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Erin Gargan

Book Erin Gargan for your next event.

Erin Gargan is a sales, marketing, and event professional. Her first two companies, Jump Digital Media and were flourishing and sold before Gargan turned thirty. After selling her companies, she launched Socialite Agency, a marketing firm. Gargan has worked for The Oscars, ABC-Disney Television, VISA, Abbott Laboratories, Synchrony Financial, and more. Her keynote speeches are filled with energy and... read full bio

Alex Salkever

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Alex Salkever is a futurist and author. With his co-author Vivek Wadhwa, Salkever authored the book The Driver in the Driverless Car: How Out Technology Choices Will Shape the Future. As futurist specialist, Salkever covers technologies like robots, genomics, drones, and driverless cars and the technologys impact on our future. The Financial Times reviewed the book, reporting, You would be... read full bio

Keith Harmeyer

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Keith Harmeyer is a professional speaker, consultant, and leader of innovative problem solving. This idea generator is a founding partner of Prior to his founding of this site, Harmeyer worked in advertising and strategic marketing. With over twenty years of experience under his belt, Harmeyer has co-authored the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process For Generating Bigger, Better Ideas. Harmeyer... read full bio

Kris Boesch

Book Kris Boesch for your next event.

Kris Boesch is the CEO of Choose People. Boesch is a specialist in company culture. Her company, Choose People, focuses on educating businesses on how to increase their employee satisfaction, happiness, and develop a functioning platform. Apart from guiding Choose People, Boesch has authored the book Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. Boesch has shared her knowledge... read full bio

David Simnick

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David Simnick is the CEO and Co-Founder of SoapBox, a range of personal care products that provides soap or clean water to those in need with every purchase made. SoapBox can now be found in huge stores like WholeFoods, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, and many more. Simnicks product has been featured on the Today Show, MSNBC, Forbes, and... read full bio

Dr. Julie Ducharme

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Dr. Julie Ducharme is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, instructor, and consultant. She is the CEO, founder, and creator of Julies Party People, JD Consulting, and Synergy Learning Institute. Ducharme has become an award-winning author with her book, Leading By My Ponytail which also was included in Inc Magazines top 60 leadership books. Ducharme has her BA in Communication and... read full bio

Baldwin Cunningham

Book Baldwin Cunningham for your next event.

Baldwin Cunningham was the co-founder of Partnered, a self-serve network for startups and big name brands that want to connect with other brands and startups with similar business interests. During his time working on Partnered, Cunningham worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, LOreal, Nestle, and more. He is currently the Vice President of Digital Brand Strategy at CNN. His job... read full bio

Jaylen D. Bledsoe

Book Jaylen D. Bledsoe for your next event.

Jaylen D. Bledsoe began his business journey when he was just twelve years old. He started his own Information Technology Consulting business called Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. All he had was his dream and $100 in hand, with which he began marketing his technology services, and within just two years he had 150 contractors working for him. The scope of services... read full bio

Amy Vetter

Book Amy Vetter for your next event.

Amy Vetter is a technologist, yogi, and CPA. She utilizes best practices in mindfulness and backs up her work with the B3 Method; which is business plus balance equals bliss. She is the creator of the B3 Method and is an expert on guiding her clients to put their soul back into their work. Given Vetter’s background, she gives a... read full bio

Andy and Ashley Williams

Book Andy and Ashley Williams for your next event.

Andy and Ashley Williams are known for being the stars of HGTV’s reality television series “Flip or Flop Ft. Worth”. The husband and wife duo found their way to each other with a past as a military veteran, a love of fitness, and share goals and values. Later in life they moved back to Andy’s home state to start a... read full bio

Amy Matthews

Book Amy Matthews for your next event.

Amy Matthews is a television personality and licensed general contractor who is best known for being the host of HGTV’s series “Renovation Raiders” and DIY’s “Sweat Equity”. Growing up, Matthews had traveled with her church to repair homes for families in need. This grew a love inside of her, which is what inspired her to work in the contracting field.... read full bio

Miral Kotb

Book Miral Kotb for your next event.

Miral Kotb is an entrepreneur, dancer, choreographer, and software engineer. She graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science and after graduating; she started working as a senior software engineer at Bloomberg L.P. Not too long after, Kotb had an idea to combine dance with technology. This made the way it iLuminate which she founded shortly after. The... read full bio

Alison Hadden

Book Alison Hadden for your next event.

Alison Hadden is a marketing executive, advisor, brand architect, and keynote speaker. Hadden has recently been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which led to her giving a TEDx Talk on the subject which was called “Confronting Death to Live a Fuller Life.” Her TEDx Talk ended in her getting a standing ovation and only seven week after that speech, Hadden... read full bio

Roger Haskett, Engagement Expert

Book Roger Haskett, Engagement Expert for your next event.

Roger helps organizations, individuals, and meetings across North America to be more be more engaging and maximize their potential. His award-winning keynotes, workshops, and training sessions are thought provoking, entertaining, and interactive. Roger creates a positive, transformational experience that leaves participants energized and excited to achieve their goals. He helps people become a bigger, better, more authentic version of... read full bio

Inma Martinez

Book Inma Martinez for your next event.

Inma Martinez is a technology product maverick and industry futurist. She has been behind the major innovation advances in web and mobile, including e-commerce, development of WAP and mobile data services, mobile personalisation, and music and video streaming. Throughout her career she has shown the ability to create visionary digital products that users embrace and engage with. An... read full bio

Nakia Melecio

Book Nakia Melecio for your next event.

Adapting in The Age of AI Artificial intelligence will evidently transform the way we work; it will create abundance, help businesses grow, increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity. Leading, Learning, & Training in a Digital Age Digital It means so many things to so many people. In terms of business drivers, it emerges in the form of digital strategy, the need to offer... read full bio

Lee Odden

Book Lee Odden for your next event.

Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a Minneapolis based digital marketing agency specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting services.Lee is the author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. He publishes the popular Online Marketing Blog and has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The New... read full bio

Jim Thomas

Book Jim Thomas for your next event.

Jim Thomas is a Washington, D.C. attorney, author, speaker, trainer, and one of the most acclaimed and respected negotiators in the United States. For the past 30 years, Mr. Thomas' law practice has focused exclusively on negotiating. His negotiating experience encompasses domestic and international business transactions, arms control, the environment, trade and diplomacy, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, labor relations, criminal and family issues, and a... read full bio

Lindsay Angelo

Book Lindsay Angelo for your next event.

Lindsay Angelo is a thinker, speaker, and adviser. She partners with brands and organizations to help with strategy and telling their stories through keynotes on the future of consumerism and innovation. Prior to her work as a speaker and advisor, Angelo worked at lululemon working on their global growth strategy, marketplace opportunities, new concepts, and growing the company to be... read full bio

Rita Bailey

Book Rita Bailey for your next event.

Rita Bailey is an entrepreneur, consultant, strategist, speaker, coach, and facilitator. Since a young age, Bailey was always a leader and throughout the years she has worked for numerous companies such as Southwest Airlines where she worked in operations, sales, marketing, HR, learning and development. She has also started her own consulting firm, QVF Partners, LLC, which she is the... read full bio

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