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Behind The Lens

Book Behind The Lens for your next event.

Behind the Lens is a captivating live show, where photographers share their stories and photos with audiences nationwide. The show sold-out its first tour, exhibiting to cheering crowds and standing ovations. Behind The Lens brings the visual aspect to music. It features live presentations of still and moving pictures, along with stories told by each photographer.... read full bio


Book Beige for your next event.

Detroit-based DJ BEIGE has gained the attention of T4TLUVNRG, The Bunker, Sublimate, Jack Dept. & other in-the-know crews thanks to his willingness to go deep as well as play the songs. She is a rapidly developing star in the North American underground and has established herself as a staple on the progressive Midwest/East Coast party scene. She organizes instructional seminars... read full bio


Book Bejenec for your next event.

Bejenec, who is well-known for his thrilling live performances, creates an enticing, throbbing blend of techno, house and the cutting edge of electronica. His live performances resound with inventiveness and passion, fostering a creatively exploratory environment with a vibrant blend of playful trance elements, acid, breakbeats and lovely emotions. Bejenec was created in 2014 when he was forced to leave his birthplace of... read full bio


Book BEL for your next event.

Modern music seldom merits the label "timeless," but BEL stands out from the crowd. She is from the small Californian town of Clovis, where her four older siblings gave her the nickname. She draws inspiration from artists like Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star as she writes sentimental songs with honesty and attention to detail. It wasn't until she released... read full bio


Book BEL for your next event.

Modern music seldom merits the label timeless, but BEL stands out from the crowd. Isabel Whelan, who is from the small town of Clovis, California, draws inspiration from artists like Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star while creating nostalgic songs with honesty and attention to detail. Four tracks by BEL, including joint efforts with girlhouse and Boyish, were published before her... read full bio

Bel Powley

Book Bel Powley for your next event.

Bel Powley is an English actress who is best known for playing Daisy in series “M.I.High” and Dawn in the film “White Boy Rick”. Her first biggest role was that of Daisy in series M.I.High and she’s gone on to be in series such as, “The Whistleblowers”, “Murderland”, “Benidorm”, “Informer”, and more. Powley’s film credits include, “The Diary of a... read full bio

Bela Fleck

Book Bela Fleck for your next event.

Bela Fleck is often considered the premier banjo player in the world. A New York City native, he picked up the banjo at age 15 after being awed by the bluegrass music of Flatt & Scruggs. While still in high school he began experimenting with playing bebop jazz on his banjo. He released his first solo album, Crossing... read full bio

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

Book Bela Fleck & The Flecktones for your next event.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones is a primarily instrumental group that draws equally on bluegrass, fusion and jazz, sometimes dubbed blu-bop". The band formed in 1988, initially to perform once on the PBS series Lonesome Pine Specials. The Flecktones have toured extensively since then, often playing over 200 concerts per year. Each of the current members of the quartet has... read full bio

Bela Karolyi

Book Bela Karolyi for your next event.

Bela Karolyi is a Romanian gymnastics coach and the USA Gymnastics Women's National Team Coordinator. He has become the most successful coach in the history of gymnastics. His coaching efforts have produced 28 Olympians, nine Olympic Champions, 15 World Champions, 12 European medalists and six U.S. National Champions in 30 years of coaching gymnastics in both his native Romania and... read full bio


Book Belaganas for your next event.

The Phoenix-based band Belaganas plays alternative hip-hop and bedroom pop. The band, which was founded by frontmen and vocalists Joey J and Shanker and also includes drummer Nick Wille, is renowned for its mesmerizing live shows and deeply moving songs. Since starting to compose music in the summer, the band has produced a series of tunes that explore teen angst... read full bio


Book Belief for your next event.

Prior to Belief, Bryan Hollon had already established himself as a multi-instrumentalist and producer who had been nominated for the Mercury Prize. Stella Mozgawa, the drummer for Warpaint, has provided percussion to albums by Kurt Vile, Cate le Bon, Courtney Barnett, Sharon Van Etten, and Kim Gordon, among others. Her list of credits is as significant. However, as the improvisational... read full bio

Believe The Cher Show

Book Believe The Cher Show for your next event.

Believe The Cher Show is a tribute show to one of the greatest pop artists of all time, Cher. The tribute show is led by Kara, who not only sounds just like Cher, but bares a resemblance to her as well. Kara has performed in casinos, theatres, concert halls and more and has become well known as a Cher performer.... read full bio

Belinda Carlisle

Book Belinda Carlisle for your next event.

Belinda Carlisle is an American pop singer who first started her career in the '70s Los Angeles punk scene. Belinda’s first taste of the music industry was when she was a member of the band The Go-Go’s, one of the most successful all-girl bands of all time. The band quickly gained fame with their debut album, Beauty and the Beat.... read full bio

Belinda Parmar

Book Belinda Parmar for your next event.

Belinda Parmar is a British entrepreneur, activist, speaker, and campaigner who is the CEO of The Empathy Business. Parmar has previously earned joint honours in French & Spanish at The University of Manchester and went on to begin her career working as a planner for OgilvyOne. Since then, she has gone on to be a consultant professor for Syracuse University,... read full bio

Belissa Escobedo

Book Belissa Escobedo for your next event.

Belissa Escobedo is an up-and-coming actress. She has studied at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and has gone on to study at The New School for Drama where she is working on her BFA in theatre. Escobedo has worked on stage in productions of ‘Othello’ at her high school and ‘The Bad Seed’ at Last Orchard... read full bio

Bell Biv Devoe

Book Bell Biv Devoe for your next event.

Bell Biv DeVoe, also known as BBD, is an American R&B group that was formed from members of New Edition and consists of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. The group is best known for their single “Poison” that was released in the early 90’s and peaked at number 3 on the Billboard US charts and reached US certified... read full bio


Book BELLA for your next event.

BELLA, a DJ and producer from Amsterdam, embodies positive house music. She discovers the ideal balance between honoring the past and welcoming the present by riding the wave of up-and-coming, intriguing young artists the Dutch capital has to offer. She initially joined her own Many Mære collective, but she soon gained attention and began traveling the nation and beyond. Eager for more,... read full bio

Bella Dose

Book Bella Dose for your next event.

Bella Dose is a bilingual latin pop group consisting of four very talented singers, dancers, and songwriters: Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany. All members were born in the U.S., from Florida and California. Brianna always had an interest in music, dance, makeup, and celebrity pop culture. She expressed to her mother that she wanted to be a professional singer and... read full bio

Bella Electric Strings

Book Bella Electric Strings for your next event.

Bella Electric Strings is an all-female classical band that has performs solos and unique arrangements. Over the course of their careers, the Bella Electric Strings have performed alongside names such as Beyoncé, Shakira, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, and have even performed on “America’s Got Talent”. Bella Electric Strings perform on Yamaha instruments and they have comprised sections for Deep Purple... read full bio

Bella Gaia

Book Bella Gaia for your next event.

BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth) is a Living Atlas" journey of our world expressing the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts. Created by award winning director and classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, BELLA GAIA features a live performance by Williams and renowned world music artists against a large-screen backdrop of orbiting visualizations of Earth... read full bio

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