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Chuck Ragan

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Chuck Ragan is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is the guitarist and vocalist of the band Hot Water Music. Ragan has also released a variety of solo material, including a series of 7-inches on No Idea Records, a live album and three studio albums on Side One Dummy Records. He is also the author of a book of... read full bio

Citizen Cope

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Citizen Cope is a rock/soul songwriter and producer from Memphis, who also performs with a band. He can be seen playing the keyboard, guitar, singing, or even DJ-ing. Citizen Cope's first major breakthrough into the music industry was his appearances on albums by Maryland rapper Basehead. This happened around the same time he issued the first self-titled Citizen Cope album.... read full bio

City And Colour

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City and Colour is the recording alias for Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who was also the guitarist and vocalist of post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. He plays melodic acoustic and folk music and is often accompanied by a rotating number of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Daniel Romano and Spencer Burton of Attack in Black. The name City and Colour comes... read full bio

Clean Bandit

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Clean Bandit is a British electronic music group that consists of Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, and Milan Neil Amin-Smith. They found their way to the music scene with their single Mozart's House" which reached umber 17 on the UK Singles Chart. Their song, "Rather Be" remained at the top of the US Top 20 Singles chart for 4... read full bio


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COASTS is an up and coming band from Bristol. They have been touring nonstop and growing to fame quite quickly. They have recorded many catchy songs including Oceans", "Your Soul", "Tonight", "Wallow", and "Stone". Their sound has been referred to as a Tropical Guitar sound."... read full bio

Coheed and Cambria

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Coheed and Cambria is a band completely different than any other. Their songs tell a very long story. Their story is an ongoing saga of an alternate intergalactic netherworld, its main characters being an archetypal husband and wife named Coheed and Cambria". Their two albums "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" and "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" have sold... read full bio


Book COIN for your next event.

Chase Lawrence (synth/vocals), Joe Memmel (guitar/vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums) and Zachary Dyke (bass) make up the alternative indie-rock band, COIN. The Nashville boys have been worked with Grammy producer of the Year nominee Jay Joyce on their self-titled debut album. The album, featuring the single Run, is a guitar driven interpretation of their synth-pop style. Self-described as a product of... read full bio


Book Coldplay for your next event.

Legendary British rock band Coldplay has blessed the music industry with their beautiful melodies and addictive, ethereal beats. The band was born by its founding members Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, who originally named their band Pectoralz. The name was later changed to Coldplay, and members Will Champion and Guy Berryman were added to the group. Their debut album, Parachutes,... read full bio

Com Truise

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Com Truise is an American electronic dance musician from Oneida, New York. His name obviously comes from the spoonerism of Tom Cruise. Com Truise was originally an art director but switched to DJing full time after his first released. His sets include heavy synthesizer music and heavy production work influenced by 1980's musical styles. One of his remixes has been... read full bio


Book Conway for your next event.

Conway is a singer, writer and a sayer of things that are on her mind and stuck in her side. She makes music that falls in the Venn-diagram sweet spot between pop and R&B, rock and hip-hop, accessible and arty. It's got an attitudeand so does she. Her uncontrived, ferocious stage presence earned her comparisons to Karen O, though she... read full bio

Counting Crows

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The Counting Crows burst onto the scene in a fashion unlike any other band. The Counting Crows went straight from playing small venues with mostly locals in San Francisco into performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (filling in for Van Morrison). Their first album, August and Everything After, was fresh out of the studio and... read full bio

Courtney Love

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Courtney Love has enjoyed critical acclaim and commercial success throughout the years. She formed the band Hole and worked as the guitarist, lyricist and vocalist. Her second album produced, Live Through This, was certified platinum receiving wide critical acclaim. The third album released, Celebrity Skin, was nominated for three Grammy awards. Ms. Love possesses a contralto vocal range. Her... read full bio

Cowboy Junkies

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Its rare when a musical group stays together for thirty years, and even more rare when, after sixteen albums, a group of musicians can continue to grow musically. But with Cowboy Junkies fourth and final volume of their Nomad CD series, The Wilderness, they proved that it can be done. When we first started, our goal wasnt so much that... read full bio


Book Cracker for your next event.

Cracker is a young rock group, comprised of David Lowery (guitarist/singe) and Johnny Hickman (guitar). The band has been compared to such groups as The Rolling Stones and Little Feat. Considered an alternative rock band, and heavily influenced by founder David Lowerys association with the band Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker boasts an individualistic and boundary-defying sound thats both freewheeling and... read full bio

Crash Test Dummies

Book Crash Test Dummies for your next event.

Crash Test Dummies are an alternative rock band which formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1989. They are best known for their 1993 international pop hit Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Up to 1999 the band has consisted of Brad Roberts (vocals, guitar), Ellen Reid (keyboards, vocals), Benjamin Darvill (guitar, mandolin), Dan Roberts (bass) and Mitch Dorge (drums). Nowadays Crash Test... read full bio


Book Creed for your next event.

One of the most popular rock bands of the late 1990s was a group called Creed. The band is from Tallahassee, Florida. Creed has three multi-platinum albums, selling 26 million records in the United States and an estimated 35 million records worldwide. They are known for their inspirational songs, and albums that are solid from start to finish. Creed consists... read full bio


Book Crowder for your next event.

Crowder has released four studio albums, selling over one million copies combined. During their last major tour in support of Remedy, the band sold out nineteen large clubs across the country including notable venues like New Yorks Hammerstein Ballroom, The Wiltern in Los Angeles and The Fillmore in San Francisco and toured with Mute Math, Third Day and Mercy Me.... read full bio


Book Crud for your next event.

Super-charged fetish rock complete with gas masks, bikinis and blood. Cruds wicked guitar hooks and enticing vocal melodies taunt and seduce you into surrender. Crud creates sights and sounds that linger. Think Fight Club. Think A Clockwork Orange. Think you've seen anything like it Think again. Revved up industrial-fueled rock, laden with nasty guitar riffs, crunching electronic beats and taunting... read full bio

Culture Club

Book Culture Club for your next event.

Culture Club is an iconic English New Wave band known for their part in the 1980s New Romantic movement. The Grammy Award-winning group has sold twenty-five million albums, with several international hits such as Church Of The Poison Mind", "Karma Chameleon", and "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me". Front man Boy George is immediately recognizable for his androgynous style... read full bio

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