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Jaguar Dreams

Book Jaguar Dreams for your next event.

Jaguar Dreams is an indie-rock band that hails from Brooklyn, New York. Unlike other indie-rock bands, Jaguar Dreams is something you can dance to. To see for yourself, listen to their debut original “Just Life”, which was released back in 2018. The song featured a lyric video created by the band themselves. They have a very unique sound and feel... read full bio

Jaguar Jonze

Book Jaguar Jonze for your next event.

Deena Lynch, better known as her stage name, Jaguar Jonze, and previously known as Deena, is a Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter, photographer, and visual artist from Yokohama, Japan. Lynch has worked as a visual artist under the name Spectator Jonze and worked under the name Dusky Jonze as a photographer. Lynch moved to Australia when she was seven years old and grew... read full bio

Jagwar Ma

Book Jagwar Ma for your next event.

Gabriel Winterfield, Jono Ma, and Jack Freeman are the three members of the Australian psychedelic band known as Jagwar Ma. The band is based out of Sydney, Australia. After Ma and Winterfield performed together on stage, they spoke about starting a band and eventually did so. They began to collaborate in the recording studio to create new melodies and sounds,... read full bio

Jagwar Twin

Book Jagwar Twin for your next event.

Roy English, who is also known as Jagwar Twin, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and musician. Before starting a solo career, English was a member of Dead Letter Diaries and also founded Eye Alaska and Canary Dynasty. He has written and produced music for artists such as Alesso, Jeff Bhasker, S1, Teddy Riley, Rick Nowels, Dan Heth, Matt Wallace,... read full bio


Book Jaheim for your next event.

R&B singer, and former rapper, Jaheim released his debut album Ghetto Love in 2001 on Divine Mill Records. His sophomore album, Still Ghetto, was released in 2002. Both albums went platinum. Ghetto Classics, Jaheim's third album, debuted on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 153,000 copies in its first week. He has 3 Grammy nominations: Best R&B Album, R&B... read full bio


Book Jahkoy for your next event.

Jahkoy is a hip-hop artist from Torono. Upon releasing his single Still In Love, Jahkoy was launched into the spotlight. The single has garnered over one million plays on Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms individually. Jahkoys later releases have accumulated acclaim from artists like Zane Lowe, Drake, and Pharrell, along with receiving airplay on radio stations like Beats 1. Jahkoy... read full bio


Book Jahmed for your next event.

JAHMED is an up-and-coming rapper who was raised between cities which included Pomona and Victorvilla as well as Texas. While growing up, JAHMED found himself immersed in both West Coast rap, and Southern rap. He finds influence in rappers which include Kendrick Lamar and Three 6 Mafia as well. JAHMED began his musical career after the release of the single... read full bio

Jahvid Best

Book Jahvid Best for your next event.

Jahvid Best is an Olympic track and field athlete and a former American professional football running back. Best was born in Vallejo, California, and he began his career playing football as well as track and field in high school. He was considered a four-star recruit by Rivals and went on to play college football at the University of California where... read full bio

Jai Courtney

Book Jai Courtney for your next event.

Jai Courtney is an Australian actor who is best known for playing Charlie in the film “Jack Reacher”, Jack McClane in the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”, Eric in the “Divergent” films, and George Harkness/Captain Boomerang in the film “Suicide Squad”. Courtney was born in Sydney, New South Wales, and studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing... read full bio

Jai Paul

Book Jai Paul for your next event.

Jai Paul, a London-based singer, producer and composer, rose to prominence thanks solely to a select few legally released tracks and some illegally obtained demos that were extensively disseminated among his rabid fans. An early demo led to a contract with XL Recordings as the group emerged from the Myspace age with a sound that combined sweet R&B falsetto vocals and... read full bio

Jai Rodriguez

Book Jai Rodriguez  for your next event.

Jai Rodriguez has hosted several television shows, including Bravo on With the Show and Animal Planet's Groomer Has It. He also hosted The 9th Annual Toscars Awards Show. He cohosted the Style Network's Ultimate Style, where he and Daisy Fuentes rounded up the week's top style stories to keep viewers abreast of what's all the rage on the runway, the... read full bio

Jai Wolf

Book Jai Wolf for your next event.

Sajeeb Saha, better known as his stage name, Jai Wolf, is a music producer and electronic musician based out of New York. Wolf was born in Bangladesh and a year after he was born, he moved to the United States. Later on in life, he started producing music under the name No Pets Allowed. After a few years, Wolf started... read full bio

Jai'len Josey

Book Jai'len Josey for your next event.

Jai'Len Josey is a singer, songwriter, and actress who is currently 23 years old. Josey was highly impacted by the smooth pop tracks that had their roots in live soulful RnB music while she was growing up in the Atlanta RnB and hip hop music culture. She had her first appearance in a professional production at the age of 16,... read full bio

Jaida Dreyer

Book Jaida Dreyer for your next event.

Jaida Dreyer is a Country artist who was born in Canada, raised in the South, and currently lives in Nashville. Her influences include Loretta Lynn, Steve Earle, Chris Knight, June Carter Cash, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons, Jack White, Kelly Willis and Kris Kristofferson. Shortly after moving to Nashville, she began receiving offers for publishing deals. Her... read full bio

Jaime Barton

Book Jaime Barton for your next event.

Jaime Barton hails from Rome, Georgia. A student of the Shorter College and Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bartons background provides her with extensive knowledge in her field. She is an alumna of Houston Grand Opera Studio, Aspen Music Festival and School, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis Gerdine Young Artist, and Tanglewood Vocal Fellow. Barton has hit the stage... read full bio

Jaime Camil

Book Jaime Camil for your next event.

Jaime Camil is a Mexican actor, singer, and television personality. He is best known for his roles on television including playing Rogelio de la Vega in “Jane the Virgin”, Fernando Mendiola in “La fea mas bella”, Cesar in “Mujer de madera”, Santiago in “Las tontas no van al cielo”, Martin/Gonzalo in “Los exitosos Perez”, and Juan Carlos/Eva in “Por ella... read full bio

Jaime Harrison

Book Jaime Harrison for your next event.

Jaime Harrison is an American politician who was previously the Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Harrison was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and he was selected to the United States Senate Youth Program at a young age. He went on to earn a scholarship to Yale University where he majored in political science. After earning his degree, Harrison... read full bio

Jaime Lee Kirchner

Book Jaime Lee Kirchner for your next event.

Jaime Lee Kirchner is an American actress, singer and dancer who is best known for playing Sonia in the television series “Mercy” and Danny James in the television series “Bull”. Kirchner was born in Germany but was raised in Clarksville, Tennessee. She later went on to study at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in New York and... read full bio

Jaime Lorente

Book Jaime Lorente for your next event.

Jaime Lorente is a Spanish actor who is best known for playing Denver in the Spanish television series “Money Heist”, also known as “La casa de papel”, that has gained more fame after being streamed on Netflix. Lorente was born in Murcia, Spain, and he began training in acting at La Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico de Murcia. Lorente went... read full bio

Jaime Wyatt

Book Jaime Wyatt for your next event.

With heartfelt music centered on the themes of love and corruption, Jaime Wyatt is “one of the country artists you may not have heard of, but need to hear”. Wyatt is known for her old soul and powerful voice. Her music sails effortlessly between ‘60s and ‘70s country, rock n’ roll anthems, and emotional ballads. She released her album, “Felony... read full bio

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