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Pablo Sandoval

Book Pablo Sandoval for your next event.

Pablo Sandoval is a Venezuelan professional baseball third baseman, first baseman, and catcher who currently plays for the San Francisco Giants of the MLB. Sandoval was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, and he began his career playing in the minor leagues where he was a catcher with the AZL Giants before playing with Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the Augusta GreenJackets, the San... read full bio


Book pablopablo for your next event.

pablopablo, also known as Pablo Drexler, has been steadily building a reputation for himself over the past few months, despite the fact that those in the music industry were well aware of his existence. After all, pablopablo is the son of one of the most legendary artists and singers, and the artist possesses one of the most promising voices now... read full bio

Pablos Holman

Book Pablos Holman for your next event.

Pablos has significantly advanced technology as a hacker, inventor, and futurist. He has created useful tools that are influencing the future thanks to his amazing ability to make complicated technological concepts simple. Pablos has been at the forefront of ground-breaking projects all throughout his career. He invented cryptocurrency use in the 1990s, recognizing its potential years before it became widely accepted. He... read full bio

Pachanga Boys

Book Pachanga Boys for your next event.

There once were two young boys who thought they had something lovely and straightforward to say. They desired to discuss love, happiness, and being affected by life. Together, Superpitcher and Rebolledo go by the moniker Pachanga Boys, and they use hippie dance to try and improve the world. The tale of the Pachanga Boys first originated in Hippie Dance, which subsequently... read full bio


Book Pachyman for your next event.

Pachy Garcia, a native of Puerto Rico, began playing the guitar at a young age, but his growing fascination with early Jamaican music led him to move to piano and bass. He didn't start teaching himself to play drums until he moved to Los Angeles. Around that time, he started the band Prettiest Eyes and began amassing cheap recording gear... read full bio

Pacific Avenue

Book Pacific Avenue for your next event.

Meet Pacific Avenue, a group of friends from a tiny town that play loud, lovable indie rock. Many aspects of the palpable happiness in "Easy Love" can be attributed to the way Pacific Avenue has functioned as a group ever since their inception. Their formation as a band, according to drummer Dom (who you may recognize from his performances with Australian... read full bio

Pacific Dub

Book Pacific Dub for your next event.

Pacific Dub is an alternative reggae band from Huntington Beach, California. The band is comprised of members Colton Place, Hunter Porter, Ryan Naglich, David Delaney, and Nathan Ueda. Pacific Dub uses heavy guitar and smooth rhythms to perform their own take on reggae music. The band exudes coastal vibes, giving off a message of love and peace with their sounds,... read full bio


Book PACKS for your next event.

Crispy Crunchy Nothing's fast folk-rock tales of loneliness, desire and perplexity are overshadowed by the threat of death, but Madeline's sense of humor is still there. It is bone-dry and hidden behind the alternately sneering and twanging guitars that accompany her drawling voice. The album's beating heart can be heard in the title, which is a reference to Madeline's description of biting... read full bio

Paco Osuna

Book Paco Osuna for your next event.

Paco Osuna’s career has flourished over the past 20 years. He creates intelligent and aware electronic music, paying attention to the detail and aesthetic of each of his tracks. Osuna created his own platform, Mindshake, focusing on electronic music. His label has now become one of the most important in the United States and Europe. In addition, he also founded... read full bio

Paco Underhill

Book Paco Underhill for your next event.

Paco Underhill is founder and CEO of Envirosell Inc., which is a global research and consulting firm that specializes in retail and service environments. He is also an author and environmental psychologist whose work focuses on how our surroundings influence our behavior, and how man-made environments can make retail purposes. Through his work with Envirosell, Underhill has gone on to... read full bio

Paco Versailles

Book Paco Versailles for your next event.

Vahagni, a guitarist and composer, and Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities), a songwriter and producer, joined together to create Paco Versailles.Their music, which they refer to as Dancemenco, combines flamenco guitar rhythms with electronic production that leans toward disco and seductive vocals. Imagining a collaboration between their three main influences—the renowned Spanish guitarist Paco De Lucia, the French electronic musicians... read full bio

Paddy Considine

Book Paddy Considine for your next event.

Paddy Considine is an English actor, director, screenwriter and musician from Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England. Considine went on to do a National Diploma in Performing Arts at Burton College and went on to study photography at the University of Brighton where he earned his B.A. After earning his degree, Considine went on to make his film debut playing Morell... read full bio

Paddy McGuinness

Book Paddy McGuinness for your next event.

Paddy McGuinness is an English stand-up comedian, comedy actor, television personality and presenter. Born in Farnworth, Bolton, he is best known for his performances alongside comedian Peter Kay. McGuinness filmed two episodes of That Peter Kay Thing and the first series of Phoenix Nights. He left his job when work on the second series of Phoenix Nights began. After Phoenix... read full bio

Padma Lakshmi

Book Padma Lakshmi for your next event.

Padma Lakshmi, already known internationally as an actress, model, and award-winning writer, is most recognized as the host of the top-rated TV series Top Chef on Bravo. Lakshmi's three cookbooks, 'Easy Exotic', ‘The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs’, and 'Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet' encompass her love of international cuisine and desire for easy to follow recipes. Easy Exotic is... read full bio

Padmasree Warrior

Book Padmasree Warrior for your next event.

Padmasree Warrior is the Chief Development Officer at NIO and a member of its Board of Directors, overseeing the brains of NIOs autonomous, electric vehicles and the overall user experience. Warrior has established a career as a creative, visionary leader. Forbes named her among their list of The Worlds Most Powerful Women three years in a row, Business Insider included... read full bio

Padraig Harrington

Book Padraig Harrington for your next event.

Padraig Harrington is a golf major champion, an Olympian and the Ryder Cup captain. He has won more than 30 tournaments worldwide in his career and he has distinguished himself in the sport not just for his triumphs but also for his tenacity, friendliness and perseverance. The New York Times notes that Harrington "Chooses to Believe" and attributes his success in the sport to... read full bio

Padraig McManus

Book Padraig McManus for your next event.

Padraig is Chairman of Eircom and was Chief Executive of Ireland's leading energy company - ESB for 10 years. In 2010 he led the 1bn-plus acquisition of NIE Networks from the Bahrain-based Arcapita Bank and personally dealt with the financial, political and general stakeholder issues in integrating the business into the ESB Group. In 2008 he led the sale of... read full bio


Book Paerish for your next event.

It would have been a lot simpler to travel if Paerish had been established in the US. The band, who just released You're In Both Dreams (And You're Scared), would have been more suited to tour with and fit into a scene rather of taking the more conventional path of playing small venues and gradually growing their fan base. Unfortunately... read full bio

Page McConnell

Book Page McConnell for your next event.

Page McConnell is a multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work as the songwriter and keyboardist for the band Phish. After working with Phish for over twenty years, McConnell took on a solo career. He released his self-titled solo album to feature his own, unique sounds. He has since released another album, ‘Unsung Cities And Movies Never Made.’ McConnell uses a... read full bio

Pageant Mum

Book Pageant Mum for your next event.

Presenting Pageant Mum, a band that will quickly become well-known as they dominate the music scene and become the new band that everyone is talking about. Their angular driven guitars, feisty, genuine lyrics, and post hardcore punky angst leave no trace. When you combine this with an incredibly tight drum and bass pairing, you get the Pageant Mum effect, which leaves... read full bio

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