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Book BAMBII for your next event.

Kirsten Azan, often known as Bambii, is one of Canada's most captivating DJs. Her political and musical vernacular, whether online or on dancefloors, lends validity to dance music's ever-expanding reach, as well as the links it fosters between individuals, cultures, and spaces. As proof, she recently concluded her third European solo tour and has also toured Asia. She's backed some of... read full bio


Book Bamily for your next event.

Bamily is a Brixton, London band with an incredible fusion of pop, disco, soul, and hip-hop in their sound. They also utilize certain elements of DJing, making them very different than other pop groups that are kind of like them. Then again, there aren’t a lot of bands like Bamily, with their use of heavy beats samples over heavy drums... read full bio

Ban Ki-moon

Book Ban Ki-moon for your next event.

Ban Ki-moon is a South Korean politician and diplomat who has previously served as the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations. Ki-moon was born in Insei, Japanese Korea, which is now known as Eumseong County, South Korea. While in high school, Ki-moon excelled in his studies of the English language which led to him winning an essay contest that earned... read full bio


Book Banachek for your next event.

Steven Shaw, better known as his stage name Banachek, is an English mentalist, magician, writer, mind reader and skeptic. He came to popularity after appearing in James Randi’s Project Alpha experiment. He has since gone on to be director of the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, which was conducted by the James Randi Educational Foundation. He is also a fellow... read full bio


Book Bananarama for your next event.

Founding members Keren Woodward, Sarah Dallin, and Siobhan Fahey formed Bananarama after friends suggested that they form a band. Initially, it was friends (including Mel O'Brien) fooling around on instruments in The Professionals (ex-Sex Pistols Paul Cook, and Steve Jones) rehearsal room under their squat in Denmark Street, London. Fans disagree as to what their best album is, most... read full bio

Band From TV

Book Band From TV for your next event.

The Band From TV lineup includes a bunch of well-known and acclaimed actors including: Greg Grunberg (drums) - ""Alias"", ""Felicity"", ""Heroes"" James Denton (guitar) ""Desperate Housewives"" Bob Guiney (vocals) ""The Bachelor"", TLC's ""Date My House"" Jesse Spencer (violin) ""House” Adrian Pasdar (guitar) ""Heroes"", ""Desperate Housewives"" Scott Grimes (keyboards) “ER”, ""American Dad.” Band From TV’s set features some of the... read full bio

Band of Heathens

Book Band of Heathens for your next event.

Band of Heathens is a Texas based Americana-Rock band that broke the mold when their first two releases were live recordings. They didn’t even use a setlist until winning Best New Band at the Austin Music Awards. They’ve created a unique and cohesive sound that stems from their songwriting background and relaxed vibe early on.... read full bio

Band Of Horses

Book Band Of Horses for your next event.

"Band of Horses, an Indie band that was at first named simply Horses, started in Seattle, Washington. This South Carolina-based indie-rock band's swirling, dream pop-like musical backing, ragged Neil Young influences and tenor vocals initially drew comparisons to fellow Southern-based indie rockers My Morning Jacket. Multi-instrumentalists Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke formed the group after their slow-core band Carissa's Wierd... read full bio

Band of Skulls

Book Band of Skulls for your next event.

Vocalists/guitarist Russell Marsden, Bass player Emma Richardson, and drummer Matt Hayward formed indie rock group Band of Skulls in 2004 out of Southampton, UK while attending Southampton City College. The supported themselves with nightclub gigs under the name Fleeing New York. They name was changed to Band of Skulls prior to the releae of their debut. Baby Darling Doll Face... read full bio


Book Band-Maid for your next event.

Band-Maid is a Japanese-based all-female rock band who’s been slinging great songs since 2013. Regardless of their very unique and bubblegum style and eccentric fashion choices, there’s nothing that separates them from other heavy metal peers. They are highly skilled musicians, songwriters, and rockers with incredible sound. They shred on their guitars and pound their drums and their loud hooks... read full bio

Banda El Recodo

Book Banda El Recodo for your next event.

