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Banda MS

Book Banda MS for your next event.

Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga, also known as Banda MS, is a Mexican Banda from Sinaloa, Mexico. The group consists of numbers members and was created by brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizarraga. They made their debut with their album “No Podras”. Since then, they’ve gone on to release 12 more albums, their most recent being “Con todas las fuerzas”.... read full bio

Bandalos Chinos

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Indie-pop band Bandalos Chinos is revered by producer Adan Jodorowsky. The Argentine sextet of Gregorio Degano, Salvador Colombo, Tomás Verduga, Matas Verduga, Iaki Colombo and Nicolás Rodrguez del Pozo is known for its catchy melodies, which would make any classical European composer into the teenage leader of their fanbase. They may not have intended for this to happen when they released... read full bio

Bebel Gilberto

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Bebel Gilberto is, simply put, royalty. Her father, Joao Gilberto, is the most revered musician in Brazil, period. Bebel has appeared on albums by some of the most important artists of our time. Caetano Veloso (Circulado), David Byrne (David Byrne), Joao Gilberto (dueting on ""Chega de Saudade"" on Joao Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira) and Chico Buarque (Francisco). On her... read full bio

Becky G

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Becky G is a singer, rapper, actress, and dancer from Inglewood, California. She first began to gain recognition after she posted several videos of herself performing remixes of popular songs on YouTube. Becky G later compiled these covers into her first full-length project, a mixtape entitled @itsbeckygomez. This led to Becky G opening for artists such as Demi Lovato, Katy... read full bio

Bella Dose

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Bella Dose is a bilingual latin pop group consisting of four very talented singers, dancers, and songwriters: Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany. All members were born in the U.S., from Florida and California. Brianna always had an interest in music, dance, makeup, and celebrity pop culture. She expressed to her mother that she wanted to be a professional singer and... read full bio

Bernie Williams

Book Bernie Williams for your next event.

Any baseball fan knows how Bernie Williams plays. The superstar New York Yankees center fielder has consistently flashed grace, passion, disciplined focus and a remarkably fluid sense of rhythm in feats both at the plate and in the field that have made him truly the heir in his role to no less than Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggio and Mickey... read full bio


Book Bhavi for your next event.

Indra, better known as his stage name Bhavi is an up-and-coming Latin hip-hop artist and producer who rose to fame with the release of singles which include “Basta,” “Visa,” “Te Necesito,” and more. Bhavi was born in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to Uruguay when he was six years old. By the time that Bhavi turned 18, he moved back to... read full bio

Bianca Oblivion

Book Bianca Oblivion for your next event.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, California, Bianca was accustomed to listening to dance music at parties and backyard BBQs, as well as hearing the noises of the city booming from automobile stereos. Her background as a dancer deepened her appreciation for rhythms, while her years as a college radio host and DIY event organizer added a distinctively gritty edge... read full bio

Bixiga 70

Book Bixiga 70 for your next event.

Five years after their start, the Brazilian ensemble Bixiga 70 from Sao Paulo continues to journey musically forward, only to discover themselves more and more at home. III, the band's third album, is a luminous and vibrant mash-up of Atlantic cultures. The album's hyper-contemporary discussion travels between Brazilian and African sounds and rhythms, as well as between the band's ten musicians... read full bio


Book Bizarrap for your next event.

The Argentine producer Gonzalo Julián Conde, better known by his stage name Bizarrap, rose to fame as a result of the nation's burgeoning Latin trap industry. He got his start mixing freestyles for Argentine rappers, such as MCs Duki, Nicki Nicole and Paulo Londra, who have received Latin Grammy nominations. Since then, Bizarrap has broadened his audience outside the Southern Cone thanks to... read full bio


Book blackwinterwells for your next event.

Headquartered in Hamilton, Canada, Madeline Winter doesn't identify herself as a conduit for the numerous musical identities and sounds assumed, you can hear the sharp dynamic differences between electronic rage-pop, hip-hop, emo, shoegaze and occasionally simply pure beat-centric futuristic music on the first listen. Blackwinterwells, a hyper-accelerated lone writer, producer and performer for the digital generation, is Madeline's loudest energy. Madeline is a shapeshifter... read full bio

Blanco Teta

Book Blanco Teta for your next event.

Blanco Teta is about raw energy, full of force, all coupled with simply fantastic music. The band characterizes its music as an experimental rock project with the aggression and simplicity of punk but with a huge twist: unrelenting distorted noise soundscapes, edgy performance, transfeminist concept, and avant-garde approach. Based in Buenos Aires, this foursome is a fantastic live act with a... read full bio

Bomba Estereo

Book Bomba Estereo for your next event.

Bomba Estereo plays a unique form of electronic dance music. They combine psychedelic and tropical sounds to deliver audiences to a different time and place. The band, comprised of members Liliana Saumet, Simon Mejia, and Andres Zea, has received reviews from the likes of NPR, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Billboard. They have toured around the world, performing at notable festivals... read full bio


Book Bronco for your next event.

"Grupo Bronco is a Northern Mexican cumbia band that consists of José Guadalupe Esparza, Ramiro Delgado, Jose Adan Esparza, Rene Guadalupe Esparza Bajo, and Javier Cantú. The group wanted to make a band that has Norteño tradition, (which consists of polka and corridos), but making it more modern with keyboards, costumes, and more of a melodic pop sound. Some of... read full bio


Book Bruses for your next event.

"El Nuevo Pop Alternativo" (Bruses, a three-time Latin Grammy candidate) is known for her pop, electronica, and rock influences mixed with raw, deep, and poetic lyrics that instantly resonate. The tracks "Dueles Tan Bien," which recently celebrated its first platinum and gold certification, "I Like 2 Be," and "FBI" are off her debut album "Monsters," which is currently available. She... read full bio


Book Brytiago for your next event.

Bryan Cancel Santiago, better known as Brytiago, is a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico. He was taught by himself at a young age everything he needed to know about music to make himself a star, from singing and writing music. His unique sound quickly followed suit. His first single “Hay Algo En Ti” released in the summer of 2014 and made... read full bio

Buena Vista Social Club

Book Buena Vista Social Club for your next event.

Few people outside of the specialized world music audience originally paid much attention to the Buena Vista Social Club album's beautifully crafted songs and cozy, acoustic rhythms upon its debut. Then, something remarkable happened. A few astute critics gave the record a stellar review, but even while their compliments did not hurt Buena Vista, they are unable to account for what... read full bio


Book Buscabulla for your next event.

Buscabulla, which means “troublemakers” in Spanish slang, is an experimental musical duo known for their eclectic style and fusion of genres such as funk, pop, Latin, R&B, and electronic music. The duo consists of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle who met and began creating music together in Brooklyn, New York. Raquel is a DJ and songwriter, while... read full bio

Busy Twist

Book Busy Twist for your next event.

One of the major figures in the emerging international dance scene, Busy Twist skillfully hotwires colorful sounds from several countries and teases them into exhilarating new shapes. His direct rhythmic exercises connect the sounds of Afro, Latin and UK bass. He has performed all over the world, from Glastonbury to Nyege Nyege in Uganda to the carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia. He... read full bio


Book Buyuchek for your next event.

Buyuchek is a Regional Mexican band that consists of members Jorge Loayzat, Miguel Cienfuegos, Angel Pena and Tavo Guerras. The group was formed in Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico. The group was started after Joayzat and Cienfuegos met in high school and started performing together. The duo performed in countries such as Asia, Europe, Mexico and the United States and even... read full bio

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