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Pam Matteson

Book Pam Matteson for your next event.

Pam Mattesons gift for fabulous impressions and her amazing singing voice deliver a one-two punch of sensational entertainment.Pam is the rare entertainer who combines sheer performing power with humor and social insight. . Pams wide range of impressions help her to express her comic point of view. A routine about the fabulous, voluptuous stars like Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton,... read full bio

Pam Moore

Book Pam Moore for your next event.

Pam Moore is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Marketing Nutz, a full-service experiential, social, and digital marketing agency. Marketing Nutz specializes in conversion optimization and social brand marketing. Pam has over 25 years of experience in digital marketing and branding, which she uses to assist companies in motivating and connecting with their target consumers. Pam is a member... read full bio

Pam Oliver

Book Pam Oliver for your next event.

Pam Oliver is an American sportscaster best known for her work for various NBA and NFL games for over 24 seasons. She studied at Florida A&M University where she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. Oliver is a senior correspondent and works with FOX FNL and FOX NFL Sunday as well as covering the Super Bowl LI which had... read full bio

Pam Paquet

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Pam Paquet CCC, CSP, MEd. Pam Paquet is a performance management specialist. Her psychological expertise helps workplaces and people "stop doing what does not work". She is referred to as the "Dr. Phil of the Workplace" because she understands people and how to modify behaviours. Pam focuses on communication, accountability and behaviours. As an organizational therapist she has... read full bio

Pam Paquet

Book Pam Paquet for your next event.

Pam Paquet is a Certified Canadian Counselor with a high level of training and registration who belongs to the prestigious Canadian Counseling Association (CCPA), a national counseling organization. Her remarkable educational background includes a Bachelor's degree from the University of Regina and a Masters degree in psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia. Paquet, who specializes in therapy and... read full bio

Pam Shriver

Book Pam Shriver for your next event.

Pam Shriver is an extremely talented former professional tennis player. She was recognized as a specialist in the doubles game but also achieved success as a single player as well. Now, you can find Pam on ESPN as a tennis broadcaster. During her professional tennis career, Pam won 133 top-level titles of which 112 were doubles titles. Pam and Martina... read full bio

Pam Stone

Book Pam Stone for your next event.

Pam Stone is an American actress, comedian, writer, and host, best known for her role as Judy Watkins on the television series Coach. Amongst her many accomplishments include, being one of the few comedians to be invited to perform at The White House and receiving the American Comedy Award for Best Female Stand-up. She has appeared on numerous television series... read full bio

Pam Tebow

Book Pam Tebow for your next event.

Pam Tebow, who is the daughter of an army colonel, traveled much before enrolling in the University of Florida. She started out to become influential by compiling a strong college CV with a vast number of accomplishments, but she soon realized that exalting oneself was hollow. Pam came to enjoy investing in the lives of others in her area of... read full bio

Pam Thum

Book Pam Thum for your next event.

Pam was in the class of new Christian artists that had fast-rising, almost meteoric careers. Her first album quickly achieved five top 10 radio hits, including a #1 song on the CHR charts. She also catapulted onto the pop charts to edge out Madonna in South Africa, and was quickly named Best International Female Artist by South African fans. She... read full bio

Pam Tillis Acoustic Trio

Book Pam Tillis Acoustic Trio for your next event.

A Grammy Award-winning Grand Ole Opry Member, Pam Tillis has a long list of accomplishments beginning with the CMA Horizon Award. The CMA later bestowed to her other awards including "Video of The Year" and "Female Vocalist of the Year". Five of her albums have been certified either Gold or Platinum, selling an impressive five million copies including her Gold... read full bio

Pam Warren

Book Pam Warren for your next event.

Pam Warren turned a disaster into the most positive thing to ever happen to her. Her story will inspire audiences and show them how, they too, can overcome apparently insurmountable challenges. Pams life as a financial advisor was torn apart when she was critically injured in the Paddington Rail Crash. Pams injuries were so severe that she wasnt expected to... read full bio

Pamela Anderson

Book Pamela Anderson for your next event.

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American actress who has established herself into pop culture. This blonde bombshell has adopted the reputation of making heads turn. She will always be remembered as C.J. Parker on the extremely popular television series, Baywatch. She was also known for her role in the television show Home Improvement with Tim Allen. Aside from being an actress,... read full bio

Pamela Barnum

Book Pamela Barnum for your next event.

Imagine what it would be like to have a different name, identity and background while living your life. Your success depends on forging relationships with some of the most dangerous individuals imaginable and spotting dishonesty when you've been living under a false name for months. Pamela Barnum spent years carrying it out while working undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section. She... read full bio

Pamela Brown

Book Pamela Brown for your next event.

CNN Newsroom's senior Washington correspondent Pamela Brown, who is stationed in Washington, DC, hosts the weekend primetime program. For all of the network's programs and platforms most recently, Brown covered President Donald Trump and his administration. Brown previously covered law enforcement, as well as matters relating to the Department of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court, as the network's Justice... read full bio

Pamela Capalad

Book Pamela Capalad for your next event.

Pamela Capalad is a highly experienced financial professional and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. Her expertise in wealth management and financial planning has helped many individuals and families achieve their financial goals. In 2014, Pamela founded Brunch & Budget, a financial planning and education company that offers personalized financial guidance to... read full bio

Pamela Druckerman

Book Pamela Druckerman for your next event.

Pamela Druckerman is an American-French writer and journalist who is the author of the New York Times best-selling book ‘Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting’, which has gone on to be translated into 30 different languages. Druckerman began her career as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal where she was based in... read full bio

Pamela Meyer

Book Pamela Meyer for your next event.

Pamela Meyer is a well-known certified fraud examiner who has a diverse background in both business and literature. She is an experienced author and businesswoman who shot to fame with her memorable TED talk, "How to Spot a Liar," which has amassed an amazing 16 million views. The title of "the nation's best expert on lying," as praised by Reader's Digest,... read full bio

Pamela Moore

Book Pamela Moore for your next event.

Pamela Moore is an American singer-songwriter who blends industrial, hard rock, melodic rock, and pop music. In her earlier years, she also experimented with pop and electronica. She is presently a Seattle, Washington, resident. Moore, who was born and raised in Seattle, was exposed to theater at a young age and became passionate about acting on stage. She learned how... read full bio

Pamela Newkirk

Book Pamela Newkirk for your next event.

Pamela Newkirk is an American journalist, editor, professor, author, and scholar whose work focuses on the way popular culture impacts African American lives. Newkirk has earned her B.A. in journalism from New York University, has earned her M.S. in journalism and art from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and has earned her Ph.D. in International and Comparative Education from... read full bio

Pamela Wallin

Book Pamela Wallin for your next event.

The career of this celebrated Canadian-born journalist, diplomat and entrepreneur has now spanned more than thirty years and several continents. Pamela Wallin was appointed to the Canadian Senate in December 2008, after dedicating much of her professional career to coverage of the Canada/U.S. relationship. Senator Wallins broadcasting career included stints on CBC radio and at the Toronto Star before she... read full bio

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