Not only is the world-renowned Banda El Recodo the first banda to come out of Mexico, but it is also the most popular and successful. The group is made up of four clarinets, three trumpets, a tambora, a bass drum with a cymbal on top, a tarola, a snare drum, a tuba, three trombones, two alto horns, and two singers.... read full bio

Banda Los Recoditos

Book Banda Los Recoditos for your next event.

The Latin Grammy award winning, Banda Los Recoditos are a Mexican band from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The band was founded by friends and family members of, La Banda El Rocodo de Cruz Lizarraga. Banda Los Recoditos have differentiated themselves from their parent group by adopting a looser, hipper style to appeal to the regional Mexican youth market. They gained international attention... read full bio

Banda Los Sebastianes

Book Banda Los Sebastianes for your next event.

Banda Los Sebastianes is a Mexican Regional band that consists of numerous members and was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. The group was started after the release of their two singles “El Rock Del Triste” and “Piensalo Bien”. Both of their debut singles appeared in the top 10 on the radio stations all over the nation. Shortly after, the group... read full bio

Banda MS

Book Banda MS for your next event.

Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga, also known as Banda MS, is a Mexican Banda from Sinaloa, Mexico. The group consists of numbers members and was created by brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizarraga. They made their debut with their album “No Podras”. Since then, they’ve gone on to release 12 more albums, their most recent being “Con todas las fuerzas”.... read full bio

Bandalos Chinos

Book Bandalos Chinos for your next event.

Indie-pop band Bandalos Chinos is revered by producer Adan Jodorowsky. The Argentine sextet of Gregorio Degano, Salvador Colombo, Tomás Verduga, Matas Verduga, Iaki Colombo and Nicolás Rodrguez del Pozo is known for its catchy melodies, which would make any classical European composer into the teenage leader of their fanbase. They may not have intended for this to happen when they released... read full bio

Bandits on the Run

Book Bandits on the Run for your next event.

Bandits on the Run is a bunch of things: they’re indie, they’re folk, they’re pop, and they’re Americana. The trio consists of three lead-singers, a cello, a suitcase drum, an accordion, and, of course, a guitar. The three of them use their on-stage alter-egos: Roy Dodger, Bonanza Jellyfish, and Clarissa. Needless to say, Bandits on the Run is a bit... read full bio

Bandits on the Run

Book Bandits on the Run for your next event.

The three lead singers of the indie-folk-pop-americana group Bandits on the Run are accompanied by a guitar, a cello, an accordion, a suitcase drum, and other toy instruments. Their vibrant performance style, genre-bending sound, soaring harmonies, and ability to create music enchantment in public spaces like concert halls and subway platforms have made them well-known since they were born and... read full bio

Bands And Brothers Tour - Diamond Rio & Restless Heart

Book Bands And Brothers Tour - Diamond Rio & Restless Heart for your next event.

Since its foundation, Diamond Rio has comprised the same six members: Gene Johnson (mandolin, guitar, fiddle, tenor vocals), Jimmy Olander (lead guitar, Dobro, Danelectro, banjo), Brian Prout (drums), Marty Roe (lead vocals), Dan Truman (keyboards, organ, synthesizer), and Dana Williams (bass guitar, baritone vocals). Restless Heart’s original members were John Dittrich (drums, background vocals), Paul Gregg (bass guitar, background vocals),... read full bio

Bane's World

Book Bane's World for your next event.

Shane Blanchard, professionally known as Banes World, is an alternative-indie musical artist. His music is a combination of 80s and 90s feel, and a 60s and 70s vibe, which can be titled, Dream Pop. Blanchard creates his music in his garage in Long Beach, California. His dreamy music has caught wind of Tyler, The Creator who went to go see... read full bio

Banijay Asia

Book Banijay Asia for your next event.

Producing high-quality content for TV, movies, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms, Banijay Asia specializes in factual, entertainment, scripted and reality programming. Banijay Asia, a joint venture between Banjjay and Deepak Dhar, was established in early 2018 with the goal of growing Banijay's footprint in South East Asia and India. Deepak Dhar, the founder and CEO, is in charge of all new business initiatives,... read full bio

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