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Adam Kinzinger

Book Adam Kinzinger for your next event.

Adam Daniel Kinzinger is an American former politician and senior political commentator for CNN. He has a long history of public service, including serving as a United States representative from Illinois from 2011 to 2023. Kinzinger is a member of the Republican Party and has a strong background in both military and political leadership. He is a lieutenant colonel in... read full bio

Adm. William H. McRaven (Ret.)

Book Adm. William H. McRaven (Ret.) for your next event.

Admiral William H. McRaven, USN, is a renowned former Chancellor, best-selling author, and retired Four-Star admiral of the U.S. Navy. McRaven has had a distinguished career and has advised Presidents Bush and Obama on defense-related issues in addition to making substantial contributions to the military. Admiral McRaven had a number of leadership posts during his time in the military, including overall... read full bio

Admiral William Owens

Book Admiral William Owens for your next event.

Admiral William Owens is a decorated former US Navy Admiral and former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the second highest rank in the United States military establishment. Post military career, Owens served as the head of many companies including Science Applications International Corporation, Nortel, and Teledesic LLC. A former commander of the Sixth Fleet, Admiral Owens has... read full bio

Adrian Bradshaw

Book Adrian Bradshaw for your next event.

Adrian Bradshaw is a former British Army officer who has served as the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, has previously served as Director Special Forces, and Commander Land Forces. Bradshaw has previously studied at Bloxham School, then went on to earn his BSc from the University of Reading, and his MA in International Relations and MSc in Defence Studies from... read full bio

Adrian Fenty

Book Adrian Fenty for your next event.

Adrian Fenty is an American politician who has previously served as the 6th Mayor of the District of Columbia. Fenty was born in Washington, D.C. and he has earned his B.A. in English and economics from Oberlin College and his J.D. form the Howard University School of Law. Fenty began working in politics after interning for U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum... read full bio

Alejandro Foxley

Book Alejandro Foxley for your next event.

Alejandro Foxley is a Chilean economist and politician who has previously been the Foregin Affairs Minister of Chile. Foxley was born in Vina del Mar, Chile, and he previously earned his Chemical Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Valparaiso as well as his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After earning his degrees, Foxley began working as... read full bio

Alexander Rahr

Book Alexander Rahr for your next event.

Alexander Rahr is the Research Director of the German-Russian Forum and has also been director of the Russian-Eurasia Program and the coordinator for the institute’s EU-Russia Forum. Rahr has worked as a German management consultant, is a historian, political scientist and publicist. He has previously studied History at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich and earned his MA in History... read full bio

Alexander Stubb

Book Alexander Stubb for your next event.

Cai-Göran Alexander Stubb is a Finnish politician and former Prime Minister of Finland from 2014 to 2015. Stubb began his political career as a researcher specializing in the affairs of the European Union and was elected to the European Parliament in 2004 as a member of the National Coalition Party. Stubb's political ascent continued as he was appointed Minister for Foreign... read full bio

Alexander Vindman

Book Alexander Vindman for your next event.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Vindman recently served as the director for European affairs while on the White House’s National Security Council. Before he officially retired from the U.S Army, he was a foreign area officer, having assignments in the American embassies across Ukraine and Russia. He spent three years in Russia and had contact with Russian military leaders. Alexander also... read full bio

Alice Stewart

Book Alice Stewart for your next event.

Alice Stewart is currently a CNN Political Commentator, experienced Senior Communications Advisor on several presidential campaigns and an Emmy Award-winning journalist. Stewart is a frequent contributor for several outlets including, State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Out Front and The Don Lemon Show. She also regularly appears on CNN International, discussing American politics. Alice... read full bio

Allen West

Book Allen West for your next event.

Former US Congressman Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B. West is a Christian constitutional conservative who has been in war. Born and bred in the same area where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had spoke, Allen West grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the third in his family's four generations of combat veterans who served in the military. West received his Second... read full bio

Ambassador Dennis Ross

Book Ambassador Dennis Ross for your next event.

Ambassador Dennis Ross eloquently explains the complex world of Middle Eastern policy and illustrates the crucial role it will play in America's future. As this country's point man on the peace process for twelve years in both the Bush and Clinton administrations, he will share his insights on the failed Oslo Peace Accords and what we have learned from them,... read full bio

Amr Moussa

Book Amr Moussa for your next event.

Amr Moussa is a popular Egyptian diplomat and politician. He has held many political positions during his long career and spent much of his time on foreign policy. Moussa started his career as the Egyptian Ambassador to the United States and moved on to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and ended up as 6th Secretary, General of the Arab... read full bio

Amy Dacey

Book Amy Dacey for your next event.

Amy Dacey is a Democratic politician from the United States who has significantly influenced politics. She held the position of CEO of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from January 2014 to August 2016, during which time she was instrumental in developing the party's strategy and programs. After graduating from Auburn High School in Cayuga County, New York, in 1989, Dacey's journey... read full bio

Ana Navarro

Book Ana Navarro for your next event.

Ana Navarro is a Nicaraguan-born American political commentator, strategist, and is best known for her commentating for series and networks such as, CNN, CNN en Español, ABC News, Telemundo, and co-host for The View. Navarro was born in Nicaragua but moved to the United States at a very young age because of political turmoil. She went on to graduate with... read full bio

Ana Palacio

Book Ana Palacio for your next event.

Ana Palacio is a Spanish politician who has previously been the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Palacio was born in Madrid, Spain, and is the daughter of Luis Maria de Palacio y de Palacio who was the 4th Marques de Matonte. She previously graduated with honors from Lycee Francais with a degree in mathematics before going on to continue to earn... read full bio

Andrei Kozyrev

Book Andrei Kozyrev for your next event.

Up until 2000, Andrei Kozyrev served as both the Russian Federation's foreign minister and a member of the Duma, the country's legislature. He agreed to join the board of directors of ICN Pharmaceuticals, a US company, and has since joined the boards of several Russian and foreign businesses. At the Moscow Institute of International Relations, he teaches. Andrei holds a PHD... read full bio

Andrew Young

Book Andrew Young for your next event.

Ambassador, Congressman, Mayor, humanitarian, ordained minister, international businessman, and sports enthusiast, Andrew Young has been serving and shaping our country for almost 50 years. Ambassador Young focuses on the future of doing business domestically and on a global scale, with particular emphasis on opportunities in previously overlooked markets. He emphasizes how business can affect positive change in our cities and... read full bio

Annise Parker

Book Annise Parker for your next event.

Annise Parker is known as the former mayor of Houston, Texas (where she served for six years) but she’s also one of the first openly gay mayors of any major U.S. city. On top of that, she’s only the second female mayor of Houston, after Kathy Whitmire. So, she knows a thing or two about adversity and how push through... read full bio

Anthony Gardner

Book Anthony Gardner for your next event.

Anthony Gardner is an American politician who has previously served as the United States Ambassador to the European Union. Gardner has earned his B.A. in Government from Harvard University, his MPhil in International Relations from Oxford University, his J.D. from Columbia Law School, and his Masters in Finance from London Business School. After finishing his degrees, Gardner has gone on... read full bio

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