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Andrea Bocelli

Book Andrea Bocelli for your next event.

Hollywood Walk of Famer Andrea Bocelli, born in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy, is one of the greatest singing talents the world has ever known. This incredible Italian tenor is also a multi-instrumentalist (piano, flute and saxophone) and classical crossover artist. Visually impaired from birth, Bocelli became blind at the age of 12 following a soccer injury. Andrea Bocelli did not begin... read full bio

Van Morrison

Book Van Morrison for your next event.

The office for Van Morrison has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Green Day

Book Green Day for your next event.

Green Day has undeniably popularized, commercialized, and resuscitated mainstream interest in the punk rock genre. Green Day essentially reintroduced punk to a new and younger age with the release of their first major-label debut album, "Dookie". This album alone has sold over eight million copies. As one of the most successful groups in the history of the music industry, they have racked... read full bio

Black Sabbath

Book Black Sabbath for your next event.

Black Sabbath was one of the first and most influential heavy metal bands ever, and the band helped establish the heavy metal genre with albums such as the quadruple-platinum Paranoid album, which was released in 1970. They were ranked as the greatest metal band of all time by MTV, and they came in second place on the list of the... read full bio

Dave Matthews Band

Book Dave Matthews Band for your next event.

Dave Matthews Band (also known by the acronym DMB) is an American rock band, originally formed in Charlottesville, Virginia by singer and guitarist Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, saxophonist Leroi Moore, violin player Boyd Tinsley, drummer Carter Beauford, and keyboardist Peter Griesar. All band members met Dave in Charlottesville. Currently, the band consists of members Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan... read full bio

Maroon 5

Book Maroon 5 for your next event.

Maroon 5 won over fans and critics with their hybrid rock/RnB sound, winning their first of three GRAMMY Awards as "Best New Artist" in 2005 and going on to sell more than 15 million albums worldwide. The band has released "Hands All Over," the third studio album that Robert John Mutt Lange produced for them. The album received positive reviews... read full bio

Mumford And Sons

Book Mumford And Sons for your next event.

Mumford & Sons is a British band known for their deeply heartfelt lyrics, slightly folksy musical sound, and skill at captivating audiences with their charisma. The band is comprised of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. Their debut album, Sigh No More, was released in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The album peaked at... read full bio

Travis Scott

Book Travis Scott for your next event.

The world-famous rapper and record producer Travis Scott originally hails from Houston, Texas. Scott originally signed to Epic Records, but has gone on to sign with Kanye West's GOOD Music production wing known as Very G.O.O.D. Beats. He signed as an in-house producer after appearing on the label's debut compilation album, “Cruel Summer”. The following year, it was announced he... read full bio

The Strokes

Book The Strokes for your next event.

In the late '70's the energy of New York was emerging from downtown. A spirit of power and glamour was coming from social outcasts. Venues like CBGB's and Max's Kansas City gave home to bands like The Ramones and Television who led kids far away from uptown's discos into the cities burgeoning underground. The mixing of pop art with naked... read full bio

Katy Perry

Book Katy Perry for your next event.

The world is familiar with Katheryn Hudson as the vivacious and edgy pop rock performer Katy Perry. When Perry released her debut album, titled "Katy Hudson," gospel music had a big influence on her early work. Commercially, Katy Hudson wasn't successful. Her subsequent album, "One of the Boys," which she later released after signing with Capitol Records, went on to... read full bio

Stevie Wonder

Book Stevie Wonder for your next event.

The office for Stevie Wonder has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Florence And The Machine

Book Florence And The Machine for your next event.

English indie rock band Florence and the Machine, sometimes known as Florence And the Machine, was founded in London in 2007 and features lead vocalist Florence Welch, keyboardist Isabella Summers, guitarist Rob Ackroyd, harpist Tom Monger, and additional musicians. The band's music has earned praise from the media, particularly the BBC, who contributed significantly to their ascent to fame by... read full bio

The Who

Book The Who for your next event.

British rock legends, the Who carry over four decades of remarkable music and notorious live performances under their belts. Just a few years into their career, the Who rivaled the Rolling Stones critically and commercially. They are the pioneers of rock opera, a powerhouse arena act, and among the first rock groups to successfully incorporate (rather than simply dabble with)... read full bio

Cardi B

Book Cardi B for your next event.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, is a hip-hop recording artist, TV personality, and social media personality. Her no-filter attitude and lifestyle along with her bad-girl reputation have made her the internet personality that she is today. After working as an exotic dancer, she became famous via Instagram and Vine. Her musical debut came with her feature in... read full bio

Lil Nas X

Book Lil Nas X for your next event.

Lil Nas X is an American rapper, singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known for his debut single “Old Town Road” which peaked at number 15 on the US Billboard charts, at number 7 on the US R&B/HH charts, and number 19 on the US Country charts, which was later removed. Lil Nas X brought in a new style... read full bio

Eric Clapton

Book Eric Clapton for your next event.

The office for Eric Clapton has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Miley Cyrus

Book Miley Cyrus for your next event.

Miley Cyrus has become a critically and commercially successful pop artist. From her days as Hannah Montana, she became a popular name in almost every household. Daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley has been able to stray away from her father’s shadows and create her own name in fame. She landed the role as Hannah Montana and became the... read full bio

Stevie Nicks

Book Stevie Nicks for your next event.

Stevie Nicks is best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and an extensive solo career, which collectively have produced over forty Top 50 hits and sold over 120 million albums. She has been noted for her ethereal visual style and symbolic lyrics. Nicks began her solo career with the 5 million selling album Bella Donna, and she has produced... read full bio

Blake Shelton

Book Blake Shelton for your next event.

Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma. After graduating high school, Blake moved to Nashville. He started with a publishing deal, and was signed by Warner Nashville, where he released his self-titled debut, which brought him his first No. 1 song right off the bat, with “Austin.” This was followed with two other Top 20 songs. He released his sophomore... read full bio

Carrie Underwood

Book Carrie Underwood for your next event.

Carrie Underwood, a well-known country music performer, had great success with her first studio album, Some Hearts. The history of Carrie Underwood's singing career reads like a storybook, with "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "Before He Cheats" being two key crossover songs that significantly aided Underwood's climb to prominence. The native of Checotah, Oklahoma, was a college student one moment... read full bio

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