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The Glorious Sons

Book The Glorious Sons for your next event.

Five young guys form the indie rock band, The Glorious Sons. Based out of Kingston, Ontario, they produce music with a tight, grungy sound, anchored with melodic harmonies and punchy, free flowing instrumentals. First created with drummer Adam Pacquette and former guitarist Andrew Young, the two immediately found a chemistry within their music. After a couple weeks, Jay Emmons joined... read full bio

The Fabulous Rudies

Book The Fabulous Rudies for your next event.

Over a decade on the scene & their upcoming, 5th Warped Tour, The Fabulous Rudies sound is an eclectic blend of styles with a heavy dose of lively, infectious energy reminiscent of the best of 80s ska but with a modernized, intelligent feel. The Fabulous Rudies are recording new songs to be released on Fun1One Records. They have often been... read full bio

The Dustbowl Revival

Book The Dustbowl Revival for your next event.

Bluegrass. Swing. Hot jazz. Pre-war blues. Southern soul. New Orleans funk. The Dustbowl Revival is what you could call an American roots orchestra with eight full-time members and they play it all, mashing the sounds of traditional American music into a genre-hopping, time-bending dance party that coaxes new fire out of familiar coal. This isnt a throwback band. Its... read full bio

The Dunwells

Book The Dunwells for your next event.

From Leeds, Yorkshire, the British folk rock band, The Dunwells, bring a sense of familiarity, yet timeless sound, to their songs. Consisting of two brothers and two cousins, the five piece band create a memorable experience. The Dunwells consists of Joseph Dunwell on vocals and guitar; David Dunwell on vocals, guitars, piano, and banjo; Jonny Lamb on vocals and... read full bio

The Diamonds

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In 1957 THE DIAMONDS released an instant million selling hit called Little Darlin. The song continues to sell worldwide and has been dubbed the National Anthem of Rock and Roll. To date it has sold approximately 20 million copies. Through the years since the release of Little Darlin THE DIAMONDS have learned one important lessonthe durability of this classic rock... read full bio

The Diamond Collection (Tribute To Neil Diamond)

Book The Diamond Collection (Tribute To Neil Diamond) for your next event.

The Diamond Collection is a highly distinguished group of musicians who have committed themselves to developing a stage show that truly pay tribute to one of the most influential singer/song writers, Neil Diamond. The Diamond Collection focuses on the early stages of Neil Diamond's career, when his music set the tone for a generation. The Silent Partner Project is unique... read full bio

The Devonshires

Book The Devonshires for your next event.

The Devonshires Classic Rock Spectacular Show is the best Classic Rock Tribute Show band in America! They do a Super Star Tribute to Arena Rock of 70s in there on style show but yet perfecting the music and original sounds. This is a Show and not a cover band playing songs. Watch the Video below FOR Sample of Quality. They... read full bio

The Deslondes

Book The Devonshires for your next event.

New Orleans-based American rock group The Deslondes take influence from a number of genres and styles, such as R&B, American roots music, folk, rock-n-roll, blues, gospel, country, and zydeco. Another thing that makes The Deslondes unique is that all five memberes of the band partake in writing their songs. The band had its beginnings in the Holy Cross neighborhood in... read full bio

The Delta Riggs

Book The Delta Riggs for your next event.

Celebrated by fans for their dynamic, wild live shows, Australian band The Delta Riggs has released four acclaimed studio albums: the Australian Music Prize-nominated HEX.LOVER.KILLER, Dipz Zebazios, Dipz From The Zong, and Active Galactic. Theyve performed with the likes of Kasabian, Jimmy Page, and Foo Fighters, and at notable events like CMJ, Culture Collide, and SXSW. The Delta Riggs have... read full bio

The Contours

Book The Contours for your next event.

The Contours were one of the early African-American soul singing groups signed to Motown Records. The group is best known for its Billboard Top 10 hit, Do You Love Me," a million-selling song that peaked twice in the Top 20. In 1962, Gordy created a new label for Motown Records called the Gordy label and signed The Contours as its... read full bio

The Como Mamas

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The Como Mamas, three seasoned Gospel singers from the small town of Como, Mississippi, recently signed to Daptone Records. Using only their captivating voices without any instruments, these three remarkable women created their newest critically acclaimed album, Get an Understanding. Ester Mae Smiths powerful, raspy vocals, Angela Taylors deep soothing voice, and Della Daniels dynamic, lively vocals come together to... read full bio

The Coasters

Book The Coasters for your next event.

The Coasters are the supreme comedians of rock and roll. What's more, their impact has deepened with time. The Coasters have performed at The Apollo Theatre, Kennedy Center, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and more. Their songs, their parodies and the tunes that became million-selling records are revived in this new generation of music. The Coasters... read full bio

The Classic Rock Experience

Book The Classic Rock Experience for your next event.

The Classic Rock Experience, also known as Midnight Special, is a tribute band for all the great classic rock bands of the 70s. The band consists of members Stephen Fredrick, Joey Von Richter, Gregg St. Charles, David K. Geoffries, and Les Sharp. Some artists that you may hear The Classic Rock Experience perform songs of include, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,... read full bio

The Charlatans

Book The Charlatans for your next event.

Indie rock band The Charlatans have a repertoire that includes 12 studio albums, all of which have charted in the top 40, with three number ones, and seventeen top 30 singles including four top 10. Their latest release, Modern Nature, marks the band's first release since the death of drummer Jon Brookes - who lost his battle with brain cancer... read full bio

The Chantays

Book The Chantays for your next event.

Formed in Santa Ana in 1962, the Chantays were five high school buddies who specialized in surf music, and at least in the beginning were primarily an instrumental outfit. They were spotted and signed up by manager Dale Smallins, composed and published a piece entitled Pipeline," which went on to become one of the biggest and best instrumental surf hits... read full bio

The Central Florida Rat Pack

Book The Central Florida Rat Pack for your next event.

The Central Florida Rat Pack, a Tribute to Frank, Sammy and Dean, have been entertaining fans all over Florida and the United States. They have received wonderful accolades from their performances. The Central Florida Rat Pack pays tribute to some of the greatest performers of our time, Frank Sinatra played by Armando Diaz, Sammy Davis, Jr. played by Steve Roman... read full bio

The Cast Of Beatlemania (Tribute To Beatles)

Book The Cast Of Beatlemania (Tribute To Beatles) for your next event.

The Beatles music set the pop rock standard for most of the 1960's. Now, in the 2000's, The Cast" of Beatlemania recalls the memories of that exciting era when the Fab Four ruled the world of rock 'n' roll. In the early 1960's, The Beatles not only became a musical force but a sociological entity as well. Their hair, clothes... read full bio

The Carpenters Tribute featuring Michelle Whited

Book The Carpenters Tribute featuring Michelle Whited for your next event.

If you close your eyes and listen to Michelle Whited sing, you would swear Karen Carpenter was in the venue. Michelle Whited performs a stunning, spot-on presentation of Karens unique and expressive alto voice. The result is an unforgettable evening of easy- listening 70s Pop Solid Gold chestnuts including: CLOSE TO YOU, WEVE ONY JUST BEGUN, RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS,... read full bio

The Cactus Blossoms

Book The Cactus Blossoms for your next event.

The Cactus Blossoms started out as a duo comprised of two brothers named Jack Torrey and Page Burkum. They hadnt planned to start a band when they began making music together, but they ended up playing music with friends on a weekly basis at a local venue called the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were inspired by the... read full bio

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