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Book Jypsi for your next event.

Truly innovative country acts are a rarity, and those that emerge from the generally traditional ranks of Nashville's Lower Broadway are rarer still. That, however, is part of what makes Jypsi such a phenomenal story. Lower Broad may be known for its seemingly endless supply of talented and innovative players, but it had never seen anything quite like them. Musically,... read full bio


Book Jyoty for your next event.

For the past six years, Jyoty has been known throughout the world as the voice of Saturday morning on Rinse FM thanks to her unmatched talent as an interviewer and music picker. The DJ, who was born in Amsterdam and now calls London home, has worked incredibly hard to establish herself as one of the underground's most beloved characters. Her debut... read full bio


Book Jxdn for your next event.

Jaden Isaiah Hossler, better known by his stage name Jxdn (pronounce "Jaden"), is a singer, composer, and TikTok celebrity hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the United States of America. Jxdn is stylised with all lowercase letters. In 2019, Hossler gained a significant amount of popularity through the use of the video-sharing application TikTok. He did not start his career as... read full bio

JW Francis

Book JW Francis for your next event.

JW Francis is one of Sunday Best Recordings' newest artists. He was born in Oklahoma, was reared in Paris, now resides in New York City, works as a Nobel Prize winner's assistant, is a certified tour guide in New York City and owns a murder mystery company. With echoes of Jonathan Richman, The Velvet Underground and the lo-fi sound New York has... read full bio


Book JVKE for your next event.

Rhode Island based artist JVKE decided to stylize the name “Jake” with a “V” because it looks, obviously, like an upside down “A” and that’s precisely because his new single is called “Upside Down”. It’s the single that launched him into the spotlight with a little help of some TikTok viral fame. JVKE is a very talented musician who has... read full bio

JVCK James

Book JVCK James for your next event.

JVCK James is an up-and-coming soul RnB singer-songwriter from East London, England. Through his music, James takes influence from 90’s and 00’s music and finds influence in artists such as D’Angelo, Lauren Hill, Khalid and Frank Ocean. James has previously graduated from East London Academy of Music and since then, has began writing his own songs. After deciding to pursue... read full bio

Juwan Howard

Book Juwan Howard for your next event.

Juwan Howard is an American college basketball coach who was formerly a professional player as well. Howard studied at Chicago Vocational Career Academy where he played three seasons of varsity basketball. He went on to study college at the University of Michigan where he was then drafted first round, 5th overall pick by the Washington Bullets / Wizards of the... read full bio


Book Juvenile for your next event.

Terius Gray may call himself Juvenile, but he is no young buck when it comes to the music business. The New Orleans native has been consistently putting it down for fifteen years. He has released eight albums which have spawned some of rap's most popular club hits, started his own UTP label imprint, and unbeknownst to many, laid the foundation... read full bio


Book Juto for your next event.

Juto is a singer and songwriter from Missouri and Georgia who was signed to Travis “Taco” Bennett’s RE7AX Records, which was in association with COR/TAN Records. This highly talented musician (also known as Jarius Gay) is a multi-talented musician and can play six different instruments: bass, guitar, keyboards, trombone, and others. Growing up, he was greatly influenced by things like... read full bio

Justus Bennetts

Book Justus Bennetts for your next event.

Justus Bennetts is a singer and rapper who is from in North Carolina. He is most recognized for his unique blend of pop music that is influenced by both punk and hip hop. Bennetts was able to bridge the gap between musicians like as Machine Gun Kelly and Chance the Rapper, and he did it by attracting listeners with songs... read full bio

Juston Mckinney

Book Juston Mckinney for your next event.

Juston McKinney is an American actor and comedian who has been seen numerous times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Prior to his work as a comedian, McKinney was a deputy Sheriff in Maine before moving to New York to pursue his comedy career. Not too long after, McKinney was seen at Comic Strip Live, Stand-up New York, Gotham,... read full bio

Justine Skye

Book Justine Skye for your next event.

A native of the United States, Justine Indira Skyers is better recognized by her stage name, Justine Skye. Skye, whose initial notoriety came via Tumblr, decided to pursue a career in the music industry when she was 19 years old and received a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Skye's Jamaican parents brought her into the world on August 24, 1995,... read full bio

Justine Simmons

Book Justine Simmons for your next event.

Most well known for starring in her husband Rev Runs hit reality series, Runs House on MTV, Justine Simmons is also a successful author, jewelry designer, and philanthropist. She penned the childrens book, God Can You Hear Me, which gained legions of readers with its sweet and powerful message. Justine and her husband are currently writing a book together, titled... read full bio

Justine Marino

Book Justine Marino for your next event.

Justine ""the Machine"" Marino was born in Boston but spent most of her childhood in Denver Colorado. Upon moving to LA she got into improv and sketch comedy at The Groundlings and UCB and eventually on a whim tried stand up. It was a match made in heaven and she has since been playing colleges and clubs across the country,... read full bio

Justina Machado

Book Justina Machado for your next event.

Justina Machado is an American actress who is best known for playing Vanessa Diaz in the series “Six Feet Under” and Penelope Alvarez in the Netflix series “One Day at a Time”. She started her career growing up where she participated in her school plays. Machado also studied dance at Franklin Fine Arts Center and performed with the Latino Chicago... read full bio

Justin Wren

Book Justin Wren for your next event.

Mercilessly bullied as a child, Justin responded by transforming himself into a champion MMA fighter. Yet despite his success, he quietly questioned the significance of his own athletic accomplishments. Each time his hand was raised in victory he thought, “Is this it Is this as good as it gets” As he fought his way to the top and battled never-ending... read full bio

Justin Willman

Book Justin Willman for your next event.

One of America's busiest TV personalities and live performers, dynamic actor and magician Justin Willman has taken the entertainment industry by storm. With an incredible list of popular television programs and outstanding live performances, Justin has enthralled audiences with his distinct fusion of humor and magic. Justin is well-known for presenting a number of highly-liked Food Network programs, including Cupcake Wars... read full bio

Justin Williams

Book Justin Williams for your next event.

At the age of 15, Justin Williams started riding competitively and fell in love with track racing. Within two years of taking up the sport, Justin Williams burst into the scene with two sprinting National Championship victories. As a young rider, he won several national medals in sprint events thanks to his explosiveness, speed and competitive nature. Along with his love... read full bio

Justin Wells

Book Justin Wells for your next event.

Coming from the former country band, Fifth on the Floor, Justin Wells is now pursuing his solo career. He and the other Fifth on the Floor members turned a local bar band into an international touring group, sharing the stage with several well-known names in the industry. He began his writing the tracks for his first solo album shortly after... read full bio

Justin Wasserman

Book Justin Wasserman for your next event.

Justin Wasserman has worked with organizations around the world to accelerate their most critical business strategies. These strategies have ranged from driving profitable growth and post merger integration to process and product innovation, rapid prototyping, leadership development, and strategic cost cutting. On top of his client work, Justin has been a guest lecturer and speaker at Columbia University, The Milano... read full bio

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