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The Coasters

Book The Coasters for your next event.

The Coasters are the supreme comedians of rock and roll. What's more, their impact has deepened with time. The Coasters have performed at The Apollo Theatre, Kennedy Center, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and more. Their songs, their parodies and the tunes that became million-selling records are revived in this new generation of music. The Coasters... read full bio

The Classic Rock Experience

Book The Coasters for your next event.

The Classic Rock Experience, also known as Midnight Special, is a tribute band for all the great classic rock bands of the 70s. The band consists of members Stephen Fredrick, Joey Von Richter, Gregg St. Charles, David K. Geoffries, and Les Sharp. Some artists that you may hear The Classic Rock Experience perform songs of include, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,... read full bio

The Charlatans

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Indie rock band The Charlatans have a repertoire that includes 12 studio albums, all of which have charted in the top 40, with three number ones, and seventeen top 30 singles including four top 10. Their latest release, Modern Nature, marks the band's first release since the death of drummer Jon Brookes - who lost his battle with brain cancer... read full bio

The Chantays

Book The Chantays for your next event.

Formed in Santa Ana in 1962, the Chantays were five high school buddies who specialized in surf music, and at least in the beginning were primarily an instrumental outfit. They were spotted and signed up by manager Dale Smallins, composed and published a piece entitled Pipeline," which went on to become one of the biggest and best instrumental surf hits... read full bio

The Central Florida Rat Pack

Book The Central Florida Rat Pack for your next event.

The Central Florida Rat Pack, a Tribute to Frank, Sammy and Dean, have been entertaining fans all over Florida and the United States. They have received wonderful accolades from their performances. The Central Florida Rat Pack pays tribute to some of the greatest performers of our time, Frank Sinatra played by Armando Diaz, Sammy Davis, Jr. played by Steve Roman... read full bio

The Cast Of Beatlemania (Tribute To Beatles)

Book The Cast Of Beatlemania (Tribute To Beatles) for your next event.

The Beatles music set the pop rock standard for most of the 1960's. Now, in the 2000's, The Cast" of Beatlemania recalls the memories of that exciting era when the Fab Four ruled the world of rock 'n' roll. In the early 1960's, The Beatles not only became a musical force but a sociological entity as well. Their hair, clothes... read full bio

The Carpenters Tribute featuring Michelle Whited

Book The Carpenters Tribute featuring Michelle Whited for your next event.

If you close your eyes and listen to Michelle Whited sing, you would swear Karen Carpenter was in the venue. Michelle Whited performs a stunning, spot-on presentation of Karens unique and expressive alto voice. The result is an unforgettable evening of easy- listening 70s Pop Solid Gold chestnuts including: CLOSE TO YOU, WEVE ONY JUST BEGUN, RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS,... read full bio

The Cactus Blossoms

Book The Cactus Blossoms for your next event.

The Cactus Blossoms started out as a duo comprised of two brothers named Jack Torrey and Page Burkum. They hadnt planned to start a band when they began making music together, but they ended up playing music with friends on a weekly basis at a local venue called the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were inspired by the... read full bio

The Budos Band

Book The Budos Band for your next event.

The Budos Band are Staten-Island based Afro-Soul Instrumental band on the Daptone Records label. The band has an impressive eleven members, thirteen in some cases, who compliment each others addition to the soul sound they create. The plethora of instruments the bands uses are bass, guitar, electric organ, two trumpets, baritone saxophone, drums, and a percussion section employing bongos,... read full bio

The Brummies

Book The Brummies for your next event.

Hailing from Alabama, John Davidson and Jacob Bryant formed the country duo John & Jacob to follow up with the success of their co-written No. 1 song Done, performed by The Band Perry. Joining with Jake Thrasher and Trevor Davis, they ultimately established a full band- The Brummies. The group has performed across the globe with major artists like The... read full bio

The Bootleg Beatles (Tribute To Beatles)

Book The Bootleg Beatles (Tribute To Beatles) for your next event.

The Bootleg Beatles are one of Britain's most popular bands- quite an achievement for a group that never release records but have achieved success through their immaculate re-creation of the sights and sounds of the Fab Four live on stage. The group formed from the cast of the West End musical Beatlemania. One of their many claims to fame is... read full bio

The Belmonts

Book The Belmonts for your next event.

Angelo D'Aleo, Fred Milano, and Carlo Mastrangelo were all friends from the area around Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. They attended Roosevelt High School and hung out together. They began singing together and named themselves The Belmonts after the street on which Freddy Milano lived. As a trio, they recorded for the Mohawk label in 1957, making their... read full bio

The Atomic Punks (Tribute to Early Van Halen)

Book The Atomic Punks (Tribute to Early Van Halen) for your next event.

The Atomic Punks are a tribute to early Van Halen, the David Lee Roth era. Voted Best Tribute Band" by LA's "Rock City News" three years in a row, the Atomic Punks have created a national following that continues to grow by leaps and bounds all the time. In his 1997 auto-biography "Crazy from the Heat," former Van Halen frontman... read full bio

The Answer

Book The Answer for your next event.

Frontman Cormac Neeson, guitarist Paul Mahon, bassist Micky Water, and drummer James Heatley form the Northern Irish hard rock and blues-rock band, The Answer. A few years into the groups existence, Classic Rock magazine named The Answer as the Best New Band. They went on to co-headline the first Nokia New School of Rock Tour and, that same year,... read full bio

The Aggrolites

Book The Aggrolites for your next event.

The Aggrolites are more than a band they are a movement unto themselves. They carry a banner - one created with their own hands. This banner reads, Dirty Reggae, and represents their signature fusion of reggae, soul, grit and determination. On the road they educate with the thunder and punch of the reggae drums and bass, the ripping, soulful melodies... read full bio

The Afters

Book The Afters for your next event.

The Afters were formed as vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Joshua Havens and guitarist/backing vocalist Matt Fuqua, who were co-workers at a Starbucks in Mesquite, Texas began performing for customers at the local coffee shop. They grew in popularity and continued to build their fan-base, as the two began to perform at local clubs in the Dallas area. After being discovered by a Nashville... read full bio

Terron Brooks

Book Terron Brooks for your next event.

A two-time NAACP Award-nominated singer/ actor, Terron Brooks is most popular for portraying R&B/pop singer Eddie Kendricks in the NBC miniseries The Temptations. Brooks has also starred on Broadway, as Simba in Disneys The Lion King and Seaweed in Hairspray. Having been singing from a very young age, Brooks has performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Randy Jackson, One... read full bio

Tequila Sunrise (Tribute To The Eagles)

Book Tequila Sunrise (Tribute To The Eagles) for your next event.

For those who may be new to the tribute world, Tequila Sunrise replicates an Eagles concert experience. Every detail is covered from voice imitary to instrument authentication, it's all there as if you were actually seeing the Eagles. But not at $150 a ticket! We also throw in a bit of humor and high energy to put that final touch... read full bio


Book Tennis for your next event.

Husband and wife, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, make up the indie pop duo Tennis. Theyve released four albums: Cape Dory, Young & Old, Ritual in Repeat, and Yours Conditionally. Tennis performed their song Origins on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, It All Feels the Same on Late Night with David Letterman, and both My Better Self and High... read full bio

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