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Jeff Weiner

Book Jeff Weiner for your next event.

"Jeff Weiner is a businessman most well-known as the CEO of the business-savvy social network LinkedIn. LinkedIn has changed the face of the business world, and Jeff Weiner has been a catalyst for that change. Weiner knew from a young age that he wanted to be a part of the digital media wave of business. After graduating from The Wharton... read full bio

Satya Nadella

Book Satya Nadella for your next event.

Indian-American business executive Sahatya Nadella is the chief executive officer of Microsoft. Prior to being the CEO of Miscrosoft, Nadella worked for Sun Microsystems. After that, he moved the Microsoft and worked in the cloud computing development within the company. He moved his way up the ladder within the company, becoming the vice president of Research and Development for the... read full bio

Marc Benioff

Book Marc Benioff for your next event.

" Marc Benioff is an author, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and he is known as the chairman, founder, and CEO of Salesforce. The mission and marketing motto of Salesforce is “The End of Software,” as the business is based on cloud computing. He also is a proponent of using a “platform as a service.” Benioff has authored three books entitled... read full bio

Jake Paul

Book Jake Paul for your next event.

Jake Paul is an actor, YouTuber star, and social media celebrity. Jake Paul gets his claim to fame from the now-defunct video app, Vine. He is also a former Disney Channel star, having played Dirk on the show Bizaardvark. Jake amassed over 5 million followers on Vine and 2 billion plays. Jake was an invited guest at a social media-centered... read full bio

Christopher Nolan

Book Christopher Nolan for your next event.

Christopher Nolan is a renowned film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is distinguished as one of the highest-grossing directors in history, and among the most successful and celebrated filmmakers of the 21st century. After making his directorial debut with the British crime drama Following, he rose to great notability with his second feature, the psychological thriller Memento. The film earned... read full bio

Travis Kalanick

Book Travis Kalanick for your next event.

At City Storage Systems, Travis Kalanick serves as CEO. He also served as Uber Technologies Inc.'s co-founder and former CEO. Entrepreneur Travis Kalanick operates in the domains of enterprise content delivery, transportation, and consumer internet. Uber, his most recent venture, is an on-demand black car service that aims to become "Everyone's Private Driver" by addressing issues with urban transportation using revolutionary technology... read full bio

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Book Hillary Rodham Clinton for your next event.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton served as the 67th Secretary of State of the United States-----from January 21, 2009 until February 1, 2013-----after nearly four decades in public service as an advocate, attorney, First Lady, and Senator. "... read full bio

Alan Sugar

Book Alan Sugar for your next event.

Alan Sugar, also known as Baron Sugar or The Lord Sugar, is a British business magnate, media personality, author, politician and political adviser. He is best known for starting what later became one of the largest business ventures, Amstrad. Sugar was born in Hackney, East London, England, and when he was younger he worked various jobs such as working at... read full bio

Andrew Rea

Book Andrew Rea for your next event.

Andrew Rea, also known as Oliver Babish, is a chef, filmmaker, and YouTube personality who is best known for his cooking show which is featured on YouTube, Binging with Babish. Rea created the YouTube channel with inspiration towards the West Wing character Oliver Babish. Since beginning his YouTube channel, Rea has gained nearly 7 million subscribers and has over 1.2... read full bio

Francisco D'Souza

Book Francisco D'Souza for your next event.

Francisco D'Souza is the co-founder of Cognizant Technology Solutions. In 2020, D'Souza became a director of General Electric and also serves on the board of the software company MongoDB. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, D'Souza also serves on the Board of Trustee for Carnegie Mellon University and is Co-chairman of the New York Hall of Science Board of Trustees.... read full bio

Aron Ain

Book Aron Ain for your next event.

Aron Ain is the CEO of Ultimate Kronos Group. Formerly the CEO of Kronos Inc since 2005, in early 2020 Kronos Inc and Ultimate Software merged to provide global software management solutions. Ain has often been named in many major publications as on of the top 100 CEO's in the US and Europe.... read full bio

Steven Beauchamp

Book Steven Beauchamp for your next event.

Steven Beauchamp is the CEO of the cloud-based payroll giant Paylocity. Under Steven's leadership, Paylocity was recognized by many publications as one of the best places to work in 2018. Prior to joining Paylocity, Steven's vast experience in the payroll software industry included VP of Product Management at Paychex and VP of Payroll operations at Advantage Payroll Services.... read full bio

Katrina Lake

Book Katrina Lake for your next event.

Katrina Lake is an American businesswoman who is currently the founder and CEO of the fashion subscription service, Stitch Fix. Lake was born in San Francisco, California, and she has earned her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and her MBA from Harvard Business School. While working towards earning her MBA, Lake founded StitchFix. She started it by giving clients a... read full bio

Michael Hansen

Book Michael Hansen for your next event.

As CEO of Cengage, Michael Hansen has transformed and grown the company from a print publisher to one of the highest rates digital learning platforms in more than 20 countries around the world.... read full bio

Jonathan Corr

Book Jonathan Corr for your next event.

Jonathan Corr is the President & CEO of mortgage finance giant Ellie Mae. Prior to joining Ellie Mae, Jonathan received a Bachelors in Engineering from Columbia University and a MBA from Stanford University.... read full bio

Scott Scherr

Book Scott Scherr for your next event.

Scott Scherr is the recently retired founder and former CEO of Ultimate Software. After founding the company in 1999 to create a Human Capital Management and employee experience cloud software program, he grew the company from just four employees to over 5,000 and more than $1 billion dollars in yearly revenue.... read full bio

Dan Springer

Book Dan Springer for your next event.

Dan Springer is the newest CEO of DocuSign. Dan is the former CFO of Facebook and cybersecurity company FireEye. He is well known in the tech industry for his determination to his work and dedication to his family. Before becoming the CEO of DocuSign, Dan took four years away from the business world to stay home with his sons. His... read full bio

Shantanu Narayen

Book Shantanu Narayen for your next event.

Shantanu Narayen is the chairman, president, and CEO of Adobe. After being named CEO in 2007, Narayen has transformed the company with its cloud based subscription model for Adobe Creative Suite. The company has seen immense profits under the direction of Narayen and ended its 2019 fiscal year with an annual revenue of $11.17 billion dollars. Former President Barack Obama... read full bio

Jensen Huang

Book Jensen Huang for your next event.

Jensen Huang is a Taiwanese-American businessman and electrical engineer who is best known for being co-founder, President, and CEO of the graphics-processor company, Nvidia. Huang was born in Tainan, Taiwan, and he later moved to the United States and went on to earn his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Oregon State University and then his master’s from Stanford University. After... read full bio

Lisa Su

Book Lisa Su for your next event.

Lisa Su is a Taiwanese-born American businesswomen and electrical engineer who is currently the CEO and President of Advanced Micro Devices. Su has previously worked at tech companies such as IBM, Texas Instruments, and Freescale Semiconductor where she worked in engineering and management positions. She also serves on the boards for companies which include Analog Devices and Global Semiconductor Alliance... read full bio

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