap but chic styles and is poised to corner this segment of the United States market. Persson is widely credited with... read full bio

Stanley Fischer

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Stanley Fischer is a world-renowned Economist, and formerly one of the world's most revered central bank governors. He joined the Council on Foreign Relations as a distinguished fellow. During his impressive career he has held roles such as; Governor of the Bank of Israel, Vice Chairman of Citigroup, Chief Economist of the World Bank, and first deputy Managing Director of... read full bio

Stanley Bing

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Stanley Bing first made his appearance in ESQUIRE Magazine in 1983, writing scurrilous things about his employers and those of his friends, and giving strategic advice to those even more befuddled than he. Rather than risk expulsion from his crabby corporate environment, he created a new name under which he could observe and criticize the executive class while at the... read full bio

Stan Sthanunathan

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Stan Sthanunathan is currently the Executive Vice President of Consumer and Market Insights at Unilever. Previous jobs that Stan has had include working as a Manager of Insights for Coca-Cola, their Research Manager and Head of Business and Consumer Insights, Director of Knowledge and Insights, Vice President of Knowledge and Insights and Global Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Insights.... read full bio

Stan Slap

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Stan Slap is one of the world's foremost business strategists. Through his 20+ years as CEO for massive companies to his own appropriately named international consulting firm Slap, Stan has been revolutionizing the way companies brand themselves. His keynote speeches combine his incredible insight, humor, and empathy to ensure your audience leaves with an experience they'll remember for years to... read full bio

Stan Kasten

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The office for Stan Kasten has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Stacy London

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The office for Stacy London has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Stacy Ennis

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Stacy Ennis is a consultant, author, and keynote speaker who specializes in creative consulting, professional coaching, leadership training, ghostwriting, and more. Ennis has earned her B.A. in English and Art from Boise State University and went on to earn her Master’s in Professional Writing and Editing from the University of Cincinnati. After finishing her degree, Ennis went on to begin... read full bio

Stacey Tisdale

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Stacey Tisdale is a broadcast journalist, financial behavior expert, content development, diversity strategist, author, and CEO and President of Mind Money Media Inc. Mind Money Media Inc. is a production company that creates content, events, and campaigns that give clients the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to have a health relationship with their money. Through Mind Money Media, Tisdale... read full bio

Srinivas Rao

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Srinivas Rao is a branding and creativity speaker who is the Chief Creative Instigator and Founder of Unmistakable Media which is a website that creates content across various platforms to inspire creative professionals to be more productive through animated shorts, books, events, and more. Rao is host of the podcast ‘The Unmistakable Creative’, which gets over 6,000 downloads per episode... read full bio

Spiros Margaris

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Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker, photographer, global senior advisor, founder of Margaris Ventures, and the first international influencer to achieve the "Triple Crown" ranking. He has been ranked by Onalytica as the #1 influencer for Fintech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. The name Spiros Margaris can be found almost anywhere in the tech finance world, it is... read full bio

Spencer Rascoff

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Spencer Rascoff is a technology speaker and author known as the co-founder and former CEO of Zillow Group. Zillow is an online real estate database company that has become one of the biggest in the industry. Spencer helped start the company when it was created, and he has been a key player in the growth of the company. He guided... read full bio

Soumitra Dutta

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Soumitra Dutta is the current Professor of Management at the SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, NY and is also a Chair of the Board of Director of the Global Business School Network, Washington, D.C. Dutta was born in Chandigarh, India, and he went on to earn his B.Tech. in electrical engineering and computer science from the Indiana Institute... read full bio

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