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Book Hether for your next event.

Hether is actually Paul Castelluzzo, a San Diego native who grew up playing blues music and listening to a wide range of music: Beach Boys, T. Rex, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, etc. Paul -- a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter – wrote and recording his very own debut EP “Hether Who” Just one year later, Hether released his debut studio album... read full bio

Daisy the Great

Book Daisy the Great for your next event.

Daisy the Great hails from Brooklyn, where Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker found their love of indie pop music while attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. They started writing a musical together while taking a comedy class. It was pretty immediate that they discovered their talent and their musical chemistry. The two of them – along with fellow... read full bio


Book mewithoutyou for your next event.

mewithoutYou isn’t just a modern-day post-hardcore rock act – they are an exciting experimental rock band. Hailing from Philadelphia, this quintet of experienced rockers have been shaking things up for the last 15 years. While many post-hardcore bands have fizzled out somewhat, mewithoutYou not only maintains their strong fanbase but grows it as well. They are an ever-relevant performance for... read full bio


Book Widowspeak for your next event.

Widowspeak came to be in 2010 when Tacoma, Washington friends Molly Hamilton and Michael Stasiak got together with guitarist Robert Earl Thomas and began jamming out new tunes. After a year of hammering out their unique indie rock shoegaze sound, the band released their very first self-titled album. The album received incredible critical acclaim and still remains one of their... read full bio

Lower Dens

Book Lower Dens for your next event.

Jana Hunter used to perform as a solo artist and was signed to Gnomonsong. His solo album “Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom” wasn’t just his first release, it was the studio’s debut release. Jana would later found his own label called Feow! Records alongside fellow musicians Arthur Bates of Wicked Poseur and Matthew Brownlie of Bring Back the Guns. Jana... read full bio

Benny Sings

Book Benny Sings for your next event.

Benny Sings, born Tim Van Berkestijn, is an Amsterdam-native whose music can be described as pop and rock. The singer songwriter adopted the name Benny Sings after jointing a Dutch hip hop group called Abstract Dialect. While the band dissolved, the name stuck around. While he’s been playing music since the late 90s, his professional career really took off in... read full bio


Book Wand for your next event.

Wand is a psychedelic garage rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their noise can also be described as “noise rock” “stoner rock,” or even” shoegaze.” Wand began in 2013 when singer and guitarist Cory Hanson got together with art school classmates Evan Burrows and Lee Landey and started re-recording old tracks he had written. Subsequently, Wand released the album “Ganglion... read full bio

Sweet Spirit

Book Sweet Spirit for your next event.

Sweet Spirit started out as a solo project for Austin, Texas-based singer Sabrina Ellis. Sabrina was, at the time, the lead singer of the band Bobby Jealousy which was unfortunately coming to an end. Feeling this cascade, she harnessed that energy to create what would later be the even more successful Sweet Spirit. At the same time, Sabrina was performing... read full bio

Vivian Girls

Book Vivian Girls for your next event.

Vivian Girls is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Cassie Ramone, Katy "Kickball Katy" Goodman, and Ali Koehler. During the conception of the band, Frankie Rose served as one of the founding members. They started out with a demo, consisting of five original songs, along with a cover of a Wipers song. They spent quite a bit of time playing live... read full bio


Book Absofacto for your next event.

Jonathan Visger, who is part of the Michigan-based indie band Mason Proper, started Absofacto as a solo project back in 2008, when he released his first solo EP “Trilobite Trash”. He was also known as Bug Lung Baby for a bit, which is the name he sued to release his debut EP’s. In 2011, he released “Kiko” as well as... read full bio

Alex Francis

Book Alex Francis for your next event.

Alex Francis is an English singer songwriter that’s showing a lot of different emotions in his songs. He originally came from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where he was introduced to music. In 2017, Alex was a guest vocalist on Melanie C’s “Hold On” on her album “Version of Me” and from there, his career really took off. After that, Alex was given... read full bio

Analog Son

Book Analog Son for your next event.

Analog Son began in 2013 and they almost immediately started gaining positive attention. After only two year, they were touring with names like Orgone, Lettuce, and the New Mastersounds, amongst others. The rock funk psychedelic – or “horn funk” -- band got its start in Denver, Colorado. In 2014, they released their first self-titled album and then followed it up... read full bio

Amerigo Gazaway

Book Amerigo Gazaway for your next event.

Amerigo Gazaway grew up in the U.S. musical hub of Nashville with his dad, an internationally famous jazz trumpeter named Gary “El Buho” Gazaway and singer Tatiana Mindlin. Growing up with musical parents helped plant the musical seed, but Amerigo was very influenced by the radio. It helped introduce him to jazz music and hip hop – both of which... read full bio

At the Gates

Book At the Gates for your next event.

At the Gates quickly rose to fame and solidified themselves as one of the most iconic Swedish death metal bands in history – an international famous sub-genre already teaming with immense talent. So, suffice it to say, At the Gates is worth your time. The band formed in 1990 in Gothenburg, where they perfected their melodic death metal sound. Their... read full bio

Between Friends

Book Between Friends for your next event.

Between Friends is an alternative-indie duo consisting of brother and sister Brandon and Savannah Hudson. The two of them have always had a passion for music and that was very clear to their family when Brandon taught himself how to play guitar when he was very young and Savannah began singing and dancing the moment she started walking. Now, the... read full bio

Beauty School Dropout

Book Beauty School Dropout for your next event.

Beauty School Dropout (singer Cole Hutzler, drummer Mike Rose, and bassist Brent Burdett) is the name of a Los Angeles-based alternative band that’s fresh on the scene with their 2020 release of “Last Time”, “Die For You”, “Make It Through the Night”, and “Chicago Freestyle”. The next year, the followed up the success of these singles with the EP “BOYS... read full bio


Book Banners for your next event.

Banners, or Michael Joseph Nelson, is a Liverpool-native indie rock musician. After moving to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2015 to pursue his musical career seriously, he got in touch with Stephen Kozmeniuk and began perfecting his craft. That year, he released the song “Ghosts” albeit under the stage name Raines. It wasn’t long before he adopted the name Banners and... read full bio

Baby Dave

Book Baby Dave for your next event.

Baby Dave (AKA Isaac Holman) is an up-and-coming indie artist who kicked off 2021 with four absolutely killer singles: “Too Shy for Tennis”, “Washing Machine”, “Clarence’s Dead Dad”, and “Gen Z Baby.” In 2022, Baby Dave released 29 to much critical acclaim. All tracks were featured on his studio album debut “Monkey Brain”, an emotional DIY project reflecting on mental... read full bio

Bikini Trill

Book Bikini Trill for your next event.

Bikini Trill is a Los Angeles-native band consisting of singer Lauren 'LJ' Johnson, Kourosh 'Roach' Poursalehi on bass, and Tony Stern on guitar. They made their SXSW debut in 2017, which helped grab them a bunch of attention and grow their adoring fanbase. Bikini Trill then went on their very first tour across the nation, opening for bands like The... read full bio

Bob Vylan

Book Bob Vylan for your next event.

Bob Vylan is one of the newest and most interesting acts in the punk rock scene. Starting off with the EP “Vylan” in 2017 (which consisted of five fast punk and socially poignant songs), the London-based punk duo went on to release another EP and numerous singles, as well as three studio albums: “Dread” from 209, “We Live Here (Deluxe)”... read full bio

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