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Dave Hause

Book Dave Hause for your next event.

Dave Hause is a singer-songwriter originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he has a song that’s best described as a mix of punk rock and alternative rock, but with a softer side like folk rock, Americana, and heartland rock. Back in the day, before taking on a solo career, he was a member of local punk and hardcore bands like The... read full bio

Dark Rooms

Book Dark Rooms for your next event.

Dark Rooms is a mysterious rock band that came onto the scene with their self titled album in 2013. The record featured eight racks: “Olga Kurylenko” (named after the James Bond actor), “Beyond the Lens”, “Keep It Inside”, “Dans Le Noir”, “Give up Give In”, “The Shadow That Looms O’er My Heart”, “Carry the One”, and “Never Sleep Again... read full bio

Declan O'Rourke

Book Declan O'Rourke for your next event.

Declan O’Rourke received his first guitar at the age of 13 and the seed was planted for this young man to become a future rockstar and folk artist. He got the guitar from a priest who saw his love for music and saw that he had potential and a lucrative future. At the time he was living in Australia with... read full bio

Fil Bo Riva

Book Fil Bo Riva for your next event.

Filippo Bonamici, who goes by the stage name Fil Bo Riva, is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and artist. His style blends elements from indie rock, indie pop, folk and soul and is led by the timbre of his distinct voice. He started singing and playing guitar when he was just 10 years old, living in Rome, Italy. When... read full bio

Ferris and Sylvester

Book Ferris and Sylvester for your next event.

Ferris and Sylvester is a folk duo comprised of London natives Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester. They dropped their first EP called “The Yellow Line” in 2017, which garnered them a fair amount of attention. The next year, they released their second EP “Made in Streatham”, followed by their third EP “I Should Be on a Train” in 2019. In... read full bio

Harrier Nauer

Book Harrier Nauer for your next event.

Harriet Nauer is a Swedish singer-songwriter, composer, and musician. Her music is considered dark and beautiful with songs like “Hit Me Hard”, “December”, “Lay Your Body Down”, “Bruises”, “Hail On Us”, “Bang Bang”, “Porcelain”, “Lion”, “Breathless”, “A Brief Moment”, “Bonnie”, “Demon”, as well as many others. While she is just starting out in her career, she’s already gained a reputation... read full bio

Hak Baker

Book Hak Baker for your next event.

Hak Baker isn’t just a musician, singer, songwriter, and rapper: he’s a master storyteller. Hak is, right now, one of the most successful and thriving faces on the U.K. music scene. When it comes to the type of music Hak plays, it’s hard to sum it up from a man who has his feet dipped into everything. His newest single... read full bio

John Harvie

Book John Harvie for your next event.

John Harvie hit the scene hard with the release of the single “Bleach (On The Rocks)” and he was instantly shot to stardom. While he is based in Nashville – the country music hub on the world – there’s nothing country about what John plays. He’s a singer-songwriter who plays some of the most original alt-rock music on the scene... read full bio

Teddy Grossman

Book Teddy Grossman for your next event.

Teddy Grossman’s story of success starts out like many: he packed up his things and moved to Los Angeles, taking a huge risk. He also worked as a traveling salesman while recording his full-length solo debut called “Soon Come”. The project is an honest Americana-soul album that was destined to be a classic. Teddy pulls together a sound that clearly... read full bio

Leon III

Book Leon III for your next event.

Leon III (pronounced as Leon the Third) is the newest project from former members of Wrinkle Neck Mules, Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent. They first hit the scene in 2018 with their song “Between the Saddle and the Ground”, their most popular track to date. Their music can be described as indie-music that leans heavily into country music territory, especially... read full bio

Lonnie Holley

Book Lonnie Holley for your next event.

nie Holley has been hustling since the age of 5, doing all sorts of jobs like washing dishes, cooking, and picking up trash at a drive-in movie. But Lonnie made the move to start focusing on all creative pursuits, making art and music that comes from a place of hardship. This has made him quite the improvisational creative person when... read full bio

Lilith Czar (Juliet Simms)

Book Lilith Czar (Juliet Simms) for your next event.

Juliet Simms performs under the stage name Lilith Czar, a project with the sounds of indie, pop, soul, rock, folk rock, alternative rock, and even punk. Juliet got her start as the band Automatic Loveletter’s from woman. Many folks may recognize her as being one of the contestants on the 2012 season of the Voice, where she sang The Beatles... read full bio

The Olms

Book The Olms for your next event.

The Olms is an indie pop and folk rock duo consisting of Pete Yorn and J.D. King. The two of them met through the late Johnny Ramone’s wife Linda Ramone and they hit it off quickly. They decided to form The Olms after hearing each other’s music and, in 2011, they recorded their very first track together – it only... read full bio

Jon Guerra

Book Jon Guerra for your next event.

Jon Guerra is a talented Christian singer songwriter whose music is considered contemporary Christian, baroque pop, and worship. He was only in high school when he started to play music on a serious level. While he was born in Whittier, California, Jon later movie to Chicago, where he spent his college years. Jon started the band Milano, which was a... read full bio

Carbon Airways

Book Carbon Airways for your next event.

Accidents, grand destinies, tales, and victories abound in rock history. Regarding those two young people, we can state that their path has been one of a lifetime, an amazing journey that has already resulted in a four-year career in a musical field that was unprepared for them. There are a myriad of reasons to be thrilled about Carbon Airways. There... read full bio

Domino - A Van Morrison Experience

Book Domino - A Van Morrison Experience for your next event.

Domino A Van Morrison Experience is a captivating new tribute to Van Morrison that features Keith Jenkins, a former James Brown musician, on electric guitar, and Greg Hester on vocals. Hester will perform favorites including Brown Eyed Girl, Wild Night, Moondance, Domino, and many others. Hester just recorded an album for his upcoming release, a homage to The Godfather of... read full bio


Book Hard-Fi for your next event.

Richard Archer (vocals), Ross Philips (guitar), Kai Stephens (bass), and Steve Kemp are the members of the band Hard-Fi from Staines, England (drums). The five-piece indie rock band with punk influences was founded in 2002; they are known for their loud mash-up of Dexy's Midnight Runners melodies, Franz Ferdinand hooks, and Dead 60s theatrics. In October 2004, Hard-Fi self-released Stars... read full bio

Tim Hill

Book Tim Hill for your next event.

Tim Hill, a musician residing in Los Angeles, finds inspiration in the work of renowned musicians like as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. His singular style draws inspiration from their folk and roots traditions, but adds a soulful spin to it. His style can be described as gloomy, but it always maintains a steady, trudging pace. Hill began his career... read full bio

Kaitlin Butts

Book Kaitlin Butts for your next event.

With her debut album What Else Can She Do, country music's Kaitlin Butts introduces listeners to a cast of sensitive, brave and gallant characters. What Else Can She Do is a gut-wrenching demonstration of how powerful and honest words and deeds may be, as well as how sometimes knowing when to back off can be just as appealing. What Else Can She Do finds... read full bio

Anais Mitchell

Book Anais Mitchell for your next event.

Anais Mitchell is an alternative folk artist from Addison County, Vermont. When Mitchell was younger, she traveled the world and spent time studying in Costa Rica, Austria, and Egypt. Her reference points of her music seem to come from all over the map while still interconnected. Mitchell recorded her debut album ""The Song They Sang When Rome Fell""... read full bio

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