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Americus Reed II

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Professor Americus Reed II is the Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School. He is co-founder of Persona Partners and is a leading expert on “identity”. Reed researches on the role consumers play in guiding buying decisions. He researches on how social influence, attitudes, values, judgments and social identity shape consumer’s purchase decisions and behavior. His research has been featured... read full bio

Amilya Antonetti

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One Idea Can Change The World - The journey from new mom to founder of Amilya's Soapworks to Oprahs Smart Choice Mom and now to co-founder of Lucky Napkin has been full of obstacles, disappointments, success, failure, great sacrifice and tons of surprises. Best-selling author Amilya Antonetti has shared the stage alongside some of the greatest speakers of our generation,... read full bio

Amilya Antonetti

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Ensuring Brand Success in A Social Media World The Critical Information You Need To Know About The Brilliance Hidden In Customer Conflict Customer service has become a critical part of brand creation & success. Social media has forever changed brand management & created a whole new industry "reputation management" - What your customers feel CAN kill your branding efforts &... read full bio

Amin Rajan

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Amin Rajan is the CEO of CREATE-Research, which is a network of researches that work on assignments for global banks, governments, companies, international organizations, and fund managers. Through his work, Rajan has been a senior consultant to various companies some of which include Cisco Systems, BlackRock, Asset Management, BP, BT, Citi, Fiat, Ford, IBM, ING Investment Management, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Motorola,... read full bio

Amitabh Chandra

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Amitabh Chandra is a speaker that covers an array of topics like productivity, innovation, and health care technology. As a Harvard professor, entrepreneur, and economist, Amitabh has become a world-renowned expert on those things. He’s also a professional on state and Federal policy, FDA regulations, and bio-pharma innovation. Amitabh specializes in speaking with employers, investors, companies, journalists and even addressing... read full bio

Amy Landino

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Amy Landino is an author, keynote speaker, and an award-winning YouTube vlogger as the host of AmyTV, which currently holds nearly 300 thousand subscribers. Landino had felt like she found her dream job in the corporate world but quit to follow her dreams of digital marketing. Her now popular YouTube channel has gained attention from companies and publications such as... read full bio

Amy Lokey

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Amy Lokey is currently the Vice President of User Experience at Google. Prior to her current job, Lokey has worked at NBC Digital Productions, Novocom, Inc., Malibu Studios, Quidnunc, aep designs, Openwave Systems Inc., Yahoo, and LinkedIn. During her time working at Yahoo, Lokey was the Staff User Experience Designer and at LinkedIn she was the Vice President in User... read full bio

Amy Matthews

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Amy Matthews is a television personality and licensed general contractor who is best known for being the host of HGTV’s series “Renovation Raiders” and DIY’s “Sweat Equity”. Growing up, Matthews had traveled with her church to repair homes for families in need. This grew a love inside of her, which is what inspired her to work in the contracting field.... read full bio

Amy Trask

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Amy Trask is the former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, and an author. Trask recently came out with a memoir titled, “You Negotiate Like A Girl” which tells of her time as the first female CEO of an NFL team. Trask studied at the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in political science, she then went on to study... read full bio

Amy Vetter

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Amy Vetter is a technologist, yogi, and CPA. She utilizes best practices in mindfulness and backs up her work with the B3 Method; which is business plus balance equals bliss. She is the creator of the B3 Method and is an expert on guiding her clients to put their soul back into their work. Given Vetter’s background, she gives a... read full bio

AmyK Hutchens

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AmyK Hutchens is a speaker, author, business strategist, coach, and master communicator who is the founder and intelligence activist of AmyK International, Inc, and for amyk, inc. Hutchens has earned her B.S. in Education from University of Maryland and has earned her M.S. from The Johns Hopkins University. Hutchens began her career as founder of her own company. Through her... read full bio

Ana Andjelic

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Ana Andjelic is currently the Chief Brand Officer at Rebecca Minkoff. Prior to working at Rebecca Minkoff, Andjelic has worked for numerous companies including, Olivia Palermo as global brand and business strategy, Sergio Rossi, and more. Most recently Andjelic was featured as Forbes CMO Next and has previously been on Luxury Women to Watch and The Guardian Media & Tech... read full bio

Anahita Reilly

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Anahita Reilly is currently the Chief Customer Officer at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Her job is to improve GSAs customer service and they use quantitative and qualitative data and human-centered design methods to identify and implement process and technology solutions. Prior to working for the GSA, Reilly was a Senior Consultant and Associate for Booz Allen Hamilton and... read full bio

Anat Baron

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The office for Anat Baron has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Anders Knutsen

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Anders Knutsen assumed the leadership of Bang and Olufsen, the Danish audiovisual company, at a time of severe crisis. He rescued a tradition of immaculate design and engineering, so perfect" that fewer and fewer could afford it! It started with a bang. It nearly ended in a whimper, but, thanks to Knutsen, the Bang is now bigger than ever. His... read full bio

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

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Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a futurist and innovation strategist who helps companies and leaders figure out trends and what’s next for business. Nilsson has been the founder of Thinque, which has led him to be a strategist for numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as ASX leaders. He is known for being a global thought leader and is also a speaker... read full bio

Andre Soriano

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For Andre Soriano, Fashion and Hollywood have always been an inspiration. Now an international fashion designer and stylist, he burst onto the fashion scene after starring in Rihannas Hit TV reality show on Bravo, Styled to Rock. Since then, he has rocked the runways at San Diego Fashion weeks, Style Fashion Week Los Angeles, West Palm Beach Fashion Week as... read full bio

Andrea Jung

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Andrea Jung is a Canadian-American executive, non-profit leader, and women’s issues supporter who is the President & CEO of Grameen America, a non-profit microfinance organization that loans to individuals and small businesses. Jung is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University and started her career as senior vice president, general merchandising manager, for I. Magnin before going on to... read full bio

Andres Tapia

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Andres Tapia is a senior partner for Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, a best-selling author, and a leading expert on diversity and workforce issues. Through his work with Korn Ferry, Tapia has also been the Global Solutions Leader for Workforce Performance, Inclusion and Diversity Practice. Tapia has previously earned his B.A. in History from Northwestern University and he went... read full bio

Andrew Busch

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"Andrew Busch is an expert in global currency, public policy, and finance. As a regular radio host and contributor to CNBC, Busch reports on difficult topics, making them digestible for the average consumer. Whether speaking about Washington, Wall Street, or personal finance, Busch is an excellent communicator. Busch’s extensive experience with reporting has allowed him to become a top influencer... read full bio

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