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The Josephines

Book The Josephines for your next event.

The Josephines are an up-and-coming rock ‘n’ roll country band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that consists of members singer Brad Tabor, lead guitarist Zach Lindsey, bassist Josh London, and steel guitarist Alex Lindsey. The group came together to “have fun, make some cash & raise a little hell,” and have been doing just that since their formation. The Josephines music... read full bio

The Unlikely Candidates

Book The Unlikely Candidates for your next event.

The Unlikely Candidates are an American indie-rock band from Forth Worth, Texas. The band consists of members Kyle Morris, Cole Male, Brenton Carney, Kevin Goddard, and Jared Hornbeek. The group started their career after the release of their debut single “Follow My Feet”. Their debut single peaked at number 35 on the US Alternative charts and at number 6 on... read full bio

Sallie Ford

Book Sallie Ford for your next event.

Sallie Ford is an American artists from Portland, Oregon who was previously head of the rock band Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. During her time with Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, the band had released three albums and an EP. Ford is the daughter of Hobey Ford, and grew up in Asheville, North Carolina before moving to Oregon.... read full bio

Knox Hamilton

Book Knox Hamilton for your next event.

Knox Hamilton is a band that consists of founding members and brothers Boots and Cobo Copeland, both of who started their musical career in their father’s church. The duo loved the way music made them feel and both agreed they wanted to create music that always made people happy. Years later, Knox Hamilton was born and with it came the... read full bio

Ben Burgess

Book Ben Burgess for your next event.

Ben Burgess is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in East Dallas, Texas. Burgess gained attention in the musical world after he was featured on Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley’s Chapter 1: Snake Oil album. While growing up, Burgess was raised by a father who was a guitarist, and a mother who performed as a DJ. He found himself immersed... read full bio

Crawford and Power

Book Crawford and Power for your next event.

Crawford & Power is an American country band that consists of members Jake Crawford, Ethan Power, and T.K. Wimmer. The group is based out of Franklin County, Virginia, and their music is a mixture of Americana, country and southern rock. They also look to recreate classic country music and have been labeled in the country community as a “breath of... read full bio

Ashley Macisaac

Book Ashley Macisaac for your next event.

Ashley MacIsaac is a Canadian fiddler and singer-songwriter who has won three Juno Awards over the years. He has released around 14 albums over the years with his most popular being, “Hi How Are You Today”, which went two-times Platinum in the CRIA. Some of his most popular songs include, “The Sqaure Dance Song”, “Sleepy Maggie”, “Devil in the Kitchen”,... read full bio


Book '68 for your next event.

’68 is an American punk band that consists of Josh Scogin and Niko Yamada. Scogin sings and plays guitar and Yamada is on the drums. The duo has released two studio albums and one EP, their debut studio album “In Humor and Sadness” peaked at 109 on Billboard’s US 200 charts and peaked at number 19 on Billboard’s US Alternative... read full bio

The Georgia Thunderbolts

Book The Georgia Thunderbolts for your next event.

Rising southern rock group The Georgia Thunderbolts are from Rome, Georgia. Lead vocalist TJ Lyle, drummer Bristol Perry, guitarists Riley Couzzourt and Logan Tolbert, and bassist Zach Everett make up the band. Since the publication of their self-titled first EP, The Georgia Thunderbolts have been well-known for their distinctive fusion of blues and rock music. The Glasgow, Kentucky-based EP, which Richard... read full bio

Damon Johnson and the Get Ready

Book Damon Johnson and the Get Ready for your next event.

Damon Johnson and the Get Ready is a rock band that is led by Damon Johnson who is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who rose to fame as the leader of Brother Cane. Brother Cane was a popular rock band in the 90’s that rose to fame with singles which included “And Fools Shine On,” “I Lie In the Bed I... read full bio

Ally Venable

Book Ally Venable for your next event.

Ally Venable is an American blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter who has been a four-time ETX Music award winner, twice for female guitar player of the year and twice for blues band of the year. Venable began her musical career with the release of her debut EP, “Wise Man,” which led her to become a rising star in the Texas... read full bio

JD Simo

Book JD Simo for your next event.

JD Simo is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer who was previously a member of the rock band SIMO. Simo was born in Chicago, Illinois, and he began playing the guitar at only five years old. As a teenager, Simo formed a band and began recording and selling music in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout his teenage years, Simo toured in various... read full bio

The Chapin Sisters

Book The Chapin Sisters for your next event.

The Chapin Sister’s belong to a family legacy of artists, being the nieces of the iconic Harry Chapin, cousins of country singer May Chapin Carpenter, relatives of jazz drummer James Forbes Chapin, singer Jen Chapin, artist James Ormsbee Chapin, and the daughters of songwriter Tom Chapin. As their name suggests, Abigail and Lily Chapin are sisters and their style consists... read full bio

The Brevet

Book The Brevet for your next event.

The Brevet began when frontman Aric Chase Damm started writing music for student films and that’s when he fell in love with the process and the end result. After the release of two independent albums (“The Battle of the Heart” and “American Novel”), The Brevet got a licensing deal. Just as Aric felt his songs were perfect for films, music... read full bio

Shaun Cassidy

Book Shaun Cassidy for your next event.

Shaun Cassidy, born on September 27th, 1959, is the quintessential jack of all trades: an actor, screenwriter, producer, and singer. The whole Cassidy family, from his parents to his siblings, are veterans of the entertainment industry. From an early age, Shaun had a love of the arts – particularly singing. He signed a contract with Warner Bros and immediately started... read full bio

Robert Fripp

Book Robert Fripp for your next event.

Robert Fripp is best known as the founder of the progressive rock band King Crimson. Here’s a fun fact: he’s also known a the man who composed the startup sound for Windows Vista. Most of all, Robert is known as one of the pioneers of progressive rock, having contributed to over 700 official releases and collaborating with artists like instrumentalist... read full bio

Windborne's Classic Rock Symphony

Book Windborne's Classic Rock Symphony for your next event.

Windborne Classic Rock Symphony has existed since the early 90s, but the music they bring to life has been around for decades longer. This classic rock symphony is exactly what it sounds like: a huge spectacle, celebrating all of rock ‘n’ roll’s classic hits through orchestrated music and awe-inspiring light shows. Brent Havens is the founder of Windborne and he’s... read full bio

The National Reserve

Book The National Reserve for your next event.

The National Reserve got its start like any other band: playing Friday nights for a bunch of boozers and barflies, growing their fanbase across the New York area. It worked out in their favor, as they were eventually signed with Ramseur Records, with whom they released their debut album “Motel La Grange” in 2018. Since then, they’ve released three Eps:... read full bio


Book Hether for your next event.

Hether is actually Paul Castelluzzo, a San Diego native who grew up playing blues music and listening to a wide range of music: Beach Boys, T. Rex, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, etc. Paul -- a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter – wrote and recording his very own debut EP “Hether Who” Just one year later, Hether released his debut studio album... read full bio

Daisy the Great

Book Daisy the Great for your next event.

Daisy the Great hails from Brooklyn, where Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker found their love of indie pop music while attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. They started writing a musical together while taking a comedy class. It was pretty immediate that they discovered their talent and their musical chemistry. The two of them – along with fellow... read full bio

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