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M Huncho

Book M Huncho for your next event.

M Huncho, born in London, UK, is a rising British rapper and singer who has made a name for himself in the UK music scene. He first gained attention with his 2017 Mad About Bars online freestyle session, which showcased his raw talent and potential. In October of the same year, he released his first EP "Get Out", which included... read full bio


Book M-22 for your next event.

M-22 is a British-German DJ and production duo that consists of members Matt James and Frank Sanders. The duo met while producing together in Canada and hit it up immediately. That same day, the duo produced their debut single, “Good to Be Loved,” but first released their debut single, “Some Time,” which went on to be featured on BBC1 Xtra... read full bio

M-City J.R.

Book M-City J.R. for your next event.

"M-City J.R. is a hip-hop rapper and songwriter. M-City is from Detroit, which is where he got his start in the underground hip-hop and rap scene. He’s most known for his single ‘Addicted To My Ex’, which caught eye and reached number 41 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. In addition M-City is the creator and co-founder of the Yacht... read full bio


Book m-Pact for your next event.

m-Pact has been named “one of the best pop-jazz vocal groups in the world” by the San Francisco Chronicle. The group consists of six talented men, Drew Tablak, Aaron Schumacher, Andy Degan, Jamond McCoy, Jeff Smith, and Tracy Robertson. The m in m-pact stands for music and the group makes it their pact to stay true to the music no... read full bio

M. L. Carr

Book M. L. Carr for your next event.

Following his graduation from Guilford College, where he was selected an All American and helped his team win the NAIA Championship, M.L. Carr began his illustrious career as a professional basketball player. Following graduation, he was selected in the first round by the National Basketball Association's Kansas City Kings and the American Basketball Association's Kentucky Colonels. He joined the Israel... read full bio

M. Nadia Vincent

Book M. Nadia Vincent for your next event.

M. Nadia Vincent is an MIT certified digital transformation, innovation and AI executive advisor, is a top 10 global digital transformation thought leader by Thinkers360, an author, speaker, board member and CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders. Vincent has previously earned her AAS from Mt. Hood Community College and has earned his MBA in Global IT and Telecom Management from United... read full bio

M. Night Shyamalan

Book M. Night Shyamalan for your next event.

Director M. Night Shyamalan is know for creating films with contemporary supernatural plots. His most notable works include the supernatural thriller The Sixth Sense, the superhero drama thriller Unbreakable, the science fiction thriller Signs, the psychological thriller The Village, the fantasy thriller Lady in the Water, the natural thriller The Happening, the fantasy adventure The Last Airbender, the sci-fi action-adventure... read full bio

M. Quentin Williams

Book M. Quentin Williams for your next event.

M. Quentin Williams is a sports and entertainment legal expert, business advisor and crisis management consultant, attorney, author, prolific international speaker, former FBI agent, and a former federal prosecutor who held positions with the NFL and the NBA. Williams has over 30 years of business expertise, and 25 of legal expertise, which makes him a trusted and respected name. He... read full bio

M. Sanjayan

Book M. Sanjayan for your next event.

M. Sanjayan is the lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy & was recently named Science and Environmental Contributor to CBS News. On-air, Sanjayan provides insight into a broad range of scientific and environmental topics across multiple platforms including contributing to CBS News broadcasts, CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. As lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy,... read full bio

M. Ward

Book M. Ward for your next event.

Matthew Stephen Ward is a musician who hails from Portland, Oregon, and is known for his singing, songwriting, and guitar playing. His solo work is a blend of Americana analog recordings inspired by folk music and blues, and he has released ten studio albums since 1999, the majority of which were distributed by the independent label Merge Records. In addition... read full bio


Book M.A.G.S. for your next event.

Elliott Douglas, a Buffalo-born artist now residing in Los Angeles, goes by the name M.A.G.S. His music hooks you right away and flawlessly transitions between genres, from bouncy garage to minty alt-pop. His success is fueled by his appeal to all people, yet it never comes at the expense of his work. His musicianship is a wonder to behold, each... read full bio


Book M.O.P. for your next event.

Rappers Billy Danze and Lil' Fame make up the hardcore hip-hop duo M.O.P., or Mash Out Posse, which is located in Brooklyn. With their breakthrough single "How About Some Hardcore," M.O.P. gained recognition in the East Coast rap scene and went on to release their first album, To the Death. The pair's album, First Family 4 Life, which was executive produced by... read full bio


Book M.Ward for your next event.

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Matthew Stephen Ward hails from Portland, Oregon. Since 1999, Ward has released a total of ten studio albums, the majority of which have been distributed independently by Merge Records. His solo work consists of a mixture of analog Americana recordings with folk and blues influences. He performs as a solo artist as well as being a... read full bio


Book M1llionz for your next event.

M1llionz, a rapper from the 0121, has dominated the UK rap scene. He released the UKG-leaning smash single "B1llionz" and the extremely potent "Lagga," which respectively peaked at #39 and #52 on the charts. M1llionz has been consistently praised for his steady work rate and he has been firmly set for a breakthrough career. He has possibly pioneered a completely new... read full bio


Book M4SONIC for your next event.

Nick Boundy, AKA M4SONIC (or MASONIC), is a DJ, controllerist, and music producer. He was previously signed to Sony/Ultra Music and is best known for his involvement in the viral sensation “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)” by Ylvis. M4SONIC has taken his act all over the world, touring in many different countries: Asia, Australia, Europe, and the states.... read full bio


Book M83 for your next event.

M83 characterizes itself with its reverb effects, soft lyrics, and loud instruments. Inspired by ‘The American Dream’ band, M83’s 1980s style sets them apart from most popular bands. M83’s album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ launched them into stardom. The album was placed 3rd in Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums, with track ‘Midnight City’ placing first on the Top 100 Tracks list.... read full bio


Book M?? for your next event.

Karen Marie Aagaard Orsted is the Danish electro-pop singer and producer known professionally as MO. Her voice can be heard on several pop and electronic hits including Avicii’s “Dear Boy”, Iggy Azalea’s “Beg for It”, and the Major Lazer/DJ Snake hit “Lean On”. MO’s highest charting single in the U.S. and the U.K was “Cold Water” in collaboration with Major... read full bio

Ma Dong-seok

Book Ma Dong-seok for your next event.

Ma Dong-seok is a Korean-American actor who is best known for playing Nam in series “H.I.T.”, Park in series “Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul” and Baek Sung-il in series “38 Task Force”. Prior to his acting career, Ma was once the personal trainer of Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. He later on made his acting debut playing a North Korean Solider in the... read full bio

Mabe Fratti

Book Mabe Fratti for your next event.

Mabe Fratti, a composer and cellist from Guatemala, debuts Se Ve Desde Aqu (It Is Seen From Here) on Unheard of Hope. Mabe Fratti, a Guatemalan cellist and composer, continues a remarkable string of recordings with Se Ve Desde Aqu ('It Is Seen From Here'). It may be her most candid song to date, displaying a sinuous, tensile sound along with... read full bio


Book Mabel for your next event.

Mabel is an English singer-songwriter who is best known for her breakthrough single “Finders Keepers” which peaked at number 8 on the UK charts, and for her breakthrough international single “Don’t Call Me Up,” which peaked in the top 100 in charts in 10 different countries. Mabel was born in Malaga, Spain, and is the daughter of Neneh Cherry and... read full bio

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