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Book Aerosmith for your next event.

Iconic American rock band Aerosmith, fronted by the legendary, raspy-voiced Steven Tyler, dominated the sound of the 1970s with hits like “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” and “Walk This Way.” After a several year hiatus due to substance abuse issues, the band returned with the same fervor and even more punch. Hits like “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” “Angel,” and “Janie’s... read full bio

Aesop Rock

Book Aesop Rock for your next event.

Ian Matthias Bavitz, otherwise known as Aesop Rock, is one of the original faces of underground and alternative hip-hop. This eclectic rhymesayer burst onto the radar with his universally acclaimed debut album Labor Days and followed it up with EP Daylight. Bavitz produces music that defies the norm. Having released over four albums of futurized funk, Aesop Rock has... read full bio

Affection Place

Book Affection Place for your next event.

The pop-rock ensemble Affection Place was formed in the 1980s amid the international New Wave/Post-Punk music scene and is located in Lyon, France. The original lineup toured alongside bands like Magazine, the Cramps, A Certain Ratio, Marquis de Sade, and many more gave several shows in France and Switzerland. After coming back together, the group put out a compilation of previously unheard... read full bio


Book AFI for your next event.

AFI has been recognized for revolutionizing goth-punk. The band is celebrated for their contributions of combining modern melodic hardcore and post-hardcore genres. AFI has released nine studio albums, ten EPs, one live album and one DVD since their formation. Their album, The Art of Drowning, peaked at No.174 on the Billboard 200 and No.9 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums... read full bio


Book Afriquoi for your next event.

Live African dance music that fuses the dexterity of the Gambian kora and Congolese guitar with the UK's electronic sensibility to provide upbeat, dancefloor-friendly new music for a new generation of music lovers. Afriquoi are an underground sensation that combine live electronics with upbeat African music. The superb 5-piece live presentation fuses electronic music inspired by house, garage, disco, soul and jungle... read full bio

Against Me!

Book Against Me! for your next event.

Against Me! is a punk rock band formed in Gainesville, Florida, in 1997 by singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace. Since 2002 the band's lineup has also included guitarist James Bowman. After releasing three studio albums through independent record labels, Against Me! moved to Sire Records for 2007's New Wave, which reached no. 57 on the Billboard 200. Their fifth... read full bio

Agar Agar

Book Agar Agar for your next event.

Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel make up the French electronic duo Agar Agar, who have been around since 2015. The two of them met back in the experimental art school called Beaux-Arts in Paris. Named after a jelly-like substance that comes from boiling red algae, Agar Agar is a synth-pop sensation with two studio albums and a slew of singles... read full bio

Aidan Bissett

Book Aidan Bissett for your next event.

Aidan Bissett is a young artist who’s been featured in BuzzFeed’s 62 Songs You’ve Definitely Listened To At Least 15 Seconds Of On TikTok This Year for the song “More Than Friends”. The song has indeed made waves on the popular social media app and has over 32 million streams on Spotify. This comes after his first single “Different”, another... read full bio

Aime Simone

Book Aime Simone for your next event.

Aime Simone is a rising star from Paris, France who first made a splash after throwing his journal on stage at a Pete Doherty concert. Against all odds, this worked and Pete began mentoring Aime and, soon, Aime would be making and releasing music of his own. He even opened for Pete on several different occasions. Drawing inspiration for the... read full bio


Book Aimee for your next event.

Aimee, an upcoming Irish musician, has been actively establishing herself in the pop industry. Aimée is dedicated to her roots as a nineties-pop lover, refusing to conform to the monotony dictating the current charts with one eye crate-digging for the great pop sounds of the past and the other fixed on the international stage. Aimee only ever had one desire growing... read full bio

Aimee Mann

Book Aimee Mann for your next event.

From her work in the 80’s with MTV favorite Til Tuesday through her acclaimed solo discs “Whatever” and “I’m With Stupid” in the 90s, Aimee Mann has always been at the forefront of contemporary songwriters. The close of the millennium brought her greatest success, with the simultaneous releases of Bachelor No. 2 and the soundtrack to the film Magnolia, which... read full bio

Aine Deane

Book Aine Deane for your next event.

Aine Deane, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter, gained notoriety after her debut single, "Hopeless," was made public. She had been wanting to write the song for a time. Aine had the hazy idea in her head, and she recalls noting it in a note to her buddy Oli, who co-wrote and produced it. She has since demonstrated that she should be taken... read full bio


Book Air for your next event.

Air is two musicians (Jean-Benot Dunckel and Nicolas Godin) who are typically French yet altogether worldly. Many of Frances best musicians have something of this, simultaneously from yet not of France. Its an argument that could be levelled at, say, Jean-Pierre Massiera, one of Frances misunderstood geniuses, or Saintly Serge, adored and occasionally reviled, Jacques Dutronc, who in the 60s... read full bio

Air Dubai

Book Air Dubai for your next event.

Synth pop and hip-hop are combined in Air Dubai's genre-defying music from Colorado. The electronic and sample-based duo Air Dubai, which originally consisted of vocalists/rappers Julian Church and Jon Shockness, later expanded to six members and became well-known for their energetic live performances. The bigger version of Air Dubai released the full-length album Wonder Age after first releasing a mixtape.... read full bio

Air Supply

Book Air Supply for your next event.

Truly living out the lyrics to their 1982 pop classic “Sweet Dreams,” Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, principals in the famed 80’s hit making duo Air Supply celebrated their 40-year partnership in 2015. Air Supply has been the recipient of unprecedented, worldwide radio airplay for their countless love songs. The duo of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock began in... read full bio


Book Airshow for your next event.

Airshow is a jamband that is destined to take off and become everyone's top priority. Childhood best friends Steve Gallagher (guitar/vocals) and Cody Chelius (mandolin/vocals), who had formed in Reading, Pennsylvania, expanded their wings and moved to Nashville. They started their rapid ascent to the top of Nashville's jamband scene when they met Bill Baker (bass/vocals) and John Rodrigue (drums/vocals), and... read full bio


Book Airways for your next event.

Airways originates in Peterborough, which is close to Chicago. It features Jake, who sings and plays the guitar, Alex, who plays the guitar, Jamie, who plays the bass, and Brian (drums). Their history is a peculiar one, what with them having performed at Reading and Leeds before their one anniversary as a band in the year 2016. After meeting Brian... read full bio

Aita Mon Amour

Book Aita Mon Amour for your next event.

Long before she was able to comprehend the meaning behind the words and the poetry they contained, vocalist Widad Mjama had an intense interest with the Chikhates—these formidable and powerful women who sang "rebel" songs and preserved a tradition that dates back to the 12th century. This passion gave rise to the project centered around the art of AITA. Aita is... read full bio

AJ Smith

Book AJ Smith for your next event.

AJ Smith is a Denver native who moved to Nashville from New York City. His atypical road to become a pop singer is evident in all of his songs, which have the peculiar ability to provoke a longing for the dramatic pop of bygone decades while feeling contemporary, new and emotionally in-the-moment. His great great uncle was renowned Cuban pianist Ernesto... read full bio


Book AJIMAL for your next event.

After becoming entangled in Haiti during the disaster, Fran O'Hanlon adopted the name AJIMAL. He came into contact with a notorious former voodoo priest while working at a field hospital during his medical training, from whom he would eventually get his nickname. He started studying to play the classical piano as a young boy, albeit rather reluctantly, but he strayed from... read full bio

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