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O by Cirque du Soleil

Book O by Cirque du Soleil for your next event.

O by Cirque du Soleil that is currently playing at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is a aquatic-themed and features acrobats, dancer, swimmers, marine characters, and more that go in and out of a 1.5 million gallon pool. Things you will see during the show include aerial hoops, a ship, fire, a cadre, divers, and more. O... read full bio


Book O'Flynn for your next event.

O'Flynn is a producer and DJ from London and since his debut, seasoned professionals Ben UFO and Gilles Peterson have supported his rich productions. Soon after, the London producer and DJ received widespread acclaim, being hailed by Boiler Room as "one of dance music's most lucrative newcomers" and being praised by The Guardian as "dance floor dynamite." Along with appearances on Four... read full bio

O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Book O'Shea Jackson Jr. for your next event.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. is an American actor and rapper and son of Ice Cube. Jackson made his film debut portraying his father Ice Cube in the film “Straight Outta Compton”, which earned him a ton of popularity. From there, Jackson has been seen as Dan in film “Ingrid Goes West”, Donnie in “Den of Thieves”, and will be Chief Warrant... read full bio

O-T Fagbenle

Book O-T Fagbenle for your next event.

O.T. Fagbenle is a British actor, songwriter, and director. He was born in London and moved to Spain as a child where he learned to play the alto saxophone. He then went on to play for the South Coast Jazz Band and toured the Edinburgh Festival. Shortly after he moved back to England where he performed with bands. Apart from... read full bio


Book O. for your next event.

O. are a truly self-contained entity, as suggested by the circular simplicity of their name. They came together in London during lockdown when Joe and Tash, both seasoned performers in a number of London groups, were trapped together. They didn't have any preconceived ideas when they started jamming; they just played and observed what transpired. But soon they were adding... read full bio

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)

Book O.A.R.  (Of A Revolution) for your next event.

Marc Roberge plays guitar and sings in the rock group Of A Revolution, also known as O.A.R. Chris Culos plays drums and percussion, Richard On plays guitar and sings backing vocals, Benj Gershman plays bass guitar, and Jerry DePizzo plays keyboard (saxophone, guitar, backing vocals). Over the course of a lengthy, erratic existence, the band went from being a small... read full bio

O.T. Genasis

Book O.T. Genasis for your next event.

O.T. Genasis is a hip-hop artist from Long Beach, California. O.T. Genasis was influenced by his notorious surroundings; crime was prevalent in his neighborhood, and O.T. Genasis was swallowed by the lifestyle. After experiencing some family troubles and having to hustle to compensate, O.T. Genasis decided it was time to pursue his dream of making music. Inspired by legends like... read full bio


Book OAKK for your next event.

It's hard to resist the catchy, energetic, and diverse bass music that OAKK creates. His dynamic DJ sets demonstrate his dedication to flow and diversity while narrating a seamless tale that spans a wide variety of musical genres and is nothing short of remarkable. When it comes to music, OAKK's discography is vibrant and melodically stunning, showcasing his respect for the... read full bio


Book Oberhofer for your next event.

The members of the New York City band Oberhofer include band founder Brad Oberhofer, who plays guitar, synth, and vocals; Dylan Trevelen, who plays bass; Ben Roth, who plays guitar; and Zoe Brecher, who plays drums. All of the band's music is written by Brad Oberhofer, who is also the band's founder and for whom the band is named. It... read full bio

Obi Felten

Book Obi Felten for your next event.

Obi Felten, noted for being the founder and CEO of Flourish Labs, is a visionary businesswoman and supporter of mental health. Obi, a company on a mission to democratize mental health assistance, will use technology to expand peer help, make it affordable, and make it available to everyone. Obi held a senior position at X (previously Google X), Alphabet's renowned "moonshot... read full bio


Book Obituary for your next event.

Obituary is an American death metal band hailing from Tampa, Florida, that was formed in 1984. They are one of the pioneering bands in the development of death metal music and have remained one of the most successful bands in the genre to date. Obituary has released eleven studio albums, with their latest album "Dying of Everything" being released on... read full bio


Book OBLVYN for your next event.

OBLVYN is Edmonton, Canada-based music producer, electronic, and visual artist Cat Bliemel. OBLVYN started her musical adventure at the age of five, taking lessons in classical piano, joining a pop punk band as a guitarist, and earning a degree in piano performance. Following years of experimentation across several genres, OBLVYN has developed a distinct sound that pushes the limits of... read full bio

Obo Addy

Book Obo Addy for your next event.

African musical history comes to life when master drummer Obo Addy steps on stage. As a prominent member of the first generation of African musicians to bring their traditional and popular music to Europe and America, this versatile magician of the drums embodies the past, present and future of Ghana's musical culture. An original and respected composer whose music reaches... read full bio


Book Obongjayar for your next event.

Steven Umoh, better known as his stage name Obongjayar, is a Nigerian musical artist who performs a mixture of Afrobeat and spoken word. Obongjayar was born and raised in Calabar, Nigeria, and was raised by his grandmother as his mother had to flee to the United Kingdom to escape from Obongjayar’s abusive father. While growing up, Obongjayar found an escape... read full bio


Book OBSKUR for your next event.

Dublin-born Obskür have started to establish themselves since their inception. The pair, made up of Lorcan McCarthy and Faustas Astrauskas, has successfully emerged from the pandemic thanks to their unpolished and spirited productions that perfectly reflect their personalities. The boys have established their sound and style since the release of their record "Bayside" and their most recent "Twister" single on FFRR,... read full bio

Ocean Alley

Book Ocean Alley for your next event.

Ocean Alley is inspired by the greats like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Bradley Nowell. When the members of Ocean Alley figured out they could all play instruments, they easily formed a band. The band has created an embodiment of all of their inspirations in their music, playing soulful psychedelic rock and reggae tracks. They have toured across Australia and... read full bio

Ocean Park Standoff

Book Ocean Park Standoff for your next event.

Ocean Park Standoff is an American pop band from Los Angeles, California. The group consists of members Samantha Ronson, Pete Nappi and Ethan Thompson. The trio met at a songwriting session and they formed two years later. Since their formation, they have released one self-titled EP. They have released three singles “Good News” which peaked at number 12 on the... read full bio

Ocean Tisdall

Book Ocean Tisdall for your next event.

Ocean Tisdall has transformed into a sassy Gen Z voice in surprisingly little time. In songs like "Broke Up With My Best Friend" and the moving "anti-Valentine's" song "White Lies," which went viral earlier this year, he has explored unpleasant and stressful events. In his song "Crying Room," Tisdall now turns his attentive gaze on a novel experience. Tisdall's warm and... read full bio

Ocean Wisdom

Book Ocean Wisdom for your next event.

Ocean Alexander Alouwishas Wisdom, known professionally as Ocean Wisdom, is an English rapper from Camden Town, London. He was born on May 17, 1993. Ocean's music career began in 2014, with the release of his debut single "Walkin'" on High Focus Records. The track gained attention for its speed, with Ocean managing to fit in 4.45 words per second, surpassing... read full bio

Ocho Ojos

Book Ocho Ojos for your next event.

Ocho Ojos is a one of a kind up-and-coming band that is labeled as psychedelic cumbia. The band consists of members Cesar Flores on guitar, Danny Torres on the synthesizer, and James Gastelum on bass. Some of their most popular songs include, Cumbia De Este Valle, Culebra, and Xibalba. Ocho Ojos shows are known to get people up and dancing... read full bio

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