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Book Basenji for your next event.

"Basenji is an electronic music producer and DJ from Sydney, Australia. His first releases gained popularity through Triple J’s Unearthed competition. He later signed to the record label Future Classic, where he was able to develop his sound. Basenji has released a multitude of tracks, including a full EP titled Trackpad. His song, Can’t Get Enough, was featured in the... read full bio

Bashir Salahuddin

Book Bashir Salahuddin for your next event.

Bashir Salahuddin is an American actor, writer, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. Salahuddin has been a staff writer for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, a writer for television series “Chocolate News”, and as Keith Bang on the Netflix series “GLOW”. Salahuddin also played Morgan Russel on the film “Snatched”, and will be on the huge upcoming film “Top Gun: Maverick”.... read full bio


Book Basia for your next event.

Basia has established a successful international recording career featuring characteristically Latin-flavoured jazz-pop crossover songs during the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly in the USA, the UK, France, and Japan. She is noted for possessing a wide vocal range, approximately three octaves that span from contralto to soprano tessituras, as well as her singular jazz-influenced stylings and multi-layered harmonies. Basia... read full bio

Basia Bulat

Book Basia Bulat for your next event.

Basia Bulat is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Ontario. Bulat can play several instruments such as the piano, guitar, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, charango and ukulele. She grew up in Etobicoke, Ontario, and her mother was a music teacher who taught the piano and guitar. Bulat went on to earn a degree in English at the University of... read full bio

Basic Physics

Book Basic Physics for your next event.

Basic Physics is a progressive / electro house producer. Basic Physics has charted Top 10 on the Hype Machine, including four chart topping tracks. Combining top-40 acapellas with massive instrumentals. Starting in EDM a little over a year and a half ago, Basic Physics has performed across the United States and Mexico, performed with Hardwell, Big Gigantic, Steve Aoki,... read full bio

Bass Drum of Death

Book Bass Drum of Death for your next event.

Bass Drum of Death is an American garage punk band from Oxford, Mississippi. The band currently consists of members John Barrett, Eric Parisi and Jim Barrett. Over the years, the band has released two EPs and four studio albums. Some of Bass Drum of Death’s most popular songs include “Velvet Itch”, “Get Found”, “Nerve Jamming”, “Way Out”, “I Wanna Be... read full bio

Bassam Tariq

Book Bassam Tariq for your next event.

Bassam Tariq is a TED Fellow, writer, and independent filmmaker. Tariq has produced a variety of independent films, which released at venues like the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. His films include Ghosts of Sugar Land, which won the Short Film Jury Prize and Sundance, These Birds Walk, and Mughal Mowgli. Tariq’s films have been honorably mentioned in publications like... read full bio

Bassem Youssef

Book Bassem Youssef for your next event.

Bassem Youssef, often referred to as the Jon Stewart of the Middle East, is a satirist and columnist who has faced tremendous adversity with censorship and hard laws in Egypt. Inspired by Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show to begin his career, Youssef hosted the Al-Bernameg (The Show), a satirical news program, for three years. Youssef was named among Time magazine’s... read full bio


Book Bassjackers for your next event.

Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst, better known as the duo Bassjackers, gained worldwide fame for their Electro House tracks. A few years into Flohr and van Hilsts career, they caught the attention of Tiesto, who signed them on his label Musical Freedom. Since then, their songs Savior, Crackin and Wave your hands, as well as other tracks, reached the... read full bio


Book Bastille for your next event.

English rock band Bastille has taken the world by storm with their single “Pompeii.” The track, off their debut album Bad Blood, made it onto the top 5 in the UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and the US. The track went Platinum an impressive total of twenty times and Gold once. The album reached No. 1 in the UK... read full bio


Book Bat for your next event.

Bat is a project from Meat Loaf. Bat is the hit songs from Meat Loaf performed by his band, The Neverland Express plus American Idol winner, Caleb Johnson. What Johnson brings to the table, is a unique take on classic Meat Loaf singles such as, “Bat Out Of Hell”, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light”, and “I Would Do Anything For... read full bio

Bat for Lashes

Book Bat for Lashes for your next event.

Enchanting indie rock singer Bat for Lashes, a.k.a Natasha Khan, has four albums out so far: Fur and Gold, Two Suns, The Haunted Man, and The Bride. All except for the Haunted Man have earned her Mercury Prize nominations. Bat for Lashes has been nominated four times for the British Female Solo Artist Brit Award, in addition to another nomination... read full bio


Book Batare for your next event.

Batare consists of a drum artist, four percussionists, and a cellist. They are said to be a must-see show of the century. The show goes through a blend of adrenaline, choreography, storytelling, and an orchestral version of rocknroll on stage. It is not only heard, but it is felt. Batare is widely popular for their blend of choreography, and music,... read full bio


Book Bathe for your next event.

Bathe is an up-and-coming R&B duo from Brooklyn, New York. Their unique for their blend of surf music and R&B. Bathe consists of members Dev & Corey and they most recently released their debut single, “Sure Shot”. Since then, they have released several songs through SoundCloud and have released their debut EP, “I’ll Miss You”. Bathe has been featured in... read full bio


Book Baths for your next event.

Will Wiesenfeld, known by his stage name Baths, is an indie electronic music producer and singer. As a classically trained musician, Wiesenfeld ended up experimenting with different types of music, eventually creating his own ambient, alternative style. He has released several albums and received mention on Pitchfork Medias Album of the Year: Honorable Mention list. Much of Wiesenfelds music is... read full bio


Book Baths for your next event.

Will Wiesenfeld, better known as his stage name, Baths, is an American electronic musician from Tarzana, Los Angeles, California. Baths was raised in Woodland Hills, and is a classically trained musician who began learning how to play the piano at only four years old. While growing older, Baths went on to begin experimenting with different music and began releasing music... read full bio


Book Battles for your next event.

Battles is an experimental rock band comprised of three individuals. Ian Williams on guitar and keyboard, Dave Konopka on guitar and bass, and John Stanier on drums. The band compiles loops of experimental rock sounds, heavy rhythms, and dystopian noise. Their music has been featured in video games such as LittleBigPlanet, in commercials for companies like Audi, and on television... read full bio

Baudouin Prot

Book Baudouin Prot for your next event.

Baudouin Prot is the former CEO and Chairman of BNP Paribas and is also a senior advisor at Boston Consulting Group. During his time working for BNP Paribas, Prot turned the bank into a French centered company, into a company that was used throughout all of Europe. Prot helped make this so by acquiring BNL in Italy and Fortis in... read full bio


Book Bauhaus for your next event.

Bauhaus is an English rock band from Northampton, England, that consists of members Daniel Ash, Peter Murphy, Kevin Haskins, and David J. Ash, Haskins, and his brother David J, Haskins had all played in various bands while growing up and played together in the band Craze. Ash then went on to form a band with Kevin Haskins and then added... read full bio

Baxter Black

Book Baxter Black for your next event.

Everything about Baxter is cowboy; his cartoonish mustache, his personality and his poetry. He makes a living shining a spotlight on the flaws and foibles of everyday cowboy life. He demonstrates that it is the truth in his humor that makes it funny. He can shoe a horse, string a bob wire fence and bang out a Bob Wills classic... read full bio

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