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Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Book Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs for your next event.

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs is a rock and roll band from Toronto. The group is comprised of members Sam Coffey, Liam Doyle, Joel French, Connor Glen, Richard Stanley, and Dave Tyson. The band has released several albums, with their most recent being self-titled Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs. Some of their most popular songs include, Tough, Talk... read full bio

Naked Giants

Book Naked Giants for your next event.

Naked Giants is a band comprised of members Grant Mullen, Giani Aiello and Henry LaVallee. Their debut EP launched the band into a whirlwind musical journey. Their sounds incorporate modern ideas delivered through thoughtful lyrics, psychedelic harmonies, and underlying tones of punk. The band has performed at festivals like South by Southwest (SXSW). Naked Giants most popular songs include, SLUFF,... read full bio

Ruby Boots

Book Ruby Boots for your next event.

Ruby Boots left her home at the age of fourteen. Her life began in a complicated home, and she turned to work on pearling boats to escape. Ruby Boots nomadic lifestyle led her to Nashville, Tennessee, where she started her musical career. The artists sound is filled with memories from Rubys past, formed by landscapes of her travels, and echoes... read full bio


Book Hembree for your next event.

Hembree is an alternative rock band comprised of members Isaac Flynn, Garrett Childers, and Eric Davis. With Flynn taking lead as songwriter and singer, Hembree performs authentic alternative rock to audiences around the nation. Having appeared on National Public Radios Slingshot and featured at SXSW festival for their official showcase, this band is on the rise to stardom. They have... read full bio


Book Caverns for your next event.

Caverns is a psychedelic rock band. Comprised of artists Nicola Wincenc, Russell Holzman, Lucio Wesmoreland, Isaac Sleator, and Nick Katz, the group uses guitars and drums to create their own unique form of rock music. TWELV magazine has reported that the group members are little terrors that have a knack for toe-curling guitar lines, and heavy psychedelic grooves. The group... read full bio

Okey Dokey

Book Okey Dokey for your next event.

Okey Dokey is an up-and-coming alternative band from Nashville that is formed of different artists, but the main band members are Aaron Martin on vocals, and Johny Fisher on guitar. They previously worked together and decided to revisit making music together and to their surprise they created something beautiful that they both loved. Their music is a mix of Motown... read full bio

Craig Stickland

Book Craig Stickland for your next event.

Craig Stickland is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Toronto. Some of his most known songs include, Liquor Store Blues", "Whiskey And You Cover", "Oh Girl Cover", "Always Come Back To You", and "Break Every Rule". Stickland's newest single is "Warning", he was recently seen touring with Alessia Cara and Matthew Good, and he's off to tour around the United States... read full bio

Pretty Vicious

Book Pretty Vicious for your next event.

Pretty Vicious is an alternative punk band from Wales. The band consists of four talent members, Brad Griffiths, Elliot Jones, Jarvis Morgan, and Tom McCarthy. They have been compared to bands like Kasabian, Royal Blood, Oasis, and the Arctic Monkeys. The band has gained attention from publications like NME and Paste for their sound and performing style. They have released... read full bio

Baby in Vain

Book Baby in Vain for your next event.

Hailing from Denmark, Baby in Vain is comprised of three ladies, Lola Hammerich, Benedicte Pierleoni, and Andrea Thuesen. The trio combines sounds of grunge, blues, and indie to create their noise rock. Their sound has been compared to sludge and heavy metal, drawing connections to the sounds of the 90s. The band has been mentioned by publications like Vice and... read full bio


Book Boredoms for your next event.

The Boredoms are an experimental rock band from Osaka, Japan. The band uses a multitude of instruments to create their noise. They have performed at festivals like Lollapalooza. They tour all over, from the UK to the US, and to Japan. They have released albums featuring artists like U.N.K.L.E., DJ Krush, and Ken Ishii. The Boredoms go through a lot... read full bio

Suzanne Santo

Book Suzanne Santo for your next event.

Suzanne Santo is best known as the singer and fiddle player from the band HoneyHoney. Santo has also branched out to her own solo music and in addition has done some acting. Santo has appeared in various television shows and films such as, Imaginary Heroes, Medium, Judging Amy, Law & Order, The Guest Book, Without a Trace, Blind Justice, and... read full bio

Adult Jazz

Book Adult Jazz for your next event.

Adult Jazz is an experimental rock band from the United Kingdom. Comprised of members Steven Wells, Tim Slater, Harry Burgess, and Tom Howe. They have released a total of two albums, Gist Is and Earrings Off. Adult Jazzs sound is hard to describe. They go out of their way to make sure their sound is their's and their's only, and... read full bio


Book Blonder for your next event.

Constantine Anastaskis, the creator of Blonder, impresses listeners around the world with his tracks. Hailing from New York City, Blonder has worked with artists like Willie Cosmos, PORCHES, and Wet. Blonders indie rock sound matches perfectly with the summertime. Fueled by groovy guitar and punk-y vocals, each track of Blonders incorporates lyrics inspired by failed relationships, love, and more. Blonder... read full bio

Cary Brothers

Book Cary Brothers for your next event.

Cary Brothers is an indie rock artist from Los Angeles. He is best known for his song Blue Eyes, which was featured on the soundtrack for Grammy-winning Garden State. Brothers has had over sixty songs featured in television series such as Greys Anatomy, Bones, and in films like Easy A. The artist has performed live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and... read full bio

Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones

Book Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones for your next event.

"Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones are a rock and roll band fueled by South Caroline spirit. Fronted by Hannah Wicklund herself, a powerful guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, the band has developed into a modern, sublime group. Wicklund formed the band at the age of eight, and since, she has been jamming with audiences around the nation. The group’s sounds... read full bio

Miya Folick

Book Miya Folick for your next event.

Miya Folick is a rebel- she dropped out of school at New York University to play music. When she didnt click with the college scene, Folick moved home, learned how to play the guitar, and started a band. Using the dating application, Tinder, Folick advertised for band members. With her band, she turns her emotions into sounds, radiating her strong... read full bio

Absynthe Minded

Book Absynthe Minded for your next event.

Absynthe Minded is comprised of members Bert Ostyn, Sergej Van Bouwel, Simon Segers, Toon Vlerick, and Wouter Vlaeminck. Originally started by Bert Ostyn as a solo project, Absynthe Minded soon expanded into a quintet. The group has been performing for nearly two decades, and has honed in on a unique sound, described as a fusion of jazz, funk, soul, and... read full bio

Sail On

Book Sail On for your next event.

Sail On is a Beach Boys tribute band that consist of Wyatt Funderburk, Mike Williamson, Paul Runyon, Matt Thompson, and Jason Brewer. The band focuses on perfecting the sound of the Beach Boys into their live performances and the members themselves have had tons of experience and have toured with artists like The Zombies, Earth Wind and Fire, Cheap Trick,... read full bio

Armchair Cynics

Book Armchair Cynics for your next event.

Comprised of band members Ryan Rae, Kenn Coutu, Brendan Walker, and Aran Puritch, the Armchair Cynics are a rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. They perform rock music inspired by their own personal tastes. From British rock music to the sounds of the Killers, a little bit of multi-genre rock flair is added to each of their tracks. The band... read full bio

B Boys

Book B Boys for your next event.

B Boys are an up-and-coming indie band that consists of members Andrew Kerr, Brendon Avalos, and Britton Walker. They are from Brooklyn, New York, and have released two albums, Dada, and No Worry No Mind. B Boys often play around the US and have performed alongside bands such as, Merchandise, Hoops, PILL, Parquet Courts, Bonny Doon, Yowler, and more. Some... read full bio

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