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James Maslow

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James Maslow is an American actor and singer who is best known for playing James Diamond on the Nickelodeon television series “Big Time Rush”. He was also a performers of the band of the same name which he released three albums with. Maslow has also been a contestant on television series “Dancing with the Stars”, which he placed fourth in,... read full bio

James May

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James Daniel May is a journalist and television host from England. Most notably, he co-hosted the driving show Top Gear from 2003 to 2015 with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Additionally, he was a director for the long-gone production business W. Chump and Sons. Along with his former coworkers from Top Gear, Clarkson and Hammond, and former Top Gear executive... read full bio

James McAvoy

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James McAvoy is a Scottish actor. He’s best known for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the “X-Men” franchise and in British shows like “State of Play” and “Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune”. McAvoy studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and graduated from there. His first role was in “The Near Room”, at first... read full bio

James McGirt

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James Walter “Buddy” McGirt is an American former professional boxer and boxing trainer from Brentwood, New York. McGirt was a world champion in two weight classes, he held the IBF junior welterweight title as well as the WBC and lineal welterweight titles and competed in light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight divisions. As a boxing trainer, McGirt has worked with... read full bio

James McLurkin

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James McLurkin is a daring innovator who has helped to push the frontiers of microrobotics. With his initiative, creativity and extraordinary inventiveness, McLurkin is a natural speaker and educator. In his lectures, he discusses the possibilities of robotic research and the future of his swarm robots, and for younger audiences illustrates the fun in inventing and engineering.... read full bio

James McManus

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A successful novelist and poet who was teaching writing and comparative literature at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, McManus was given a $4,000 advance from Harpers magazine to cover the 2000 World Series of Poker and the scandalous Las Vegas murder trial of Ted Binion, the tournaments prodigal host. But, in an attempt to experience the workings... read full bio

James McMurtry

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Texas singer-songwriter James McMurtry leanred how to play the guitar when he was seven years old.  While still a student at the University of Arizona, McMurtry started playing his own songs, and he continued to do so after moving back home and getting a job as a bartender. When it turned out that John Mellencamp was both directing and staring in... read full bio

James Miller, Dmin

Book James Miller, Dmin for your next event.

Jim Miller, M.Div., D.Min., is an inspirational speaker and award-winning photographer who provides visual inspiration while his words and music inform, invigorate and refresh the heart and soul. Healthcare professionals and caregivers come away from his programs feeling affirmed in their respective roles as a healing presence, facilitating loss & grief and managing life transitions. In his aging program,... read full bio

James Morrison

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James Morrison is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Rugby, Warwickshire, England, who is best known for his debut hit single, “You Give Me Something,” which was a hit in countries and continents that included Europe, Australia, Japan and Iran. Morrison grew up listening to genres which included soul, folk and country, and he began playing the guitar at a... read full bio

James Murphy

Book James Murphy for your next event.

Though best known as the leader of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, James Murphy has been active in various roles pre-dating, throughout and beyond the Grammy-nominated LCDs existence. Long a fixture of the downtown NYC music scene, Mr. Murphy co-founded the DFA label, which released the LCD Soundsystem catalogue and whose current roster includes The Rapture, Holy Ghost!, YACHT, the Juan Maclean, Planningtorock... read full bio

James N. Mattis

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James N. Mattis is a retired United States Marine general and former government official who has previously served as the United States Secretary of Defense under President Trump. Mattis was born in Pullman, Washington, and he began his career enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve where he was commissioned a second lieutenant through the Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. He... read full bio

James Naughton

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It took actor-singer James Naughton until he was 57 years old to release his debut solo album, the aptly named It's About Time. But by then, he had been a performer for more than 30 years. His primary work was dramatic acting onstage, but he earned his two Tony Awards for singing roles in musicals, and he was best known... read full bio

James Northcote

Book James Northcote for your next event.

James Northcote is an English actor and producer who is best known for playing Aldhelm in the television series “The Last Kingdom,” and for playing Jack Good in the film “The Imitation Game.” Northcote was born in London, England, and he began studying English at Queens’ College, Cambridge, where he also began pursuing drama. Northcote was also a member of... read full bio

James Orbinski

Book James Orbinski for your next event.

No one knows more about the difficulty of running an effective aid mission than Dr. James Orbinski. The former president of Mdecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is now using his expertise to help victims in Haiti. A true humanitarian, Orbinski accepted a Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of MSF in 1999 for his leadership during the Rwandan genocide. Recently,... read full bio

James Organ

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Tyne-James Organ is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Wollongong, New South Wales but he currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. James is the son of the late Rikki Organ, a famous Australian musician and singer who won nearly a dozen awards over the 30-year span of his career. This talent and love of music is something that James adopted when he... read full bio

James Otto

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Theres a certain chemistry that happens when a great vocalist collides with a hit song. Magic just explodes from the speakers and the impact is undeniable. Its a phenomenon James Otto knows well. His breakthrough hit, Just Got Started Lovin You, topped the country chart and was the Most Played Country Single of the Year, according to Billboard magazine. Ottos... read full bio

James Patterson

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It is not surprising that James Patterson was featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine and praised for revolutionizing the book publishing industry, as well as that Time magazine dubbed him "The Man Who Can't Miss." Recently, AARP named Patterson one of the 50 Most Influential People Who Make Our Days a Little Brighter, NBC's Rock Center with... read full bio

James Phelps

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James Phelps was born in Birmingham, England as James Andrew Eric Phelps. He rose to international fame with his role as Fred Weasley, Ron Weasley's brother and identical twin of George Weasley (Oliver Phelps), in the Harry Potter film series. He and his twin brother Oliver appeared as brothers in the fifth episode of the third season of the TV... read full bio

James Pickens Jr.

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James Pickens Jr. is an American actor who is best known for playing Dr. Richard Webber on the television series “Grey’s Anatomy” and for playing Alvin Kersh on the television series “The X-Files”. Pickens was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and he started acting while studying at Bowling Green State University. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts... read full bio

James Purefoy

Book James Purefoy for your next event.

James Purefoy is best known for his roles in Rome and The Following. With a background in acting from the Central School of Speech and Drama, Purefoy has appeared in a variety of theater, film, and television productions for the past thirty years. Early in his career, Purefoy starred as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. He later picked up a... read full bio

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