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Michael Weissman

Michael Weissman is an entrepreneur, branding and product strategist and co-author of the widely praised book, The Paradox of Excellence: How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business. The book has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and Canadas Globe and Mail. Its been such a success that its... read full bio

Michelle Cruz Rosado

Book Michelle Cruz Rosado for your next event.

Michelle Cruz Rosado is an inspirational speaker, peace advocate and best-selling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams," a story about survival and finding one's true self. Since Michelle's deep realization from surviving one of the most horrific attacks in American history, she has devoted her life to teaching and serving humanity around the world... read full bio

Michelle Tillis Lederman

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YOU -- THE BRAND Determine and Drive How Others See You What do people say about you when you leave the room Is it what you want them to say How you show up in the room, get listened to and are known amongst your colleagues are all critical components of your future success. In this workshop Michelle Tillis Lederman,... read full bio

Mike Robertson

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The Art of Readiness: Creatively Saying Yes To Success Things will always change. How can you be ready, ready for those moments when life presents a challenge, a question, or an opportunity...and your answer could change your life forever The answer is by developing a more creative approach to life. In The Art of Readiness, Mike offers fascinating true examples of... read full bio

Mike Wittenstein

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EXPERT Mike has spent 30,000 hours helping leaders tackle tough, high-stakes problems. He is an author, top blogger, and former IBM Global Services eVisionary. With highest-available certifications as a consultant, customer experience professional, and speaking professional, Mike is literally in the top 1% of speakers, designers, and consultants worldwide. STYLE Mike is inspiring, thought-provoking, quick/creative on his feet, easy to... read full bio

Monique Strydom

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Nelson Mandela recommended her for her bravery... Monique is an award-winning hostage survivor, author, TV presenter and philanthropist - whose real life story has inspired thousands to face their challenges and overcome them. She is an avid adventurer who has traveled around the world. Among her many adventures are the capture of a shark on scuba for research purposes,... read full bio

Nakia Melecio

Book Nakia Melecio for your next event.

Adapting in The Age of AI Artificial intelligence will evidently transform the way we work; it will create abundance, help businesses grow, increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity. Leading, Learning, & Training in a Digital Age Digital It means so many things to so many people. In terms of business drivers, it emerges in the form of digital strategy, the need to offer... read full bio

Nathan Jamail

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For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, or training others on how to do so. Previously Nathan set record results in sales by producing top performing sales teams in capacities such as business sales, direct consumer sales, indirect sales, distribution and marketing for several Fortune 100 companies. Also named a top Executive Sales Director... read full bio

Odette Peek Laurie

Book Odette Peek Laurie for your next event.

Odette Laurie is a Clarity & Impact Strategist for driven entrepreneurs on the path to creating a 6+figure business by implementing key marketing strategies and mindset shifts that will create massive impact in their life and in the world. Her first business, at the age of 27, started from a whim and grew into a seven-figure success story. Known as "The... read full bio

Pam Paquet

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Pam Paquet CCC, CSP, MEd. Pam Paquet is a performance management specialist. Her psychological expertise helps workplaces and people "stop doing what does not work". She is referred to as the "Dr. Phil of the Workplace" because she understands people and how to modify behaviours. Pam focuses on communication, accountability and behaviours. As an organizational therapist she has... read full bio

Patrick Hollingworth

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Patrick is based in Australia and travels internationally to deliver keynote presentations, workshops, mentoring and consulting to a range of organizations. These include multinational companies such as British retailer Marks and Spencers, American energy giant Chevron and British-Australian miner Rio Tinto, through to mid-sized, Australian, Asian and European banks, medical and technology companies, and government departments and... read full bio

Patrick Renn

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Through a lively interactive presentation, donors will learn how they might do more financially to benefit themselves, their families and the causes and organizations that they care about.... read full bio

Patti Pokorchak

Book Patti Pokorchak for your next event.

Get MORE Business NOW! When you attend this workshop, you will go from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN! You will close more business, faster and more naturally and ask for more money too! Because you are worth it. Knowing how to sell is an essential skill for every entrepreneur and it really is easy once you know how. It's a process and... read full bio

Peter Baines

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Peter Baines is an International Leadership Speaker, author, business consultant and the Founder of Hands Across the Water which brings a charity and a social enterprise together. He will make audiences laugh and cry, meaning his stories and valuable leadership lessons are remembered long after the conference. Baines served 20+ years with the NSW Police leading teams into... read full bio

Phil Wainewright

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Phil Wainewright is a leading expert on global cloud computing and its influence on business, renowned for his abilities to forecast key themes and trends early on. For nearly two decades, Phil has been an influencer in cloud computing as a blogger, analyst and consultant, well recognized for his long-running Software as Services blog. He is also co-founder of diginomica,... read full bio

Phyllis Kaminsky

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A passionate and inspirational trailblazer on the international scene for over 35 years draws you into her unique perspective and thoughtful analysis on foreign policy and national security issues. Other subjects include: The United Nations ... read full bio

Psychologist and Humorist, Bruce Christopher

Book Psychologist and Humorist, Bruce Christopher for your next event.

Psychologist and humorist, Bruce Christopher, is America's foremost "Enter--Trainer" today. He has earned this distinction because of his high-energy style and humorous presentation of his material. He is a clinical psychologist holding degrees in Professional Psychology and Interpersonal Communications. Bruce has Enter--Trained audiences internationally because of his hilarious approach to today's hot topics which impact our personal & professional lives.... read full bio

Randy Fox

Book Randy Fox for your next event.

Randy Fox uses his officiating, leadership, and life experiences in delivering ultra high energy presentations to engage audiences and transform their professional and personal lives. With a twenty-year career as a corporate leader and an accomplished NCAA Basketball Official, Randy has a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on effective leadership and teamwork. His focus is team-building and advocating for the... read full bio

Reverend Dr. Mary

Book Reverend Dr. Mary for your next event.

Dr. Whitney grew up on a remote Tennessee farm. From a young age Dr. Whitney (Sunny Love - Pseudonym) experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse beginning at the age of six. Throughout Sunny's life she lost her self-worth, but never her desire to keep going. After a long abusive life, Sunny turned her life around with the help of spiritual... read full bio

Rich Natole

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Rich Natole is a Comic Impressionist. His repertoire of over 300 Celebrity Voices will delight young and old alike. Each performance showcases over 100 Voices with clean comedy, music, and audience participation. Voices Of A Generation is a people pleasing show. ... read full bio

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