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Broken Bells

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"Broken Bells self-titled debut album was released in the U.S. and Canada on March 9, 2010. Their self-titled debut album has sold over 400,000 domestically, putting the album in the top ten on the Billboard 200, and #1 on iTunes. Rolling Stone magazine gave it a 4 star review and stated that it was “the year’s coolest left field pop... read full bio

Broken Social Scene

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Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene is a musical ensemble that includes as few as six and as many as nineteen members. The band, formed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning consists of members that play in various other groups and solo projects, mainly hailing from Toronto. The group's sound blends aspects of its members' respective musical ventures, and... read full bio

Brooke Annibale

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Brooke Annibale isn’t just strictly one genre. The American singer-songwriter creates a more complex alternative-folk sound that bleeds together beautiful and thoughtful songwriting with dark, dreamy, and enticing landscapes. The beloved singer-songwriter is adored by, not just her massive international fanbase, but with massive industry supervisors and publications like Under The Radar, American Songwriter, Stereogum, NPR/World Café, and many others.... read full bio


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Nathan Stocker, a producer and songwriter from Minneapolis, created the solo project Brotherkenzie. Through it, he continues to operate on the periphery of the music business, a field in which he has grown less and less engaged as he gets older. Brotherkenzie's music is an honest, sincere chasm with sharp edges that teeters on the edge of pop and catchiness. On... read full bio

Bruce Robison

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Country singer-songwriter Bruce Robison has a special talent for creating deceptively straightforward songs, encompassing the universal struggles of modern life. His music resonates with its listeners, whether performed by someone else or himself. With many achievements like the Dixie Chicks No. 1 hit rendition of Travelin Soldier, George Straits Wrapped, and Angry All The Time with Tim McGraw and Faith... read full bio

Bruno Major

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Hailing from London, Bruno Major is an alternative musician. His performances have been compared to artists like John Mayer, Coldplay, and Iron & Wine. Major’s guitar playing is exceptional and his vocals are rich and pure. On his way to earning a place in the spotlight, Major worked day in and day out performing in pubs and at small venues.... read full bio

Buffalo Springfield

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Buffalo Springfield is most popular for the protest song For What It's Worth". The bands legacy as folk rock pioneers encompasses three albums (Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again, and Last Time Around) five Billboard Hot 100 hits (For What Its Worth, Bluebird, Rock n Roll Woman, Expecting to Fly, and On the Way... read full bio

Built to Spill

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Built to Spill is an Americna indie rock band from Boise, Idaho, that is led by Doug Martsch. The band’s members change every album with Martsch being the only permanent member. Built to Spill has released eight studio albums and five EPs. Some of Built to Spill’s most popular songs include “Carry the Zero”, “I Would Hurt a Fly”, “Liar”,... read full bio

C Duncan

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C Duncan, born Christopher Duncan, had very talented musician parents. The two of them practiced classical music and performed regularly, while Christopher took up piano and viola lessons. Needless to say, music has always been a part of his life. Once he reached his teenage years, Chris began performing in different bands, learning to play the guitar, bass, and drums.... read full bio


Book CAAMP for your next event.

CAAMP is a folk trio band from Ohio that consists of Evan Westfall, Taylor Meier, and Matt Vinson. The band was originally started by Evan and Taylor and they later added their bass player Matt. Taylor started out writing and playing original songs in coffee shops around Athens before Evan moved to Athens and they made their self-titled first album.... read full bio


Book Calexico for your next event.

Calexico is a band based out of Arizona serving music lovers a unique blend of musical styles consisting of Tex-Mex plus indie plus Americana. The band’s two founding members first played together in a band called Giant Sand. After a few different lineup changes, Calexico was born, and they recorded their first album entitled Spoke with an independent label called... read full bio

Calexico and Iron and Wine

Book Calexico and Iron and Wine for your next event.

Calexico and Iron & Wine have recently collaborated together on their first album, “Years to Burn”. Their collaboration album peaked at number 55 on the Netherland charts and number 46 on the Swiss charts. Some of their songs off the album include, “Father Mountain”, “Midnight Sun”, “Follow the Water”, “Years to Burn”, and more. Calexico and Iron & Wine first... read full bio

Captain Tractor

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Captain Tractor is a Canadian folk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, that consists of members Chris Wynters, Scott Peters, Jules Mounteer, Jon Nordstrom, Jason Kodie, and Shannon Johnson. They are known for performing a mixture of punk and Celtic folk music and have been likened to artists such as Great Big Sea, The Pogues, and Spirit of the West. Each... read full bio

Carbon Airways

Book Carbon Airways for your next event.

Accidents, grand destinies, tales, and victories abound in rock history. Regarding those two young people, we can state that their path has been one of a lifetime, an amazing journey that has already resulted in a four-year career in a musical field that was unprepared for them. There are a myriad of reasons to be thrilled about Carbon Airways. There... read full bio

Carla Morrison

Book Carla Morrison for your next event.

Carla Morrison is a Mexican indie-pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer from Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. Morrison grew up in Tecate, and as a child she found her love for the arts which included dancing, drawing, and singing. Later on in life, as a teenager, Morrison moved to Arizona where she studied music at Mesa Community College. She dropped out before... read full bio

Carlos Nunez

Book Carlos Nunez for your next event.

Carlos Nunez Munoz is a Galician musician who pays many different instruments including the gait, the traditional Galician bagpipe, the Galician flute, the ocarina, the irish flute, the whistle, and the low whistle. He has been performing worldly music since the mid 1990's and has released over 10 full-length albums. ... read full bio

Caroline Polachek

Book Caroline Polachek for your next event.

Caroline Polachek is an American singer-songwriter, musician and record producer from New York City. Early in her career, Polachek co-founded the band Chairlift while studying at the University of Colorado. Chairlift gained fame with the single “Bruises”. The group also released their EP “Daylight Savings” and an album “Does You Inspire You”. They also released another album, “Something”. As a... read full bio

Carrie Rodriguez

Book Carrie Rodriguez for your next event.

Carrie Rodrigues is a Mexican-American singer/songwriter from Texas. Her southern roots helped her establish her unique sounds. Carrie Rodriguez uses different instruments including a fiddle, mandobird, and tenor guitar very often in her music. Her touring band members as well have unique instruments that help create Carries sound. Her first album was a duet recorded with artist Chip Taylor in... read full bio

Cassandra Jenkins

Book Cassandra Jenkins for your next event.

Cassandra Jenkins is a musician, singer, and songwriter from the United States who currently resides in the borough of Brooklyn in the state of New York. Cassandra Jenkins was born in New York City to a family with a musical background. In the 1980s, her parents were musicians who performed on cruise ships. She began her musical training at a... read full bio

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