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Jimmy McGriff

Book Jimmy McGriff for your next event.

Organ master Jimmy McGriff may have studied formally at Juilliard and at Philadelphias Combe College of Music, but theres nothing fancy about his music. Its basic to the bone, always swinging and steeped in blues and gospel. McGriffs brand of jazz is about feeling. Thats the most important thing, he says. Blues has been the backbone of most of the... read full bio

John Cassidy

Book John Cassidy for your next event.

John Cassidy is an American balloon artist, magician and comedian from New York City. He holds several Guinness World Record speed records in balloon sculpting and has inflated and sculpted 747 balloons in one hour. He also holds the record for most balloon sculptures completed in one minute. As a performer, Cassidy gives performances for all ages and does a... read full bio

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Book Jeremy VanSchoonhoven for your next event.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is a World Class Competitor in the Extreme Sport, Observed Trials. He rides and performs dare devil stunts, in shows, on his bike, typically for hundreds of thousands of people in the USA as well as around the world! Jeremy has performed and competed in over 12 different countries and has performed live for crowds of over 140,000... read full bio

Jai Rodriguez

Book Jai Rodriguez  for your next event.

Jai Rodriguez has hosted several television shows, including Bravo on With the Show and Animal Planet's Groomer Has It. He also hosted The 9th Annual Toscars Awards Show. He cohosted the Style Network's Ultimate Style, where he and Daisy Fuentes rounded up the week's top style stories to keep viewers abreast of what's all the rage on the runway, the... read full bio

Joachim Garraud

Book Joachim Garraud for your next event.

The office for Joachim Garraud has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Joan Embery

Book Joan Embery for your next event.

Joan Embery has served as a champion of environmental, conservation and preservation issues around the world, most notably as spokeswoman for the Zoological Society of San Diego. She has had the opportunity to express her passion for animals with a multitude of audiences from youth to veterinary students to corporate executives. Her work has included hundreds of television shows as... read full bio

Jody Adams

Book Jody Adams for your next event.

Jody Adams has often been praised for her creativity, support for local farmers, continuous charitable work, and business knowledge by local and national publications. She was a contestant on the second season of Top Chef Masters, one of BRAVO TV’s popular culinary competition, there she prevailed through cooking challenges like offsite wedding wars, preparing a meal for a member of... read full bio

Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Book Josh Kilmer-Purcell for your next event.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell is a New York Times Best Selling author, columnist, advertising executive, and star of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, on Discovery's Planet Green network. Kilmer-Purcell moved to New York City, working as an advertising art director. Using his marketing experience, Kilmer-Purcell is dedicated to helping small farms and villages find new ways to survive and thrive. Kilmer-Purcell's story is... read full bio

J. R. Celski

Book J. R. Celski for your next event.

After suffering a gruesome and potentially life-threatening injury when he gashed his left thigh with his skate blade just 5 months before the 2010 Olympics, J.R. Celski overcame adversity to not only compete at the 2010 Olympics against all odds, but earn 2 Bronze medals at the age of 19. After breaking the world record in 2012 as the... read full bio

Jeff McInnis

Book Jeff McInnis for your next event.

Jeff McInnis is an American Chef. His culinary career began as a Sous Chef at Asolare in the Virgin Islands. After his short stint there he started working in San Francisco at the Asian-French restaurant, Azie. In 2006 he became Chef de Cuisine of The DiLido Beach Club at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. Since joining the Ritz-Carlton, Chef McInnis has... read full bio

Jake Delhomme

Book Jake Delhomme for your next event.

Jake Delhomme is a former quarterback. Delhomme began his professional career as a practice squad player with the Saints. Delhomme played his first NFL games with Saints eventually. Delhomme played as the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback. Delhomme holds most of Carolina's quarterback records and led the team to Super Bowl XXXVIII in his first season with Carolina.... read full bio

Jeff Hostetler

Book Jeff Hostetler for your next event.

Jeff Hostetler is a former quarterback in the National Football League. ABC News interviewed Hostetler as part of One Moment in Time: The Life of Whitney Houston, a two-hour special on ABC. In Super Bowl XXV, Houston performed The Star-Spangled Banner", and Hostetler and Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson reflected on Houston's performance in that game. Hostetler is slated... read full bio

James Rippe, MD

Book James Rippe, MD for your next event.

Dr. Rippe is regarded as one of the leading authorities on preventive cardiology, health and fitness and healthy weight loss in the United States. Under his leadership the Rippe Lifestyle Institute has conducted numerous research projects on cardiovascular risk factor reduction, fitness walking, weight loss, running, basketball, bodybuilding, cycling, rowing, cholesterol reduction and low fat diets. ... read full bio

Joel Ben Izzy

Book Joel Ben Izzy for your next event.

Joel ben Izzy is a storyteller, author and story consultant. He has traveled the world, gathering and telling tales. He has produced six award-winning recordings of his work and is also the author of a highly-acclaimed memoir, The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness. In addition to his geographic travels, Joel has been to worlds where storytellers rarely venture,... read full bio

Jane Doherty

Book Jane Doherty for your next event.

Jane Doherty is one of the nation's leading authorities on psychic experiences. For more than 20 years, she has acted as a communication bridge between the living and the departed, and has helped tens of thousands of people understand their past future and the spirit world. Paranormal expert Dr. Hans Holzer named Jane as one of America’s “Top 20 Psychic’s.”... read full bio

John Gorka

Book John Gorka for your next event.

Godfrey Daniels is one of the oldest and most venerable music institutions in eastern Pennsylvania. A small neighborhood coffeehouse and listening room, it has long been a hangout for music lovers and aspiring musicians, and in the late 1970s, one of these was a young Moravian College student named John Gorka. Rolling Stone called him the preeminent male singer/songwriter of... read full bio

Jason Marsalis

Book Jason Marsalis for your next event.

His father and brothers will tell you that drummer Jason Marsalis is the most precociously talented member of the entire family. Jason received schooling from his father both at NOCCA and on the bandstand, where he has appeared for the past decade as a member of Ellis’ trio. Other important associations for Jason include his prominent role in the trio... read full bio

Jonathan Fritzen

Book Jonathan Fritzen for your next event.

The key attribute of any truly successful artist is the ability to consistently write music of the quality that can shape a career. This doesnt always come easy but in the case of writer, producer and keyboard player Jonathan Fritzn he makes it appear to be the most natural thing in the world.... read full bio

Janis Siegel

Book Janis Siegel for your next event.

Over the past three decades, the voice of Janis Siegela nine-time Grammy winner and a seventeen-time Grammy nomineehas been an undeniable force in The Manhattan Transfers diverse musical catalog. Alongside her career as a member of this 30-year musical institution, Siegel has also sustained a solo career that has spawned a half dozen finely-crafted solo albums and numerous collaborative projects,... read full bio

J.D. Brookhart

Book J.D. Brookhart for your next event.

J.D. Brookhart is an American football coach and former football wide receiver. Brookhart was born in Pueblo, Colorado, and he began his career playing football in high school before going on to play college football at BYU and Colorado State where he was selected as a GTE Academic All-American. After finishing his college career, Brookhart took several years off of... read full bio

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