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Daddy Issues

Book Daddy Issues for your next event.

Daddy Issues formed back in winter of 2014 after singer Jenna Moynihan saw the words "Daddy Issues" spray-painted on the wall of a venue they were playing at and for a moment thought it could be an all-girl punk band. At the very least, it would make for a great band name, so she adopted then name, recruiting Emily Maxwell... read full bio


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D-A-D started out playing together when they were young, back in the early 1980s. This was in Copenhagen, Denmark and they played using their very first band name Disneyland After Dark. Obviously, the name didn’t stick, but the band did as they maintain a strong bond to this day. They dropped their very first EP back in 1985 and nearly... read full bio

Death Tour

Book Death Tour for your next event.

Death Tour is something of an enigma. They hit the scene with an interesting mix of rap and heavy metal in 2018 with the release of their single “(New Portland) Dolls”. The next year, they released their debut studio album “Blood Pact”, along with the single “OFF!”. Most recently, they released the song “SCARED”. The album consists of 12 tracks,... read full bio

Delaire the Liar

Book Delaire the Liar for your next event.

Delaire the Liar (consisting of Ffin Colley, Em Lodge, Chaz Tomlinson, Hannah Watts) combines punk with indie and alternative to create a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Kerrang! Has called them “Truly excellent,” DIY has referred to them as “Reminiscent of Marmozets, and even At The Drive-In,” Upset has called them “Your new favorite band,” AP has said they... read full bio


Book DITZ for your next event.

There’s no band out there like DITZ, a punk band that’s very rough around the edges but manages to offer up quite a bit of complex post-hardcore elements with a touch of experimental. They’ve been compared to bands such as Sonic Youth, Black Flag or Flipper, but there’s definitely a lot more to it, as they incorporate some electronic sounds... read full bio


Book Dredg for your next event.

Dredg is an American rock band that’s been performing since 1993. After playing for about 20 years, they took a four year hiatus and have been back in the game, churning out good tunes that their fanbase adores. The band consists of Gavin Hayes, Drew Roulette, Mark Engles, and Dino Campanella. They all started playing music together when they were... read full bio

Giant Rooks

Book Giant Rooks for your next event.

Hamm, Germany-natives Giant Rooks have been churning out good tunes since 2014. Five years later, they won the 1Live Krone Award and the Preis für Popkultur. A year later, they released their debut studio album “Rookery”, which came as a surprise to their adoring fans as this was in the midst of a global pandemic when the world had essentially... read full bio


Book HRVY for your next event.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who goes by the stage name Hrvy, is an English singer-songwriter and television personality. Hrvy was one of six presenters on the show Friday Download during its Series 7 and Series 9 runs. He also appeared on an episode of Got What It Takes In 2020, he competed on the Strictly Come Dancing competition show. As a... read full bio


Book HOKO for your next event.

Hoko is known for their particular brand of pop lyricism and exciting dance-rock sounds. The band hails from New York and they debuted their very first album “Heathen” in 2020, the same year the band first got together. Their sound has been described as “big” and “textured,” “inviting yet challenging.” It’s clear in their sound that they’re inspired by the... read full bio


Book Ho99o9 for your next event.

Ho99o9, which is strangely pronounced “horror,” is a punk rap group that hails from Newark, New Jersey that consists of theOGM, Eaddy, and Brandon Pertzborn. The band has been around since 2012 and in the last 10 years, Rolling Stones has included them in their 10 New Artists You Need to Know and The Guardian called them New Band of... read full bio

James and the Cold Gun

Book James and the Cold Gun for your next event.

Not to be confused with the famous song by Kate Bush, James and the Cold Gun is a rock group from Cardiff, Wales. They are a duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist James Joseph and guitarist James Biss. They consider themselves big fans of the Queens of the Stone Age, as well as garage rock bands like The Hives and The Strokes.... read full bio

John (TimesTwo)

Book John (TimesTwo) for your next event.

John (TimesTwo) or John Times Two or however you want to stylize it is a London-based alternative indie rock band consisting of (as you probably guessed) a duo of two peole named John (John newton on drums and vocals and John Healey on guitar and backup vocals). It’s been a decade since the band has been on the scene and... read full bio

Walter Egan

Book Walter Egan for your next event.

Walter Egan is a massively famous rockstar who struck gold in the 70s with his smash hit “Magnet and Steel” which appeared on “Not Shy”, his second album. Walter, a Queens native, got himself a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Georgetown University at Washington, D.C. as a sculpture major. At the same time, he was also perfecting his musical talents.... read full bio

Warp 11

Book Warp 11 for your next event.

Warp 11 is a Sacramento, California based indie rock band who are perhaps best known for their original songs based on the hit TV show Star Trek. They blend genres like blues, country, punk, classic rock, alternative, etc. The band consists of Captain Karl Miller (bassist and vocalist), Chief Engineer Brian Moore (guitarist and vocalist), Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer... read full bio

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Book The Flying Burrito Brothers for your next event.

"The Gilded Palace of Sin", the Flying Burrito Brothers' groundbreaking debut album from 1969, made them a household name among country rockers in the United States. Despite having ties to the band's founders, Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, the group endured numerous personnel changes and has continued to exist in various forms to the present. In 2002, Sneaky Pete Kleinow... read full bio

The Hootz

Book The Hootz for your next event.

Western New York-based The Hootz, formerly known as The Hootn'Anges, is an alternative rock country band. Luke and Ange Marino are a husband and wife team that play guitar, bass guitar, and sing. Their hilarious lyrics and unpolished music have a certain purity to them. Their performances feature a number of classically educated musicians, some of whom play the fiddle,... read full bio

ZOSO: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience

Book ZOSO: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience for your next event.

The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience was founded in 1995 with the goal of performing the most authentic and compelling Led Zeppelin live performance since the original. It's much more than a homage for Zoso. It's about reliving a musical epoch. In spirit, tightly wrapped talent, and genuineness, Zoso epitomizes Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones. Each member of the band has... read full bio

The Young Evils

Book The Young Evils for your next event.

The rock group The Young Evils, from Seattle, Washington, is a great example of how final results frequently diverge significantly from original plans. Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer, coworkers at a record store, started The Young Evils as a fun, Vaselines-inspired pop duo. However, they no longer sound anything like that group. The Brooklyn-based band extended their sound after their... read full bio

Crass Mammoth

Book Crass Mammoth for your next event.

The kitchen is the only area in the trailer where you can write, work, or play music. Therefore, for the rock group Crass Mammoth from North Georgia, the kitchen has taken on a cosmic significance. The core of the band is made up of the Crowe brothers, Joseph (vocals, guitar, drums), and Matthew (bass, drums), with Trey Epperson III, a... read full bio

Hot Rod Circuit

Book Hot Rod Circuit for your next event.

Hot Rod Circuit is a masterfully created creature that combines unmistakable melodies with jagged guitars in a kind of musical assault. The band, which is originally from Auburn, Alabama, was founded and soon gained popularity by playing in neighborhood bars and sharing the stage with acts like The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, and Poster Children. Originally going under the moniker Antidote,... read full bio

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